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Energy Harvesting - Generating Electric Power from Sources Around Us

Most of us are aware of the fact of generating electrical power at large scale from ambient energy sources such as sun, water, but the industry for micro energy harvesting is slowly gaining momentum for low power applications. Micro energy harvesting (EH) intended for such low power applications generates electrical energy from different sources ar...

Integration of Industries, Technologies & Opportunities: Discussions at the M&I Track at GIL Silicon Valley 2010

Post-lunch session not withstanding, the industry tracks were well attended at the recent GIL Silicon Valley event. As I was facilitating the Measurement & Instrumentation (M&I) track, it was heartening to see a good mix of companies from the Test & Measurement, Sensors and Semiconductor industries. Aliston Thomas from Agilent technologies presente...

Outlook for Measurement & Instrumentation Industry from Industry Participants

The Growth Innovation Leadership 2009: NA Congress was concluded in Scottsdale, Arizona in September 2009. In spite of being 9 months into one of the toughest years for businesses in the past 50 years, it was a pleasant surprise to see a large turnout in spite of several other similar conferences seeing a drop in attendee rate. The Measurement & ...

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