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Outlook for Measurement & Instrumentation Industry from Industry Participants

by Kiran Unni 07 Jan 2010
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The Growth Innovation Leadership 2009: NA Congress was concluded in Scottsdale, Arizona in September 2009. In spite of being 9 months into one of the toughest years for businesses in the past 50 years, it was a pleasant surprise to see a large turnout in spite of several other similar conferences seeing a drop in attendee rate.

The Measurement & Instrumentation (M&I) track was one among 8 industry specific tracks and the sessions in there were a good experience for me in two ways. I was able to provide 360o view of the M&I Industry to small but dedicated audience present. And the Growth Success Stories from SMSC as well as Ixia were excellent view into companies in different locations in the M&I spectrum and their strategies for success. Both Christine King from SMSC and Atul Bhatnagar from Ixia, resonated some home truths that are pertinent to any business environment but especially so in the M&I markets.

Christine’s thought on using core competence in finding new applications markets by differentiating one’s products, is a truth that we all know but sometimes ignore in the effort to meet weekly or monthly targets, making for rather short-sighted plans and strategies.

Atul Bhatnagar President & CEO, Ixia., emphasized on looking not only internally but also to inorganic means for that elusive growth percentage year-on-year. He brought to the fore the fact that 4G revolution is very much on in some countries such as China, Korea and Japan and emphasized on the need to seize the opportunity when its still nascent in these regions.

Along with the other panel members, (Jason Urso, VP and CTO, Honeywell Process Solutions and Calvin Harrison, VP Marketing, Inneoquest Technologies, Richard McDownell, Sr, Group Manager, National Instruments) Atul offered the audience some good insights into the need for continuing planning and cooperation between the product management and the engineering teams, the changing face of emarketing and its importance in today’s business success and the need to have a proper innovation and growth team that is mandated to find those new and emerging markets, applications and product areas to launch into in the long-term.


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