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LTE for Public Safety, VoLTE and VoWiFi Offer Opportunities for Communications Test Equipment Market

by Olga Yashkova 14 Jan 2016
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LTE and LTE-A technologies success have become the wireless communication standard by delivering mobile broadband data and high-definition voice. This success has lead to the commitment of government authorities to select LTE as the fundamental technology for their next-generation public safety networks. With the United States playing a leading role, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) saved 20 MHz of paired spectrum during the 700 MHz auction in 2008. This spectrum is intended to be used for a nation-wide broadband public safety network, deployed, operated, and maintained by the First Responder Network Authority.

Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) is a new trend that offers opportunity to communications test equipment vendors. VoWiFi technology is really transformative as it brings new types of service providers to the table. There is overlap between the VoWfiFi and VoLTE technologies, but there are many different categories of VoWiFi where a carrier can have VoLTE with WiFi, WiFi with or without VoLTE.

There is a need for service providers to test the ability to offload services to WiFi both functionally and also checking the performance after to make sure the quality of service and customer experience is acceptable.

Video is offering another area of opportunity for a number of test equipment vendors especially in regards to video calling services. Being able to verify how the service works in a live network after deployment and test quality of subscriber experience is a critical demand that needs addressing.

The final significant trend is the shift towards increased integration of multiple bands into a single mobile device. Once LTE- A, 3G radio and GSM radio are added on the same device for more bands, it becomes more difficult to test.

For more information regarding research in this area feel free to contact Corporate Communications Associate Jaylon Brinkley at jaylon.brinkley@frost.com

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