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Digital Twin in Manufacturing

by Kasthuri Jagadeesan 19 Feb 2018
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The concept of making a replica of equipment or a system, or physical asset is gaining attraction with technologies such as artificial intelligence, advanced software platforms, communication, big data analytics, and sensors. Aerospace and automotive industries have been embracing this concept for several years; with industrial IoT digital twin can provide a new perspective of operating and maintaining plants. The key objective in manufacturing segment is to manage asset performance, improve productivity, and operational efficiency, while optimizing resources, time, and cost. Other technologies such as mixed reality, holographic displays, robots, drones, and wearables can add new dimension to applications in a manufacturing set-up. Major tier firms are developing simulation software including complete solution to create digital twin for optimizing performance in manufacturing plants. Examples include: predicting failures in pumps, validating logistics and supply chain planning, improving capital efficiency in oil and gas sector, and optimizing wind farm performance. Apart from improving operational efficiencies in manufacturing plants, digital twin can be used for training purposes. Organizations interested in leveraging the concept can begin with small section of the plant or simple systems/equipment. Resources with competencies in software, simulation, and analytics can greatly drive implementation.

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