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Frost & Sullivan CES 2018 Roundup – War of Digital Assistants and Autonomous Shuttles

The two-hour power shutdown hogged all the headlines this past week at CES 2018, still there were many interesting developments and announcements from Vegas pertaining to the automotive world. Most of these were pertaining to the world of autonomous driving and its implications on areas like user experience, infotainment/entertainment. There were a...

Revisiting video encoding and transcoding- with cloud

One of the solution markets that I have been tracking for years is video encoding and transcoding. Highly disrupted by trends such as the shift from hardware to software-based solutions and SaaS-based models, video compression has become a commodity. Yet, it is an essential piece of the video delivery ecosystem that continues to keep several media...

Trump’s “ParExit” and Its Potential Economic Impact

The Trump administration, has recently concluded that the United States will be withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement that was signed by 195 nations in 2016, aimed at controlling global warming. While this move by President Donald Trump promises several short-term economic benefits, the decision itself comes on the back of possible devastati...

ParExit: Does it impact process equipment manufacturers?

The US officially withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement that was signed by 195 nations in 2016, aimed at controlling global warming. The agreement requested countries to work together to reduce the harmful emission such that the global temperature is limited to no more than 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. While there are geopolitical and eco...

CES 2017 Automotive Impressions – Frost & Sullivan Viewpoint

Artificial Intelligence in Different Sizes and Digital Assistants Steal the Show Many including the team at Frost & Sullivan initially believed that CES 2017 was a bit of a letdown compared to 2016 but on a closer look it actually made more sense on a few focused areas. Though there were a few important misses like GM who chose to stay out of the ...

2017 Outlook of Frost & Sullivan’s Agriculture & Nutrition Research Team

2017 will be a very exciting year for the Agriculture & Nutrition Research team at Frost & Sullivan. The research team has over 35 detailed research studies covering a wide array of topics related to the agricultural and nutrition value chain. These studies will focus on critical market segments where there is substantial growth opportunities suppo...

Frost & Sullivan Viewpoint - CES 2017 Automotive Trends & Expectations Roundup

Cost Effective LIDAR Sensing Might Steal the Show January is fast approaching and the first thing on the mind of anyone associated with the automotive industry is the Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas. The show where close to 20 percent space or close to 200,000 Sqft dedicated to automotive technologies and despite the crazy crowd, impo...

Lucid Joins the Electric Luxury Party with the “Air” – A Viable Tesla Killer?

I have never been fascinated much with new car launches as the sales pitches can get really boring but a new brand launch is something I got to experience last week. December 14th 2016 witnessed the unveiling of a new electric vehicle brand “Lucid Motors” with its roots in the US, inspired from everything California and the blending of three dist...

A time of change in US HCIT? Trump wins US Presidency

Digital health is an area which has potential to bring disruptive change to healthcare. Two key facets which have supported this in the last decade have been the progression of digitization, as well as activities of the US government from the ACA, HITECH, Meaningful Use, etc…. With the win of Donald Trump as the next US President, this also is a s...

Toyota’s Connected Car Company- Latest to Join the Hybrid Mobility Player Category

Toyota unveiled today its connected car company, a name that it has assigned to its brand new connected car vision and strategy.  While the news that Toyota continues to leave behind Apple and Google with their respective Carplay and Android Auto solutions is surprising it nevertheless affirms the seriousness with which Toyota is getting into the c...

Tesla’s New Hardware Announcement – Laying the Groundwork for ‘Master Plan Part Deux’?!

Elon Musk had a lot of people guessing with the Tweet that mentioned about an interesting unveil from Telsa this week. Analysts and consultants started spinning several theories that ranged from a two-wheeler concept to stuff related to SolarCity or a new model variant to Hyperloop related stuff but due credit to Mr. Musk, he did surprise us all. W...

The Promise of Autonomous Driving – Does everything go for a toss after the Tesla Crash?

Much of the industry is viewing automated/autonomous driving as the next big revolution hitting the automotive industry and thereby allowing OEMS to transition from engineering to services/solutions. Even during today’s webcast BMW mentioned the partnership with Intel and Mobileye as a key enabler in its vision to transition to a technology player....


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