Visionary Healthcare Research

Visionary Healthcare Research

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The healthcare industry across all sectors is undergoing a period of rapid change. Shifts to how healthcare is delivered, where it is performed, and how it is paid for have implications for companies across all market sectors of the industry.  In order to adapt to this new market paradigm, solutions developers are looking at strategies for business model innovation that can open up new avenues for revenue stream. As they revaluate their value proposition to customers, developers are seeking to get a better understanding of the industry convergence occurring around them.

In recognition of this evolving market place, Frost & Sullivan has initiated a new focus area within its Transformational Health practice, dedicated to evaluating the implications of disruptive technologies and business models in care delivery.  Focus areas for this program include:

  • Smart Hospitals
  • Patient Engagement
  • Value Based Reimbursement
  • Accountable Care Delivery Models
  • Disease Management/Population Health
  • Healthcare Omnipresence
  • Site of Care Evolution
  • Aging in Place
  • Product to Service Business Models
  • Cost of Care Innovations


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