Search Engine - What Search Operators Can I Use?

Boolean Search (Queries)

Boolean logic is used to construct search statements using logical operators and specified syntax. These are combined into Boolean expressions, which always are either true or false when evaluated.

A query is broken up into terms and operators. There are two types of terms: Single Terms and Phrases.

A Single Term is a single word such as "coronary" or "stent".

A Phrase is a group of words surrounded by double quotes such as "coronary stent".

A search done in CAPS will only look for the search term used in CAPS. A search performed in lower case will look for the search term used in lower case or CAPS.

The logical operators enable the user to refine or filter their search terms. When using the operators they must be entered in CAPS. Here are the operators used by the client portal search engine and most useful to our users:

" " AND OR NOT ~ ( )
  • The Boolean search operator AND is equal to the "+" symbol.
  • The Boolean search operator NOT is equal to the "-" symbol.
  • The Boolean search operator OR is the default setting of any search engine; meaning, all search engines will return all the words you type in, automatically.
  • The Boolean search operator ~ is used to replace the word NEAR. Used for a proximity search to find words within a specific distance of each other.
  • The Boolean search operator ( ) is used to combine multiple terms to form a more complex query.
To Search For Search Syntax Result
Exact phrase "coronary stent" Documents with the phrase "coronary stent"
Two terms in the same document areospace AND defense Documents with both the words "aerospace" and "defense"
Either of two terms in a document optical OR sensor Documents with the words "optical" or "sensor"
One term without a second term energy NOT equipment Documents with the word "energy" but not "equipment"
Two terms that are close together in the same document "energy green"~10 Documents with the word "energy" (near) within 10 words of the word "green"
Either of two terms and one term that must exist (energy OR power) AND services The words "energy" or "power" may exist and the word "services” must exist


Interactive Demo - New Client Portal Overview

Click the thumbnail below to view a demo.

client portal overview demo

Interactive Demo - Accessing Your Owned Content

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owned content demo

Search Engine - How do I "Browse Categories"?

You can use the advanced search form to initiate a browse.  Simply leave all the text fields on the form blank, and select the desired Market, etc, from the filters.  Then run the search.

This will bring back all results coded with your selected filters.  You can then use the filters in the right column to fine tune the results.  You can also sort by date to get all the most recent content at the top of the results.

Don't forget to click on "More" in the right column filter groups to get more options to fine tune your search further.

Search Engine - Deliverable Type Definitions

Technology Research

Technology Research provides emerging and evolving technology intelligence, including patent information, R&D breakthroughs, forecasting, and impact analysis.

  1. Technical Insights Reports – These in-depth intelligence analyses on technical developments that seem poised for the fastest growth will help clients identify emerging trends and potentially disruptive technologies before they become obvious and widespread in the market. 
  2. Technical Insights Alerts – Snap-shot of emerging technology developments from around the world that brings clients timely, difficult-to-find technology intelligence that is likely to directly impact their company's progress, so that they may take action

Economic Research

Economic Research provides demographic, socio-metric, economic, political, and regulatory information presented by country and industry.

  1. Country Industry Forecasts - Research focused on timely and critical global, regional, and country specific trends impacting industries/companies.
  2. Decision Support Database - Quantitative data tables providing valuable insight into a sector’s supply side, demand side, as well as other pertinent economic measurements, necessary for confident, accurate forecasting.
  3. Economic Impact Articles – Timely, frequent articles keeping clients ahead of econometric shifts in each country market.
  4. Financial Benchmarking & Analysis – Highlights major market and financial trends in key growth segments, by delivering topical and in-depth information on current trends and issues that impact investment and financial decisions.

Career Research

Career Research provides actionable strategies, processes and tools to help you address key growth-related challenges.

  1. Growth Team Membership – Provides actionable strategies, processes and tools to help you address key growth-related challenges.

    a. Best Practice Guidebooks - A step-by-step illustration of the specific activities performed by a profiled company to solve a pressing business challenge.
    b. Growth Process Toolkits - Implementation manuals that synthesize Frost & Sullivan’s best thinking on how to most effectively execute each of the 10 critical growth processes.
  2. Executive Briefings – Summaries of the ideas and strategies presented at events, serving as a readily available reference to help participants address their growth issues.

Industry Research

Industry Research provides measurement-based market intelligence developed through our exclusive market engineering methodology.

  1. Analyst Briefings – Highly informative, complimentary web events that discuss the latest research findings by industry/technology.
  2. Best Practices - Reviews Best-in-Class performance by market and region that helps clients see what companies are exhibiting Best-in-Class practices used to enhance their company’s performance. 
  3. Customer Research - In-depth services, tailored to specifications, helping clients improve market positioning, gain market share, and increase customer loyalty and retention.
  4. Market Research – Industry-focused services that provide essential research to capitalize on market opportunities and gain a competitive advantage.
  5. Market Insights – Time-critical insights that enable a company to develop a prescriptive approach to changes in the marketplace.
  6. Stratecast – Telecom Industry Strategic Forecasting that enables companies to make more informed tactical strategy decisions, maximizing resources, minimizing risk, and increasing overall competitive advantage, thereby eliminating strategic errors.
  7. White Papers – A White Paper is an authoritative report, researched and written by an independent third party. This service provides you with a powerful marketing tool to help launch new products, build brand, educate on new technology applications, and drive demand for your products.

Press Release

Press Releases provide announcements of current and available Frost & Sullivan market research coverage, as well as news related to webinars, events, best practices, market insights, and analysis of industry trends.  Press releases often contain summaries of findings in reports and briefs on research services, allowing clients to learn more about a market in a concise format.

My Notifications

The "My Notifications" area, linked to from your "My Account" page is a new way of being notified about new updates in your communities (GPS subscriptions, Event communities, Consulting project communities).

On this page you can select your email notification preferences.  Options are:

  • Never
  • Immediate
  • Daily
  • Weekly

These are set on a community by community basis, or you can choose to set all to Daily, using the tools link in the right column.  Selecting an option from a dropdown automatically updates your preference.  Your notifications will be compiled into a single email update, based on your configuration here.

This functionality is preferable over the older Industry Tracker update as it will update you on all new content types posted into the communities, not just newly published research.  So you will receive notification of new Events, Analyst Briefings, eBroadcasts, Forum posts, Blog posts.  The Industry Tracker remains a useful tool to be notified of new research content published that is outside  your owned content areas.

Content Tagging

Tagging allows you to assign a keyword or phrase to a piece of content on  Single or multiple tags can be applied to a given piece of content.  Tagging can help to describe a piece of content and enable it to be easily found in subsequent browsing sessions.

You will see a new tagging link to the right, under the page title, eg:

When you click this link a tag box will appear:

You can enter a single word, phrase, or multple tags separated by commas.  The "Only visible to me" option allows you to create private tags, only visible to you. Once you have added tags you can add or remove them by clicking on the red X next to each.  Private tags are displayed with a lock symbol next to them.

Tags applied by users are displayed in the right column within the communities, and also on the "Tags" page, linked to from the community navigation bar at the top.

You can get to a list of all your tagged content from your "My Account" page, again using the link in the navbar.  These tag pages can be viewed as either a cloud, or a simple list, toggled by using the tools link in the right column.

All existing items in "My Folder" have been migrated to a tag named my folder and the "add to folder" links have now been removed from content items in communities. Content tagging effectively replaces the "My Folder" page within "My Account". 

Saved Searches

When you run a search you now have a link at the top of the search results page to save your search:


You can use the right column filters to filter the search further and these settings are also saved with your search term(s). Clicking on "Save this search" brings up the below menu, where you can choose to overwrite an existing search, or save as a new search,

Selecting to save as new search brings up the below dialog box where you name your search and select whether you want to be notified of new content matching this search:

The site can now email you when new content is published that matches your search. You can save as many searches as you want, and manage the email notification preference for each from a new listings page on the my account page:

Saved searches are available from the quick search box, and the search results page throughout the communities part of the website. There's a dropdown menu on the quick search box:

and on the search results page:



Your Industry Tracker

The industry tracker has been converted to a saved search. All existing tracker profiles have been migrated over to this new system. So your industry tracker preferences are now edited in the same way you filter search results. As a result, there's no need for the industry tracker folder any more. It's just a search results page. Clicking on the saved search name runs the search and brings you back your results real time. You'll note that the industry tracker search cannot be deleted - this is a system default search.

"Can I get my industry tracker to do keyword matching as well as codes?" YES, now you can. The tracker behaves like any other search, so users can save it to match very specific keyword searches.

Having said that, you may want to keep your tracker search fairly general, and have more specific searches saved separately. The email notification that this sends out combines all your saved search notifications into a single daily mail.