Team Bios

Subroto Banerjee
Toronto, Canada

Global Vice President/Partner, Customer Research

Subroto Banerjee is driving the global development of Frost & Sullivan's Customer Research Business Units. Since June 2004, Banerjee has been tasked with the important corporate initiative of developing Frost & Sullivan's capabilities to conduct--design, collect, analyze, interpret--quantitative and qualitative research on our clients' customers. In a short time, this business unit has grown exponentially, and our services are already being used by leading global companies to drive their growth strategies.

Since 1993, Banerjee held various positions within Frost & Sullivan of graduated responsibilities, with the primary focus on the automotive industry. As Global Vice President, he built and grew Frost & Sullivan’s Global Automotive & Transportation consulting practice—which today is a leading global provider of growth consulting services to companies within the global automotive industry.

Banerjee established the Canadian operations of Frost & Sullivan in 2000, and since then has been responsible for the general management of Frost & Sullivan's Toronto office. He holds a MBA in Marketing, as well as a MS in Numerical Analysis from Syracuse University.

Steven Cosgrove, Ph.D.
Frankfurt, Germany

Vice President, Europe & Middle East Region

Steven Cosgrove holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of New Hampshire (USA). Prior to joining Frost & Sullivan, Cosgrove held senior research positions at Research International, Gallup GmbH, International Communications Research, among others. His areas of expertise include methodology, statistics, and survey implementation.
He has managed and implemented marketing research solutions, as both an internal and external consultant, for more than 20 years. He utilized both primary and secondary data extensively in the areas of program evaluation, customer satisfaction, loyalty measurement, service-quality assessment, market segmentation, branding, brand assessment, advertising effectiveness, employee engagement, selection, database development, forecasting, Customer Relation Management (CRM), and marketing for scores of some of the world’s largest service-related energy, forecasting, IT, high-technology, telecommunications, health, industrial, insurance, and communication companies.

Daniel Colquhoun
Toronto, Canada

Vice President, North America Region

In his various capacities at the firm, Dan Colquhoun has spearheaded the development of advanced research and strategic planning at Frost & Sullivan, and has directed large, complex custom research studies. He has more than 20 years of experience in marketing research, including leading the customized research group at ACNielsen, the world’s largest research company. As president of the Canadian operating division, Colquhoun developed leading-edge approaches to measure customer value and brand equity, and assess advertising and marketing communications. Before joining Frost & Sullivan, Colquhoun was vice president in charge of research and strategic planning at Canada's largest advertising agency, handling accounts such as GM, McDonald's and Bell Canada.

He has managed numerous large-scale research projects in the customer satisfaction field, including those conducted across multiple countries. He spearheaded the development of the techniques detailed in this proposal and has considerable experience in the analysis of large data sets, leading to the formulation of business strategy.

Timothy Isely, Ph.D.
Phoenix, USA

Global Vice President, Customer Research Operations

Holding a doctorate in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Timothy Isely has been conducting social science and market research for more than 20 years. Coming to Frost & Sullivan from Research International in 2005, he brings a wealth of experience in the areas of quantitative and qualitative market research methodologies with an extensive background in the development field of Web-based market research survey methods, demography, and sample sciences.

Tonya M. Fowler
San Antonio, USA

Director, Competitive Benchmarking Services

Tonya Fowler holds a M.A. degree in Sociology from the University of North Carolina Charlotte.  Prior to joining Frost & Sullivan, Fowler held a mid-level research position at RDA Group.  Her areas of expertise include full development of market research projects and internal training of customer research methodologies and capabilities, and specifically, developing customer satisfaction tracking studies.

Since joining Frost & Sullivan, she has helped set forth strategic plans to aid in the development of one of Frost & Sullivan’s emerging business units: Customer Research.  Specifically, Fowler develops research that identifies top performing companies and brands based upon the opinions of experts and professionals of the markets tested.  Through the development of the Competitive Benchmarking Services team, Fowler brings recognition to the “Best Overall” companies/brands in the markets supported by Frost & Sullivan.

Fowler brings with her more than seven years of traditional market research experience.  She has conducted research within many different industries, including but not limited to: Aerospace & Defense, Automotive & Transportation, Energy/Utilities, Finance, Healthcare, and Information Communications & Technology. 

Darren George
Oxford, England

Holding an MBA in e-commerce from Charles Sturt University, Australia, and a National Diploma in Computer Studies from Canterbury Technical College, Kent, Darren George joined Frost & Sullivan in August 2004. 

George has extensive experience in market research and has joined the team in Frost & Sullivan's Oxford offices within the quantitative and customer research business. He has spent a number of years in the market research industry on both the agency and client side, while most recently working as a freelance consultant for a leading online marketing company in London. His previous positions included roles within well-known multinationals such as ACNeilsen, Asian Strategies Limited (Miller Freeman), Gartner, and 3Com Corp. 

He specializes in Automotive and ICT, but he has also worked across a diverse range of other industries, including agriculture, FMCG, components, security and retail. He spent more than 10 years in Asia, based mostly in Hong Kong and Beijing, China, and hopes to utilize his experience across Frost & Sullivan's European and Asian business units.

Benjamin Wieser
Toronto, Canada

Global Data Collection Manager

Holding a BSc in International Hospitality Management from Oxford Brookes University, UK, and a Diploma in Hotel Management from the Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Germany, Benjamin Wieser joined Frost & Sullivan in February 2004. He has been promoted within the Customer Research (CR) business unit twice and now holds the Data Collection Manager role, from initially joining the Oxford Data Collection Team as Research Executive.

He has gained his experience in quality driven hospitality environments by studying and working to the highest standards for international companies as ITT Sheraton (Starwood) and Renaissance Hotels & Resorts (Marriott) in Germany, Hong Kong and the UK. Based at the Frost & Sullivan Oxford office, he is responsible of running large numbers of quantitative and qualitative research projects on a global scale for well-known multi-nationals within Banking and Finance, ICT, Retail, and Industrial sectors. He coordinates the operations project management team to ensure that all aspects of clients' expectations are met. Wieser brings his cultural knowledge, strong team player attitude, and focus on customer satisfaction to the team, while driving efficiency of operations and delivery of high-quality results.

Kevin Fowler
San Antonio, USA
Kevin Fowler is a Chief Programmer for Customer Research located in San Antonio, Texas. Since joining Frost & Sullivan, he has been the primary programmer of the Customer Research group’s surveys and data processing. Specifically, Fowler’s experience includes, programming CATI systems, Web surveys and sample selections, creating Web links, maintaining databases, and creating and analyzing data summary reports.

Fowler brings with him more than 15 years of traditional market research experience. He graduated with an Associates Degree from Oakland Community College in 1996.
Koh Wee Hoon
Koh Wee Hoon has more than seven years of market research experience, conducting both quantitative and qualitative studies, in the Asia Pacific region. Her previous positions included Project Manager with The Research Pacific Group and Research Manager with ACNielsen China Ltd. Besides Singapore, she had worked in Hong Kong and Beijing. Such experience has provided her a better insight and appreciation of other Asian markets.

Within the market research industry, she worked across a diverse range of industries, including Automotive, IT, Petrochemical, Telecommunication, Insurance, Financial, and FMCG. Hwee Hoon hopes to utilize her experience across Frost & Sullivan's business units. Additionally, prior to joining Frost & Sullivan, Hwee Hoon was a Manager for Regional IT Supply Management with DaimlerChrysler South East Asia, located in Singapore. In this capacity, she was involved in the regional sourcing for IT hardware, software, data centers, IT outsourcing services, IT solutions and services for the DaimlerChrysler Asia Pacific offices. The experience gained enables her to understand and appreciate the automotive and IT businesses better.

Academically, Hwee Hoon has a MBA (core focus in IT) with University of Surrey, a BA in Economics and Sociology with National University of Singapore, and a Graduate Diploma in Marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK).

Geeta Veeraghanta
Chennai, India

Holding a MSc in Statistics from Mumbai University, India, Geeta joined Frost & Sullivan in May 2005. Geeta has extensive experience in market research data processing and statistical analysis, and has joined the team in Frost & Sullivan's India GIC office.

Her previous positions included roles within well-known multinationals such as TNS, ACNielsen, and IMRB, and has been involved in project management, team coordination, and quality assurance for a large number of quantitative research projects.

She is experienced with market research software like SPSS, Quantum, and has been working with various methodologies, handling large and complex databases. Examples include satisfaction surveys, FMCG tracking surveys, AD tracking surveys for Unilever products, and Omnibus surveys for a various range of industries on a global basis.



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