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The purpose of Frost & Sullivan's Competitive Benchmarking Services (CBS) Choice Survey Program is to measure brand preferences of various products, processes, and services among those within chosen industries who are deemed "experts." The research will result in Frost & Sullivan naming the "best" companies for their performance as judged by industry experts.  Thus, the unbiased and non-sponsored research results of this program may widely impact the industries in which this research is conducted, as the participants may be very influential to colleagues and professional peers, as well as to general consumers.

Our mission is…

"to provide our clients with reliable and accurate data results they can use to evaluate themselves against their competitors and provide marketing tools to showcase their accomplishments based upon the opinions of experts/consumers."

Award Criteria

Once our research is conducted and carefully analyzed, we award those companies/brands/products/services that are deemed "best" by survey participants.  Although each CBS project is somewhat unique, there are certain measures that determine whether an award will be granted.  First, the participants of the survey research must be leaders within their organization – decision-makers – and/or professional users of the products/services being tested.  Second, the award recipient must be a clear leader for the category being tested.  Third, only one award recipient per category is recognized. 

Frost & Sullivan's best practices team formally recognizes those companies/brands/products/services based upon our research and, in doing so, award recipients have an opportunity to utilize these results externally.

Areas of Focus

The CBS research focuses on the industries in which Frost & Sullivan has a long history of supporting with its expertise. To view the titles of the CBS research already conducted within these industries – as well as the award recipients – click on the industry links below.

Value of Choice Awards

As described earlier, the CBS team conducts non-sponsored research, and the award recipients are chosen by the end-users directly. Given the unbiased nature of our research, award recipients can trust that a Frost & Sullivan Choice Award represents the voice of industry experts – business leaders and/or professional users – as we translate their opinions into measurable results.

Choice Awards and Press Releases

Below are links to some of Frost & Sullivan’s recent Choice Awards and press releases:

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Although the CBS research is non-sponsored, we welcome suggestions for conducting research within certain industries, or on products and services. Please send any research suggestions or questions to

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