The Complex Business Universe

This is a composite view of seven market perspectives that are continually influencing and affecting the growth prospects of an organization. The CEO's 360 Degree Perspective™ provides a visionary platform from which growth strategies can be generated in a think tank environment.

As a leader within your organization, you are constantly stressing under information overload. You are all too aware of the multiple forces in your market that could threaten your company’s growth. You are also aware of all the opportunities to accelerate your company’s growth – and you are determined they will not pass you by. The seven forces listed below are constantly intersecting, forcing you to prioritize and make trade-offs in order to maintain the desired equilibrium.

Seven major perspectives form a 360 Degree Perspective™:

Mega Trends

What global issues can affect our industry, and what should be our strategy
to address them?

What are the geopolitical and regulatory issues that can affect our industry?

What cultural issues need to be considered in our global marketing strategy?

What regulatory issues do we need to monitor and consider?

Industry Convergence

How are convergence opportunities presenting new growth opportunities or competitive threats?

What expansion opportunities exist within our industry as a result of convergence or technology changes?

Do we have a strategy to expand our offerings into new industries and markets?

What is the convergence potential within other industries?


What are disruptive technologies that we should keep an eye on and have a plan to address?

How will technology change our competitive landscape?

What technical licensing opportunities currently exist?


What political and regulatory changes could affect our industry’s economic future?

Are we aware of commodity impacts, currency risks, and the changing landscape of international trade?

How will changes in population affect our industry?

How might investors affect growth potential in our industry?


What new competitors are emerging?

Is there an opportunity to take market share from a competitor?

Do we have a plan for monitoring and reacting to competitive forces in our industry?


How can we develop a meaningful message to capture market share?

Do we need a plan to identify new customer opportunities?

Do we know the buying characteristics of our target audience?

Best Practices

What are the most innovative companies in our field doing?

How can we benchmark our performance against the leaders of the pack?

What do best practices in our industry look like?

Leveraging the 360 Degree Perspective™

The challenge is to synthesize these seven perspectives into a visionary platform from which a powerful growth strategy can be generated. Frost & Sullivan’s wealth of global and industry research will help you interpret these perspectives and:

  • Significantly reduce decision risk
  • Create new opportunities from future scenarios
  • Anticipate industry convergence and resulting opportunities
  • Build a team of visionaries to support long-term growth
  • Develop a “think tank” mentality that drives innovation
  • Build a culture of growth, innovation, and leadership
  • Be the first to identify industry trends and act on them

Without bias, and with total commitment to accelerate growth, our research and insights will put you on the path to success. With our help and our information, you will gain a reputation as a business visionary.



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