November 2011 | Vol. 3 Issue 11               In Collaboration with the Frost & Sullivan Institute

Raising the Bar Worldwide

Earlier this year, SCIP joined forces with the Fuld-Gilad-Herring Academy of Competitive Intelligence to develop the SCIP CIP™ Certification conferred by ACI. This initiative brings the world’s leading competitive intelligence certification program to SCIP members, who collectively comprise the globe’s strongest competitive intelligence membership organization. After one year of collaborative effort, the program has been a resounding success.

In 2011, 96 individuals took the SCIP CIP™ certification exams and passed; another 60 are sitting for one of the two exams as this article goes to print. These numbers not only indicate professional interest in certification but also represent the largest annual pool of certification candidates since ACI began offering the CIP™ certification in 2001.

With impressive attendance at the CI 101® sessions—the first class in the SCIP CIP™ series—offered at the four SCIP conferences and summits, and at the week-long, core-class programs offered in Boston and Brussels, we project record turnouts for all SCIP CIP™ trainings planned for 2012.

With the growing interest in professional CI certification and increased participation at SCIP events, we have raised the bar for the discipline of competitive intelligence worldwide. I look forward to seeing many more of you start on your path to certification.


Ken Garrison

Intelligence, Insights... What's in a Title?

By Bonnie Hohhof
Director of Competitive Research

Professional titles in the field of competitive intelligence run the gamut from Director of CI to Solutions Intelligence. Title diversity is one indication of the breadth of strategic and competitive intelligence practitioners throughout an organization.


Meeting the Demand
for CI Professional Certification

By Lynne Smith
Fuld-Gilad-Herring Academy of
Competitive Intelligence

With record attendance at CI -101® conference sessions and SCIP-CIP™ core-course offerings this year, it’s clear that CI practitioners are seeking out opportunities for professional certification. SCIP’s successful collaboration with ACI warrants the expansion planned for 2012.


SCIP 2012 International Annual
Conference & Exhibition

By Robyn Reals
Education Manager

SCIP 2012 International Annual Conference & Exhibition will be held May 14-17, 2012 in historic Philadelphia, PA. Preview the just-released agenda with sessions covering all the hot topics in the practice of CI. Take advantage of the early bird discount and register today.
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A Message from the
Conference Committee Chair

By Michelle Settecase
Conference Committee Chair
SCIP 2012 International Annual
Conference & Exhibition


Michelle Settecase, SCIP 2012 International Annual Conference & Exhibition Committee Chair, shares her thoughts and motivation on the planning of SCIP’s May event.
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Competitive Intelligence:
Gathering, Analysing and Putting it to Work

By Christopher Murphy

Reviewed by Margaret Marshall-Hagan
Editor, eBulletins
Frost & Sullivan

We talk about competitive intelligence as though the practice is universal. This is not necessarily the case. Christopher Murphy has written a book that depicts how CI is undertaken in the UK and Europe.

The Power of Face-to-Face Communication:
SCIP Italia on Local Networking

By Milena Motta
SCIP Italia Chapter Chair

Technology facilitates many aspects of day-to-day business operations, but Milena Motta posits that it should not replace face-to-face communication entirely. Motta outlines the benefits of live participation in SCIP Italia's local chapter meetings that apply to us all.

The Establishment of CI –
A European Perspective

By Christian Krummenast
Noraco International

Christian Krummenast researches the organizational differences and challenges of the competitive intelligence function in Europe.


New Austin Chapter Grows Membership
Through Local Events

By Crystal Pieschel
Sales Manager
Director of Competitive Research
Market Awareness

The newly formed SCIP Austin, TX Chapter is growing rapidly as a function of its well-attended local networking event. Crystal Pieschel describes the event which included a presentation by the Austin Technology Incubator Program.




More SCIP Hosted Events
More Frost & Sullivan Hosted Events

SCIP-CIPTM Certification Courses
March 19-23, 2012
Brussels, Belgium


Increase Your Intelligence
ROI - Before it's Too Late

December 6, 2011
SCIP DC Metro Chapter
SCIP Mercyhurst Student Chapter
End of Year Gathering
December 10, 2011
SCIP Colorado Chapter
How to Customize CI According
to the User

December 15, 2011
SCIP Italia Chapter
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