December 2011 | Vol. 3 Issue 12               In Collaboration with the Frost & Sullivan Institute

A Year of Growth, Evolution and Change

In 2011, SCIP had one of its best years on record. We held major conferences in four worldwide cities, including Orlando; São Paulo, Singapore and Vienna. These events were all noteworthy for the excellent content delivered, the continued growth of the audience and the passion of the attendees. SCIP’s presence in social media also increased. In November, the SCIP LinkedIn group topped 10,000 members and continues to grow.

SCIP also achieved a major goal its founders envisioned 26 years ago: offering professional certification. The SCIP-CIP
TM Certification Conferred by ACI is a joint venture with the Academy of Competitive Intelligence, founded by three luminaries Leonard Fuld, Jan Herring and Ben Gilad. We held sessions in Florida, Singapore, Malaysia and Austria in addition to multi-week sessions in Boston and Brussels.

SCIP significantly expanded membership networking opportunities within the various conferences, certification training, social media and an expanding network of global chapters. Coupled with the established products and services offered through the international offices in Virginia, SCIP’s membership has grown 20 percent in the last 18 months, and 2012 will be an even better year.

I wish you a joyous holiday season.


Ken Garrison


Macro-to-Micro: The Impact of Mega Trends
on Your Competitive Future

By Bonnie Hohhof
Director of Competitive Research

Mega trends cross all industries and regions and can completely change our competitive environment. Bonnie Hohhof sat at the energy and power supply industry table at the "Mega Trend Think Tank" held at SCIP 2011 Europe. Here, she shares the mega trends impacting their industry as they discussed the skills and actions needed to help increase the impact of their intelligence.


Taking Stock: A Year Well Spent

By Scott Leeb
VP for Business Intelligence
Prudential Retirement

Scott Leeb reflects on the accomplishments and growth of SCIP in 2011 as he closes out his year as Chair of SCIP's Board of Directors.


Competitive Blindspot Analysis —  
A Tool for the Brave

By Dr. Ben Gilad
Fuld-Gilad-Herring Academy of
Competitive Intelligence

Intuition. Gut instinct. Expertise. All part of the human decision-making experience. However, in business, these qualities could lead to poor judgment. Ben Gilad discusses the tools and techniques CI practitioners use to overcome competitive blindspots.


Corporate Moneyball:
Why the Right Metrics Do Matter

By Clyde Rettig
CharterMast Partners LLC

The Oakland Athletics major league baseball team nearly made it to the World Series in 2002 after applying pertinent metrics to their recruiting practices rather than following less accurate, industry standards previously employed by scouts and coaches. Likewise, using the right metrics in business can be a game changer.


New Directions:
A Competitive Intelligence Tale

By Gary D. Maag and David J. Kalinowski

By Dale Fehringer
Freelance Writer, Editor
Inkwell Productions

Maag and Kalinowski's new book is a quick read on the practice, role and benefits of competitive intelligence told through the fictional experiences of business executive Jack Turner. Not another textbook-turned-CI-Bible or hard-hitting reference manual on CI analytic methods, this book hits the mark as a CI primer that easily answers the difficult question, "What is CI?"

Interview with Co-author, Gary Maag. Courtesy of NBC Chicago


The Reliability of Social Media Sources,
an Amazing Technology Roadmap
and Reagan's Visual SFARs

By Kristan Wheaton
Assistant Professor
Intelligence Studies Department
Mercyhurst College

Academia has its perks! Mercyhurst College Professor Kristan Wheaton shares a few of the more interesting links that recently came across his desk, courtesy of friends and alumni in the field.


Is CI Still CI?
The Changing Face of the Profession

By Cliff Kalb
Vice President
C. Kalb & Associates

Five years later, this is an interesting look back at Cliff Kalb's 2006 Competitive Intelligence Magazine article on changes the competitive intelligence field and SCIP might undergo to best meet the needs of their members in the future.


SCIP Wisconsin Chapter: Primary Intelligence:   Sources of Gathering Knowledge

By Roger Phelps
Phelps Research Services

Participants at Wisconsin's  local event discussed primary intelligence sources and the issues often faced by practitioners, including effective mapping of KITs, uncovering hard-to-find primary sources and reconciling ethics and legal standards while doing so.


SCIP Mourns the Loss of Member Jim Mathews

With heavy hearts, we share the news of Jim Mathews' passing. A leading thinker in the field of competitive intelligence, during his more than 25 years of practice, Mathews worked with Booz Allen, Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin, TASC and Raytheon. At this year's SCIP International Annual Conference, his long-time friends at Aurora WDC honored Jim with a scholarship fund in his name.




More SCIP Hosted Events
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SCIP-CIPTM Certification Courses
March 19-23, 2012
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How to Customize CI According to the User
December 15, 2011
SCIP Italia
Invitation to First Chapter Meeting
December 20, 2011
SCIP India, Mumbai Chapter
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