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Macro to Micro Innovation: Taking Trends and Making Them "Actionable"

The use of macro level trends known as "Mega Trends" in business planning can sometimes be a difficult task for corporate managers. The question is often raised as to how actionable this content is.

Richard Sear will focus not on the plethora of trends around today, but rather how one of the world's leading trend consultants has helped Fortune Global 50 companies create actionable outcomes using our innovative Macro to Micro methodology.

Emerging Opportunities for Operators & System Integrators – How Mobile Convergence is driving Cross Industry Business Models

The rapid convergence of ICT technologies is causing massive disruption across industries. In this briefing, we will take a closer look at the adoption of cloud computing and other mobile technologies and highlight key innovation and impact using selected case studies.

We will also discuss how technology is creating new cross industry business models and creating new opportunities in the telecom space. This session is essential for business leaders and decision makers who wish to ensure that the disruptive influence of today's technology is used to their benefit.

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