Dear [client],

We are pleased to invite you to the Frost & Sullivan Growth Opportunity Briefing - Global Safe Cities, A Growing Concept.

A Safe City is a technology-driven concept, enabling inter-agency collaboration, effective communication, and better use of intelligence.

There is evidence showing that the industry is moving along the value chain. The technology providers are increasingly consulting and becoming more involved in project delivery and the technology integrators are also moving toward providing higher-end solutions and integrating systems, particularly PSIM providers.

Benefits to the first responder community and city governance departments include a predictive, "smarter" approach to crime and disaster, better allocation of resources, performance indicators, improved response times, and better situational awareness.

Furthermore, heavy investment in infrastructure, new build, and significant upgrade of communication networks in the Middle East and Asia will offer the largest opportunities.

This insightful session will help companies unveil perspectives, trends and opportunities for future industry with respect to the following:

a) External Challenges
b) Safe City Predictions
c) Competitive Analysis
d) Green Field Safe City Development
e) Retrofit Safe City Opportunity

Join us at this not-to-be-missed Growth Opportunity Briefing.