Michael Tomczyk  Michael Tomczyk
  Managing Director
  Mack Center for Technological Innovation, Wharton School


Michael Tomczyk is a "technology futurist" who has spent most of his career developing, launching and studying emerging technologies.

As Managing Director of the Mack Center for Technological Innovation at the Wharton School, he serves as a bridge between industry and academia which gives him a unique view of emerging technologies and markets. Among his many responsibilities, he organizes and hosts the annual Emerging Technologies Update Day which brings technology champions to Wharton to discuss "disruptive" innovations looming on the near horizon. He also edits research reports and a newsletter, "Competing in Emerging Technologies".

Michael joined Wharton in 1995 as Managing Director of the Emerging Technologies Management Research Program. In 2000, he helped launch the Mack Center's BioSciences Crossroads Initiative. Recently, he co-edited (with Prof. Paul Schoemaker) a 130-page research report on "The Future of BioSciences: Four Scenarios for 2020 and Their Implications for Human Healthcare" (May 2006).

During his career, Michael has worked with some of the world's most successful technology pioneers, as a senior executive, consultant and advisor. He is best known for his role in the development and launch of the Commodore home computers in the 1980s, which is described in his book "The Home Computer Wars". He has been called the "marketing father" of the home computer.

In the 1990s, he helped several companies develop their Internet strategies. Since 2000, he has been involved as an advisor and/or board member in several successful technology startups.

He has written more than 100 articles, magazine and newspaper columns. He is currently working on the development of an "e-zine" dedicated to futurist topics and themes called "FutureDigest.com".

Deal Or No Deal: Creative Strategies For Developing Technology Growth Opportunities

Growth strategies in technology driven industries often resemble TV game shows. The contestants compete. They make risky choices. The rewards can be very high, or very low. Winners and losers can change places quickly. There are uncertainties at every step. Some contestants are consistently good, some are good but make mistakes, and others are weak players.

In this keynote presentation, Michael Tomczyk offers personal observations and commentary on creative approaches used by firms to stimulate growth in technology-driven industries. Topics covered include:

        Growth or Consequences - How much are we playing for and which door should we choose?
        Family Feud - "Golfers vs. Rockers"
        Jeopardy - What Comes First: Answers or Questions?
        Connect and Develop - Procter and Gamble Reinvents the Game
        Deal Or No Deal - Placing Bets on Technologies & Markets
        Steps and Ladders - Entering Adjacent Markets
        Ecosystem - The exciting global networking game

And... FutureWorld - the newest game of all, including emerging trends that will redefine all games in the months and years ahead.