In today's ultra competitive business environment, looking back on historical performance is no longer sufficient to stay ahead of the curve. Organizations need to be able to anticipate future outcomes as well, understanding not only what happened and what is happening but also what is likely to happen next.

Therefore, business analytics has become top-of-mind for management teams and IT. But often times the investment in analytics is perceived as daunting, and the data available to analyze can seem overwhelming. As organizations try and make data driven decisions, the need to understand the benefits and best practices of analytics, both business intelligence and predictive analytics, has become critical in ensuring that organizations get the actionable insight they need to outperform as well as achieve the maximum return on their investment.

Listen in on this complimentary OnDemand one hour ebroadcast and discover the many ways Dr. Kirk Kelly of Hamilton County Department of Education uses predictive analytics to uncover hidden patterns and associations within massive amounts of data and business intelligence to issue daily reports so staff across the district can identify at-risk students and provide proactive, personalized interventions to each one. Experts from Frost and Sullivan and IBM Business Analytics will also discuss the benefits and best practices that analytics bring to organizations across verticals, including:

  • The increased importance of using analytics solutions as the volume of available data grows
  • Industry challenges and best practices to effectively use big data to be more predictive
  • The benefits and ROI of today's business analytics solutions
  • Why “Analysis Paralysis” is a real risk and how to avoid over-analyzing data

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Mukul Krishna
Global Director, Digital Media
Frost & Sullivan


David Clement
Business Analytics Product Marketing
Dr. Kirk Kelly
Director of Accountability and Testing
Hamilton County Department of Education

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