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Frost & Sullivan’s Business & Financial Services Research and Consulting Group's clients include investment bankers, private equity professionals, insurance companies, accounting firms, management consultants, hedge funds, venture capitalists, technology transfer professionals, academic professionals, government agencies, finance and leasing firms, specialty finance firms, commercial and retail banks, real estate investment trusts, and institutional investors. 

We meet the needs of our global clients in all aspects of due diligence (business plan validation, technological feasibility, market growth assumptions, pricing assumptions, competitive response, risk-analysis, etc.), investment idea generation, opportunity analysis, market monitoring, financial analysis, growth consulting, proprietary deal flow, financial industry analysis, outsourcing, financial analytics, custom financial consulting, financial business intelligence, as well as financial market research and custom consulting.

Our Business & Financial Services Research and Consulting team provides measurement-based solutions that are focused on the financial services market.  Our coverage and diverse strategic solutions will help you capitalize on growth opportunities within new and existing markets.

Our Financial Benchmarking & Analysis service, a chief aspect of our offering, presents a comprehensive financial analysis of leading firms in various industries and highlights major market and financial trends in key growth segments. This service is designed to provide financial, marketing, investment, operating, and business development executives with topical and in-depth information on current trends and issues that impact investment and financial decisions.

In addition to the Financial Benchmarking & Analysis service, the Business & Financial Services Consulting Team conducts customized research projects that are tailored to the client’s needs, objectives, research, and budget, and provides innovative, practical solutions for pressing business challenges. By leveraging our expert knowledge of the financial industry and our in-house market data, Frost & Sullivan provides an interactive analysis of client capabilities and market opportunities to develop custom consulting projects that provide a well-rounded, comprehensive view of the marketplace.

Highlights of our Financial Benchmarking & Analysis:

  • A comprehensive financial analysis of leading firms in various industries, and highlights major market and financial trends in key growth segments
  • Provides comprehensive industry mapping of public and private financial companies
  • Identifies growth opportunities for public and private companies, and provides revenue and growth rates for companies
  • Comprehensive financial benchmarking on the areas of profitability, cost structure, working capital, turnover, leverage, cash flow, and investment returns
  • Fundamental financial industry data and tracking service: stock performances for the market tracked and analyzed
  • Valuation and financial metrics (EV, EV/LTM Sales, EV/LTM EBITDA, P/E Ratios)
  • Growth Monitor, Investment Scorecards, Sector Scorecards

Specific Value for Corporate Clients

Financial Analysis:

  • Analyze financial trends in key growth segments
  • Financial benchmarking against industry averages
  • Identify areas for internal improvement
  • Support corporate finance and treasury departments
  • Identify sources of funding

Financial Trend Identification:

  • Identify opportunities in growth segments
  • Analyze current trends and financial implications
  • Cost structure and working capital improvement
  • Financial ratio analysis

Merger & Acquisition Support:

  • Business Plan validation
  • Analysis of all top-line assumptions
  • Proprietary investment ideas
  • Specific company identification
  • Due diligence support
  • Valuation and historical transaction analysis
  • Shareholders’ value creation
  • Post-merger performance metrics

Financial Analyst Access and Briefings:

  • Direct access to financial analysts monitoring the markets fosters interactive relationships
  • Continually updated research presented on a regular basis ensures the relevance and value
  • Maximize analyst contact and touch
  • Frequent public and private analyst briefings
  • Global analysts provide "on the ground" support

Trend Identification:

  • Identification of growth areas
  • Sector themes and investment ideas
  • Identification of the best ways to play emerging trends
  • Investment strategy based on trend analysis

Specific Investment Ideas:

  • Specific company identification 
  • Proprietary investment ideas
  • Coverage of both public and private companies
  • Customized investment ideas for all stages of the investment cycle: venture start-up to late-stage buy-out
  • Equity analysis for institutional investors and hedge funds

Financial Framework for Analysis:

  • Industry comparables and valuation
  • Financial ratio analysis
  • Portfolio company benchmarking
  • Portfolio company monitoring
  • Exit or realization strategies

Why Frost & Sullivan?

Technical Expertise:

  • A team of financial market analysts exclusively devoted to analyzing existing and emerging technologies and markets
  • Sought out for our depth and breadth of understanding and knowledge of the latest trends

Our Market Experience:

  • Expansive internal resources with ongoing releases of published studies and market research
  • Financial industry and Wall Street experience
  • Strong educational backgrounds from top universities
  • Consulting experience: industry and market analysts with extensive expertise
  • Business and strategy consulting experience in assessing market opportunities globally

Global Capabilities:

  • Many years researching the global markets with local presence across the world
  • Primary research in native languages
  • Volume of resources to deliver within short time period
  • Thorough evaluation of project demands and informed research and analysis
  • Effective and realistic business strategies
  • Specialists available for complex modeling, forecasting, adoption, and pricing methodologies

Our Assets & Capabilities:

  • Frost & Sullivan is a leading independent, objective, third-party research firm
  • Around 4,500 comprehensive market reports across 10 industry sectors
  • Support databases, underlying market data, tables, charts, presentations, and research notes from both research and consulting activity
  • Analysts are focused on specific markets within the 10 industry sectors we cover and are recognized experts in their fields, participating in industry events and often quoted in trade publications and other media
  • Established relationships with senior executive and financial contacts in all major market players across the value chain in our sectors
  • As a leading independent objective market research firm, we have the ability to ask questions and receive a level of candor in responses that others cannot
  • Frost & Sullivan Market Engineering research methodology, plus primary interviewing and secondary collation, analysis, and deliverable structuring
  • Access to non-public secondary sources specific to our covered markets, plus internal tools and techniques for data collection and analysis

For North America client inquiries, please contact:
Lori Salazar-Malone
Director, Business & Financial Services Group

For European client inquiries, please contact:
Charlene Braganza-Morris
Manager, Business & Financial Services Group

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