Key to Research and Analysis Deliverable Types
total integrated growth partnership service Total Integrated TEAM Research 
Our "total integrated" TEAM Research differs from our standard TEAM Research offering (below) in that it covers all aspects of Frost & Sullivan's TEAM Methodology.
Industry Research: Subscription
Industry Research: Subscription
Our new subscription, the TEAM Research, is a personalised, interactive, and annual service from Frost & Sullivan. It combines the most relevant and current content from our database of published material with customised services that are designed specifically for your company.
Market Engineering Research Service
Market: Research Service
Frost & Sullivan's flagship service is based upon Market Engineering Research . Our 40-plus years of research work has resulted in the development of this disciplined research methodology. It is a measurement-based system of market measurement, analysis, forecasting, strategy development, and monitoring.
Industry Research: Technical
Technical: Research Service
Technical Insights' mission is to provide intelligence on technical developments that seem poised for the fastest growth to senior executives and technology managers. The technology research business identifies emerging trends before they become obvious; spots companies that may become technology giants; and follows the technology trends that will catalyze industries in the near future.
Technical: Alert Service
Technical: Alert Service
Technical Insights' Alerts and newsletters cover the latest innovations and research in materials, processes, devices, and systems that are designed to improve performance, reduce costs, and drive new or existing markets. Our concise technology briefings provide you with a summary of new technologies, identification of who are developing them, analysis of market impact, and evaluations of barriers to commercialisation. Patents plus opportunities for licensing, joint ventures, partnering, or technology transfer are frequently highlighted.
stratecast telecoms strategic forecasting Application: Stratecast
Stratecast's industry analysts and market experts provide the telecommunications industry with market consulting and tactical strategic forecasting. This market information and industry research helps senior executives make critical business, technology, product, partnership, and tactical strategy decisions.
customer research Market: Customer Research
Frost & Sullivan's Customer Research team creates innovative solutions - each one tailored to specific business situations. Through the application of advanced analytical expertise, we create powerful measures, analyses, and presentations that lead to actionable solutions.
econometric research: decision support database
Economic: Decision Support Database
Frost & Sullivan's quantitative research and modelling arm brings clarity and conviction to your decision-making process through Decision Support Databases (DSD).
econometric research: country industry forecast
Economic: Country Industry Forecast
Economic Research focused on timely and critical global, regional, and country specific trends impacting industries/companies.
application: financial benchmarking analysis Application: Financial Benchmarking Analysis
Frost & Sullivan's Financial Benchmarking & Analysis service highlights financial investment opportunities, financial trends, and key investment themes in all major markets.
Market: Market Insight Articles
Market: Market Insight Articles
A Market Insight gives you strategic solutions for critical challenges and opportunities in the changing marketplace. Using Frost & Sullivan's Market Engineering TEAM Research methodology, each Market Insight presents powerfully summarized research, to give you invaluable insights, in a concise document.
Application: Best Practices Article
Application: Best Practices Article
Best Practices Articles are accounts of companies found to be implementing best practices in their industries.
Our one-of-a-kind Executive MindXchange Event format leverages the mass of brainpower of all of our participants. Jam-packed with dynamic networking activities and hands-on content, our programs are over 80% interactive.
application: eBroadcast
Application: eBroadcast
Expanding on Frost & Sullivan's success of our popular Analyst Briefings and Executive MindXchange Events, Frost & Sullivan's eBroadcast Division delivers cutting-edge business strategies and solutions to its executive clients through interactive forums on the Internet.
analyst briefings Application: Analyst Briefings
Frost & Sullivan's expert industry market analysts lead complimentary interactive teleconferences that cover industry-related hot topics including growth opportunities, the latest research results, trends in the market, market forecasts, and more.
executive briefings Application: Executive Briefings
Frost & Sullivan Executive Briefings Annual Subscription Services provides you with comprehensive event materials to share with others in business or to use for reference (word-for-word transcripts of dynamic speaker presentations, professional biographies, complete Q&A sessions, and indispensable market intelligence and analysis).
HR/Training Course
Application: HR/Training Course
Our mission is to enable world-class companies to increase productivity and performance through their people. Our In-Company training solution is all about your organization - we can work with you to identify your individual and company-wide training needs to deliver a course that meets your needs. We also offer a full public schedule which can be viewed on the web.

Application: Press Release
Press releases provide a summary of new technologies, analysis of the overall market growth, evaluations of barriers, and strategic advice to overcoming any market restraints. Our releases cover the latest innovations and research in materials, processes, devices, and systems that are designed to improve performance, reduce costs, and drive new or existing markets. They also present powerfully summarized research, to give you invaluable insights, in a concise document.
white paper Application: White Paper
A White Paper contains research analysis covering a specific technology, product group, or industry issue.



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