Mergers & Acquisitions

Merger & Acquisition strategies for growth can be significantly improved in their effectiveness with the Market Engineering system. Typically these strategies are implemented by lawyers and financial advisors with little regard to the marketing implications. In this section, we will discuss ways to integrate Market Engineering into this strategy successfully.

10 Solid Reasons to Support an Acquisition Strategy

  1. Target holding unique market position
  2. A potential turnaround situation
  3. Complimentary skill sets
  4. Geographic expansion move
  5. Ability to cut duplicate costs and improve profit
  6. Elimination of competition
  7. Increase in breadth and depth of product line
  8. Improvement of IPO possibility
  9. Access to new customer base
  10. Stopping opportunities for key competitor

10 Ways Market Engineering Can Make Mergers & Acquisitions More Successful

  1. Improving negotiation and price by knowing the company's exact market position
  2. Providing credibility and insurance to investors and bankers
  3. Selecting the optimal acquisition candidate for your company
  4. Identifying market opportunities that an acquisition strategy can exploit
  5. Measuring customer attitudes on company's products to indicate their image in market
  6. Providing customer demographic data that gives insight into future market potential and growth for targeted company
  7. Identifying opportunities for growth in market segmentation analysis
  8. Providing competitive benchmarking measurements to identify areas for fast improvement in company
  9. Measuring market and technical trends to forecast future growth potential of company's technology
  10. Identifying key trends in the market, the company's customers, and relative position with competitors to pinpoint future problems and opportunities

Checklist for Successful Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Buy, read, and implement Industrial Market Research & Forecasting or Healthcare Market Research & Forecasting
  • Clarify objectives of acquisition program
  • Define ideal company description
  • Create database of potential companies
  • Create market and financially based screening procedure
  • Interview target's customer base to verify position
  • Analyze other competitors in market
  • Integrate market position into negotiation process

The following questions will help our consultants target their strategic consulting advice to your specific situation. Once we receive this information, our consultants and market analysts will analyze your situation based on the Frost & Sullivan world database of market information, applying years of practical industry experience and current market conditions. There is no obligation and no cost for this service. Please take time to answer the questions in as great detail as possible. Your responses will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used to create carefully targeted strategic advice.

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Please answer these questions if you already have targeted a company for acquisition: (Please go to question #16 if you are interested in developing an acquisition strategy.)

  1. Please describe the merger or acquisition you are looking at.
  2. What market is the company competing in?
  3. Do you know the approximate world size of this market?
  4. What is the primary goal of this acquisition/merger?
  5. Who are the other key participants in this market?
  6. What relative competitive position does this company have in the market?
  7. Do you know how the customers perceive this company?
  8. What is the market share position of this company?
  9. What is the relative size of this company in terms of: Annual Sales? Employees?
  10. Is it a technological leader?
  11. Do you see any cost-elimination benefits through this acquisition?
  12. What benefits will it bring your customers?
  13. What are the strengths of this company?
  14. How many employees does the company have?
  15. Are you still negotiating the price of the acquisition/merger?

If you are interested in starting an acquisition program please continue, otherwise you may click here to contact us.

Please answer these questions if you are interested in starting an acquisition program:

16. Are you actively looking for acquisition candidates?

17. What attributes are you looking for in potential candidates?

18. What sales range or financial characteristics should it have?

19. What customer base characteristics should it have?

20. What markets are you considering?

21. Are any specific geographic markets under consideration?

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