Research Group: Market Engineering Research rss - market engineering researchFrost & Sullivan's Market Engineering Research is developed through a proven, measurement-based methodology that integrates critical elements of market research to promote growth strategies. Our research incorporates market drivers and restraints, market share, current and emerging industry trends and opportunities, as well as competitive intelligence. Frost & Sullivan’s market research methodology was designed to provide essential research to our clients that would help them capitalize on market opportunities and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our Market Engineering Research is based upon firmly tested, practical techniques that are easily understood and implemented within your organization.
Market Engineering Research
About Market Engineering Research About Market Engineering Research
 With years of business-to-business market research experience, Frost & Sullivan has developed a disciplined, proven research methodology.
Market Engineering Research Methodology Market Engineering Research Methodology
 Frost & Sullivan offers Market Engineering Research to help your business grow.
Market Coverage Market Coverage
 Frost & Sullivan offers global market research coverage of the major market sectors, including Aerospace & Defense, Automation & Electronics, Chemicals, Environment, Energy, Foods, Healthcare, Information & Communication, Materials, Technologies, and Transportation.
Features & Benefits Features & Benefits
 Frost & Sullivan's global Market Engineering research will help you overcome challenges, capitalize on market opportunities, and gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.
What Does it Mean to Partner? What Does it Mean to Partner?
 By partnering with Frost & Sullivan, clients are able to reduce risk and capitalize on opportunities to achieve growth greater than the industry average.
Case StudyCase Study
  Our Market Engineering Research offers measurement-based market strategies developed through our exclusive market engineering methodology. Our Research includes critical analysis of your industry and industry sectors, offering accurate, reliable, unbiased, actionable market information. Utilize this information to make confident, more informed, decisions and spawn new ideas for growth.  
Technical Insights Alert Services Technical Insights Alert Services
 Our Technical Insights group of industry analysts provide ongoing research articles to identify key partners for growth, technology research, collaboration, and licensing opportunities.
Technical Insights Research Services Technical Insights Research Services
 Real-time intelligence, including emerging technologies, R&D breakthroughs, forecasting, and technology impact analysis provided by our emerging technology analysts and technology consultants.
Emerging Market InnovationEmerging Market Innovation
 In this dynamic global business environment, knowledge of country-specific factors is vital for effective decision-making. Specifically, information about political situations, policy decisions, and prevailing economic conditions are important when making both strategic and tactical business decisions.
Decision Support Database Decision Support Database
 Frost & Sullivan offers a Decision Support Database - quantitative research to support and add conviction to your firm's decision-making process specific to your market.
Analyst Briefing SeriesAnalyst Briefing Series
 Market analyst / industry consultant led webinars that cover research results, trends in the market, market forecasts; followed by live Q&A session with presenting analyst.
Analyst Inquiry Hours Analyst Inquiry Hours
 Client access to all global analysts that allows for the discussion of specific questions or concerns.
Best Practices Awards Banquets Best Practices Awards Banquets
 View Frost & Sullivan Awards Banquets.
Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards
 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices / Awards Division recognizes outstanding industry & business executive leadership and achievements by presenting Frost & Sullivan Awards to top companies in regional and global markets
eBroadcasts eBroadcasts
 One-hour, topic-specific webinars packed with information and insights that address real world business issues. Our complimentary webinars deliver cutting-edge business strategies and solutions to its executive clients
Executive Briefings Annual Subscriptions Services Executive Briefings Annual Subscriptions Services
 Collection of powerful executive presentations on best practices, market challenges, research findings, and growth opportunities
Executive MindXchangeExecutive MindXchange
 Our Executive MindXchange format is dynamic networking activities and hands-on content, our programs are over 80% interactive. Brainstorm with your peers and validate solutions to your personal needs and challenges through workshops, ThinkTanks, panels, roundtables, and mindshares.
Business & Financial Services Business & Financial Services
 Frost & Sullivan's Business & Financial Services group serves global clients in all aspects of financial analysis, market research, consulting, due diligence, idea generation, opportunity analysis, investment valuation, and other proprietary and custom research.
GIL Community Newsletter GIL Community Newsletter
 The GIL Newsletter is intended to keep our clients abreast of the latest market trends, revolutionary developments, and new occurrences in the industry through market growth analyses, as well as strategies and recommendations to overcome critical challenges.
Movers & Shakers InterviewsMovers & Shakers Interviews
 In-depth research interviews with the most admired market leaders. Interviews highlight dynamic companies and business leaders recognized for achieving milestones in the corporate world.
Stratecast - Telecommunications Strategic Forecasting Stratecast - Telecommunications Strategic Forecasting
 Frost & Sullivan's Stratecast practice directly assists clients in achieving their strategic objectives by providing critical and objective insights.
Market Engineering Research Services Market Engineering Research Services
Market InsightsMarket Insights
 Market Insights: Articles that cover key market trends, statistical analysis, international market research, business opportunities, and challenges for your market sector written by Frost & Sullivan's market research analysts, consultants, and industry experts.
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