Aavanor is a software company that was established in 1999 in Chennai, India. Aavanor has been in Healthcare IT since 2001 and our advanced products for Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies and Laboratories can greatly enhance provider effectiveness and critically - patient safety.

Our products help healthcare providers address key organizational objectives such as

  • Patient Experience Management
  • Paperless Medical Records
  • Accreditation Compliance
  • Productivity Enhancement of Patient Care Professionals
  • Key performance Indicator Management
  • Revenue Enhancement

A few of our offerings are listed below:

Aavanor's EHR Portal - www.doc99.com-
www.DOC99.COM is an Electronic Health Record (EHR) that maintains a patient record for use by any connected medical facility or professional and the Patient. By maintaining the same record across care providers, we move healthcare quality and safety to the next level. EHR's are an essential part of the future roadmap in every society and India sorely needs a solution that understands Indian work flows and caters to our specific needs.

Aavanor's USP is its understanding of the UI needs and workflow management in the Asian and African context. By creating interfaces for desktops and Mobile devices that vary from 'No Training to 'Very Low Training' the portal lends itself for rapid and widespread adoption. The portal uses Aavanor's patent pending 'eBook EMR'.

q…Less Money -
Queues are an integral part of Indian hospitals, typically at the registration desk, pharmacy, labs and billing counters.

Aavanor’s q…Less Money helps hospitals reduce or even eliminate queues for non-value added services such as bill payment, product collection and registration. By enabling the patient to complete these transactions over their mobile phone, we can speed up processes, process multiple patients simultaneously and vastly reduce the incidence of queues.

Upon registration into the system, an account is opened for each patient that is tied to their mobile phone number. Patients can now load/ recharge their 'mobile phones’ or 'mobile wallet’ to pay for services within the hospital. When a service is requested by physicians, the system automatically generates an estimate that is sent to the patient’s phone and the patient can choose to pay for the service from his 'mobile wallet’. This service offers two benefits:

The patient is now able to collect delivery of the product or service without a visit to the billing counter and has thus avoided creating or waiting in a queue

All transactions are cashless and only through the system, which eliminates fraud. By sending the patient alerts on their mobile phone each time a transaction is linked to a patient account, the patient - who is best placed to do so, is encouraged to monitor their account activity and is most likely to raise an alarm immediately, when questionable transactions take place.

q…Less Money thus goes a long way in eliminating queues and fraud in the hospital

'No Entry' Stores-

An area where significant computer activity takes place in any hospital is the Purchase, Stores and Sales departments. Apart from requiring a large volume of repetitive and error prone, data entry activity, typical stores automation tends to create dark spots where inefficiency breeds and revenue leakage is hidden from view.

By integrating the prescription and other departments, sales, stores and purchase are all intelligently automated and there is no data entry in most transactions, only review and approval.

Routine transactions account for more than 90% of all pharmacy activity and up to 80% of general store activity. By linking one stage tightly with the next, it is possible to complete each activity such as prescribe, bill, dispense, re-order and receive- without any data entry.

This intelligence in stock maintenance creates a daily 'Order List' based on a 'reorder' quantity and 'minimum days of stock'. POs and GRNs are again created without any manual entry of data - making your store a truly 'No Entry' area.



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