Kurve Technology Receives the Frost & Sullivan Business Development Strategy Leadership Award for its Development of Drug Delivery Devices

Palo Alto, Calif. — April 19, 2006 — Frost & Sullivan selected Kurve Technology as the recipient of the 2006 Business Development Strategy Leadership of the Year Award in the intranasal drug delivery market for successfully partnering their cutting-edge device technology with pharmaceutical companies.

"The limitations of manual spray pumps have long been known, but few companies have dedicated time and resources to improve delivery technology, instead focusing more on formulation design," says Frost & Sullivan research analyst Jason McKinnie. "Kurve has overcome obstacles such as lack of accuracy, control of droplet size, and regulated velocity and created a device that maximizes nasal mucosa exposure for both topical, systemic, and nose-to- brain drugs."

Controlled particle dispersion™ (CPD) is the cornerstone technology that Kurve Technology utilizes to deliver molecules with accuracy and provides the basis for its ViaNase™ products. CPD technology uses vortical flow along with natural inspired air to create a vortex that is capable of delivering the drug to the paranasal sinuses and olfactory region.

Manual spray pumps use only the inspired air pathway to deliver the medication, and studies have shown that droplets delivered by spray pump do not travel beyond the nasal vestibule, never reaching the olfactory region or paranasal sinuses, limiting their effectiveness. CPD is also able to control the droplet size and is capable of producing droplets from 3 to 50 microns. For nasal drug delivery, 10 to 20 microns is the ideal size as they are large enough to prevent lung deposition and small enough to prevent gravitational settling. Combining droplet size with the vortical flow provides ViaNase the ability to project a precise trajectory for targeted delivery to the olfactory region or other part of the sinus as needed.

The flexibility of ViaNase makes this device ideal for topical delivery such as allergy medications, systemic delivery for pain management or nose-to-brain delivery for central nervous system disorders.

"CPD is capable of delivering three preservative-free formulations: dry powder, suspension, and solution and the individual dose ampoules are capable of storing small molecules, large molecules and proteins," explains McKinnie. "Tests have shown very little degradation to proteins through this delivery, providing the capability to treat diseases or vaccinate with peptides thus boosting its value."

Kurve Technology’s latest advance comes from their newest product, ViaNase ID™, and is aimed at preventing counterfeiting and misuse. By using coding technology on the ampoules, the device can determine if the proper medication is inserted and can also regulate dosing frequency to insure proper use. This provides an added layer of safety, preventing the potential misuse of addictive pain medications or potential loss of revenue from counterfeited products.

Kurve Technology is ensuring patients will soon get access to a more reliable and effective nasal delivery system and are therefore the worthy recipient of the 2006 Frost & Sullivan Business Development Strategy Leadership of the Year Award for the intranasal drug delivery market.

Each year Frost & Sullivan presents this Award to a company that has exhibited excellence in business development within the industry. The Award recognizes the company's ability to best perceive consumer needs, develop products and/or services that meet consumer needs, successfully introduce products or services to the industry, and identify new market segments to expand the existing customer base. Through a combination of vision, technology and successful marketing, the Award recipient has demonstrated superior market growth skills.

About Kurve Technology

Kurve Technology, Inc. offers pharmaceutical companies innovative nasal delivery systems for local and systemic medical therapies. Kurve’s Controlled Particle Dispersion (CPD)™ technology intranasally delivers formulations with far greater efficacy and efficiency than traditional methods. The ViaNase product line of intelligent atomizers incorporates CPD to deliver a wide range of compounds, aiding the more than 200 million patients who suffer from such medical conditions as allergic rhinitis, chronic rhinosinusitis, sexual dysfunction, migraine headache, obesity, and CNS disease. Kurve Technology is headquartered in Bothell, WA with offices in Research Triangle Park, NC and the United Kingdom. For additional information, please visit

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