Frost & Sullivan Research Service   Published: 9 Dec 2003
Timeframe and Characteristics of Carrier Deployment of VoIP and IP Telephony
   Research Overview

Service Providers Need to Identify Specific Customer Needs and Offer Targeted Products

Enterprises and consumers in North America are showing increasing acceptance of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. Both traditional and next-generation service providers are keen on exploiting this trend but will need to strongly focus on developing services and service bundles that appropriately address the needs of specific customer groups. For instance, the enterprise market is likely to look for enhanced features, while residential users' primary concerns are expected to revolve around the cost of basic services. Similarly, smaller businesses are far more likely to want cost-effective service bundles rather than advanced and more expensive features and capabilities.

This Frost & Sullivan research discusses the challenges and opportunities associated with developing and delivering various business and residential VoIP services including residential broadband telephony, hosted IP telephony, VoIP virtual private networks (VPNs), and integrated access. Detailed analyses of major market participants and service provider groups enable participants to evaluate their current market positioning and develop strategies for future growth.

Emergence of Next-generation Providers is Leading Established Carriers to Introduce Advanced, Differentiating Services

"The VoIP services market is receiving a major boost from the increasing number of new service announcements by the leading North American local exchange carriers (LECs) and interexchange carriers (IXCs)," says the analyst of this research. In the last year alone, SBC Communications Inc., Qwest Communications International Inc., Bell Canada International Inc., and TELUS Corporation have announced IP Centrex services. BellSouth Corporation and AT&T have announced VoIP VPN services, and MCI and Sprint have set specific timeframes for the migration of their networks to packet infrastructure.

All these changes are making the competitive landscape an increasingly diverse one. The value proposition offered by VoIP is receiving greater validation as established carriers continue to introduce a variety of VoIP services.

Increasing Amounts of Voice Traffic Will Use VoIP Technology

"By 2007, over 60 percent of long-distance traffic will travel over IP networks, a large number of businesses will adopt IP private branch exchanges (PBXs), VoIP VPNs, or hosted IP telephony solutions, and an increasing number of cable, digital subscriber line (DSL), and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) customers will use broadband VoIP services," says the analyst.

Although total revenue from the basic voice services is expected to decline owing to the adoption of cost-effective packet technologies, additional revenue is likely to be generated by advanced converged services.

Frost & Sullivan Growth Partnership Service

Based on extensive and in-depth research, real-world consulting work, and new theories tested in hundreds of companies across many industries, Frost & Sullivan has evolved its Growth Partnership Services (GPS) program that provides established and emerging firms with powerful growth visions. Moving beyond token mission statements, GPS provides an actionable vision to growth consulting partners by illustrating how key intelligence and strategic research based on defined goals can guide day-to-day behavior and overall company direction. The foundation of Frost & Sullivan's GPS includes:

  • Assisting companies to reach their full potential in the core business
  • Providing growth strategies to help companies expand into related businesses
  • Preemptively redefining the core business during market turbulence
  • Applying the Frost & Sullivan framework to identify and address common mistakes resulting from misaligned corporate strategies
  • Recommending growth management strategies through continuous partnership

To maximize the potential for growth within a firm's internal and external environment, Frost & Sullivan consultants can facilitate the creation of strategic programs that deliver improved market success. Frost & Sullivan's strengths lie in combining strategic understanding with market expertise and applying these with absolute commitment to its clients' growth.

   Benefits of this Service

Comprehensive Analysis of Various VoIP Deployments Enables Service Providers to Adequately Evaluate Market Opportunities

Service providers are deploying VoIP in local and long-distance networks for the delivery of wholesale carrier services, long-distance retail services, and local business and residential services. The study explores the growth and revenue opportunities in each market segment.

In-depth Competitive Landscape Analysis Helps Participants Evaluate their Market Positioning

The VoIP services market is becoming increasingly diversified and competitive as both multiple next-generation and traditional providers introduce advanced, converged services. Detailed SWOT analyses of several major market participants and service provider groups enable participants to evaluate their current market positioning and develop strategies for future growth.

Overview of Current and Future Market Drivers, Restraints, and Trends to Help Develop New Business Strategies

The evolving VoIP services market poses a variety of opportunities and threats to market participants. A detailed discussion of the factors that positively and negatively impact the market can serve as a basis for the development of successful strategies and sustainable business models.

Strategic Recommendations to Help Companies Improve Business Models and Market Positioning

The study provides specific strategic recommendations to each of several service provider groups with similar characteristics. These recommendations, combined with the detailed analysis of the marketplace, can be used for various strategic purposes - new product development, product pricing and positioning, target customer groups identification, or marketing strategy development.

Leveraging Knowledge Base to Analyze Specific Market Segments in Context of Broader Market Developments

Frost & Sullivan continuously monitors and analyzes business and consumers as well as voice and data services markets. This study leverages large amounts of internal Frost & Sullivan knowledge and skills in all telecommunications markets in identifying the specific trends and growth opportunities in the VoIP services market.

   Market Sectors

Expert Frost & Sullivan analysts thoroughly examine the following market sectors in this research:

  • Wholesale VoIP Services
  • Long Distance Network Migration to VoIP
  • Hosted IP Telephony Services (Centrex IP, IP Centrex)
  • Integrated Access Services
  • VoIP VPN Services
  • Residential Broadband Telephony
  • PC Calling and Closed User Groups
  • VoIP Calling Cards

The following technologies are covered in this research:

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP): Delivery of voice services over an IP (data) network.
  • Centrex IP: Delivery of hosted (carrier-managed) business voice services through deployment of a VoIP-enabled Class 5 switch.
  • IP Centrex: Delivery of hosted (carrier-managed) business voice services through deployment of a softswitch and an application server.
  • VoIP Virtual Private Networks (VPN): Delivery of intra-company voice services over the company's virtual private data network.
  • PC Calling: The elementary phone calls over a computer (PC or laptop).
  • Broadband Telephony: Delivery of voice communications over a traditional telephone or an IP phone and a cable, DSL, or fiber broadband connection.
   Analyst Presentation

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  Table Of Contents

North American VoIP Services Market

1. State of the Market and Summary of Findings
      1. Market Highlights
      2. Notable Recent Events and Developments
      3. Market and Technology Trends
      4. Overview of the Wholesale VoIP Services Market
      5. Overview of the Retail VoIP Services Market

2. Market Challenges
      1. Industry Challenges
      2. Regulatory Issues

3. Market Size and Growth Potential
      1. Market Drivers
      2. Market Restraints
      3. Toll Bypass
           a. Wholesale VoIP Services
           b. Long-Distance Network Migration to VoIP
      4. Business VoIP Services
           a. Hosted IP Telephony
           b. Integrated Access Services
           c. VoIP VPN Services
      5. Consumer VoIP Services
           a. Residential Broadband Telephony
           b. PC Calling and Closed User Groups
           c. VoIP Calling Cards

4. Competitive Landscape Analysis
      1. Service Provider Profiles and SWOT Analyses
      2. Success Factors
      3. Service Provider Success Prospects
      4. Market Leadership Awards

5. Success Strategies
      1. Strategies fro Wholesale Providers
      2. Strategies fro RBOCs and Other LECs
      3. Strategies for IXCs
      4. Strategies for Next-Generation Service Providers
      5. Strategies for Cable MSOs

   List of Figures
  • Industry Challenges Ranked in Order of Impact (North America), 2003-2009
  • Market Drivers Ranked in Order of Impact (North America), 2003-2009
  • Market Restraints Ranked in Order of Impact (North America), 2003-2009
  • ITXC/ Teleglobe SWOT Analysis
  • iBasis SWOT Analysis
  • Global Crossing SWOT Analysis
  • Level3 Communications SWOT Analysis
  • Verizon Communications SWOT Analysis
  • SBC Communications SWOT Analysis
  • BellSouth Corporation/ Qwest Communications International SWOT Analysis
  • Bell Canada/ Telus Corporation SWOT Analysis
  • AT&T Corp. SWOT Analysis
  • MCI Communications Corporation SWOT Analysis
  • Sprint Corporation SWOT Analysis
  • Net2Phone SWOT Analysis
  • Vonage SWOT Analysis
  • Cbeyond Communications SWOT Analysis
  • IP Centrex Service Providers SWOT Analysis
  • Cable MSOs SWOT Analysis
  • Service Provider Groups Rated by Success Factors
  • Service Provider Market Positioning
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