Frost & Sullivan Research Service   Published: 31 Dec 2005
Advanced Nanocomposites (Technical Insights)
   Research Overview

Not Since the Discovery of the Silicon Chip has There Been This Much Excitement in the Field of Physics and Material Sciences

Innumerable universities have established nanocenters with many receiving industrial funding/sponsorship with a large number of these spawning nanomaterial related entrepreneurial businesses spun out as the fruits of academic research. Private industry and governments around the world are investing billions of dollars. This Frost & Sullivan Technical Insights’ recent research is a comprehensive effort to understand, analyze, and present the current state of development in advanced nanocomposites. The study encompasses technology applications, technical adoption, and market assessment factors. 

Much Activity in the Area of Nanotechnology has Taken Place at the Research Level at Universities and Research Centers Around the World as Scientists and Research Teams Investigated the Materials, Properties, and Processes Related to the World of Plastic Nanocomposites. 

Many academic/corporate alliances have furthered plastic nanocomposite commercialization. Hybrid Plastics Inc. is developing POSS materials for space based radiation shielding; Atomistix A.S. has created unique software simulation for nanomaterials and devices; Nanocor, as part of its broad range of global alliances, for example, is working with Mitsubishi Gas Chemical on improved nanoclay plastic bottle barriers; Nanocyl SA is a global leader in CNT enhanced conductive nanocomposite polymers; and NanoMaterials Ltd. has pioneered the emerging field of inorganic nanotubes.  

Emerging, Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends Cut Across All Plastic Industry Segments

Frost & Sullivan’s Technical Insights’ “Advanced Nanocomposites” is the sixth in a series of Research Services covering technically specialized aspects of the global plastics industry following Advanced Injection Molding Technologies (D385; 100+ advanced process technology analyses), Conductive Polymers (D390; 105+ R&D trends), Bioplastics (D380; 80+ emerging material and application reviews), Plastics Medical Devices (D383; 115+ advanced plastics medical device trends) and Plastics Manufacturing Cells (D371; 75+ global primary robotic, and auxiliary equipment companies). 

Successive Research Services will focus on emerging, cutting edge technologies and trends in conductive polymers, advanced injection molding, and nanocomposites.  Additionally, Frost & Sullivan has completed initial Research Services in the key related plastic industry areas of (1) plastics processing technology (D287; 150+ global plastic equipment trends), (2) plastics materials (D293; 125+ global plastics material trends), (3) plastics manufacturing (D325; 90+ global trend setting plastics manufacturers), (4) plastics design (D314; 110+ global design oriented plastics trends and companies), (5) advanced plastics applications (D316; 110+ emerging global plastics applications), and (6) plastics recycling technologies (D334; 75+ global plastics recycling technologies and legislative/market drivers).

   Benefits of this Service

Get all the information you needed about Advancements in Advanced Nanocomposites
Technical Insights defines key markets and applications and reports on technology drivers as well as obstacles in the way of commercial success.

Learn about the technologies that are rapidly making its way towards the market
Our research identifies key technologies in selected sectors that are moving into the commercial space. These are the technologies that are on the brink of commercialization or are already in the market.

Learn about competing technologies
Find out how the competing technologies that currently exist are doing in the market and how they fare against new and upcoming technologies.

Find out about intellectual property
Learn about the intellectual property that is being patented. This gives you an idea about where this technology is heading and gives a fair idea about its road to commercialization.

Discover what research is happening and where
Learn about what research is happening and where it is taking place and how far is it away from the market. Learn how this research will affect current products and technologies. Also learn about the key developments that are taking place in the industry segments identified in this research service.

  Table Of Contents

1. Executive Summary
   1. Overview
      1. Overview
      2. Global Technology Highlights (North America; Europe; Asia)
   2. Scope and Methodology
      1. Scope
      2. Methodology

2. Nanocomposites Introduction (North America; Europe; Asia)
   1. Nanocomposites
      1. Plastic’s New Frontier
      2. The Old Rules Don’t Apply (New Material Capabilities Envisioned)
      3. Advanced Microscope Development
      4. Alchemy Redefined
      5. Carbon Nanomaterial Discovered
   2. Nanocomposite Market
      1. Nanocomposite Market Growth and Research Commitment
      2. Nanocomposite Types
      3. Nanocomposite Applications
   3. Plastics Future Focus
      1. The Nanocomposites Future is Now
      2. Nanocomposite--Learning from the Natural Nanoworld
      3. Big Ideas from Thinking Very Very Small

3. Nanocomposites Technology and Applications Viewpoint (North America; Europe; Asia)
   1. Nanocomposites and Plastics Industry Applications
      1. Impact of Nanocomposites on the Plastics Industry
      2. Leading Edge Plastic Nanocomposite Enduses
   2. Automotive and Nanocomposites
      1. The Automotive Industry Leads the ‘Nano Revolution’
      2. General Motors Nanocomposite Applications Development
      3. Innovative Nanoparticle Automotive Paint
      4. Volkswagen’s Multinanomaterial Futuristic Focus
   3. Packaging and Nanocomposites
      1. Nanocomposite Packaging Innovations
      2. Nanocomposites--Newer Barrier Bottle Options
      3. Nanoclay Enhanced Bottle Barrier Layer
      4. Nanocomposite Barrier Layer with Oxygen Scavenger
      5. Novel Barrier-Enhanced Beer Bottle PET
      6. Monolayer Approach to Barrier Packaging
      7. High-Barrier Nanocomposite Substitute for Metallized PET Film
      8. Advanced Meals Ready-To-Eat Packaging
   4. Industrial and Nanocomposites
      1. Hybrid Plastics to Develop Radiation Shielding
      2. Nanoclay-Based Heat Resistant Gas Barrier Film
      3. Transparent Nano-Strengthened Armor
   5. Nanofibers and Nanocomposites
      1.  Electrospinning Nanofibers
      2. Electrospinning Hollow NanoFibers
      3. Electrospinning Conjugated Polymer Nanofibers
      4. Nanofiber-Based Cell Culture Platform
      5. Nano-Enhanced Air Filtration Systems
      6. Super Fibers

4. Nanocomposite Materials Technology Adoption (North America; Europe; Asia)
   1. Nanocomposite Developments
      1. Nanoscale Technologies
      2. Nanocomposite Additives
   2. Nanoclays
      1. Introduction
      2. Nanoclay Processes and Properties
      3. New Nanoclay Compatibilizers
   3. Carbon Nanotubes
      1. Introduction
      2. Bulk Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Production
      3. Unique Double Wall Carbon Nanotubes
      4. Commercial Scale CNT Production
      5. High-Quality Cost-Effective MWNT Developed
      6. Functionalized CNT
   4. Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes (POSS)
      1. POSS Hybrid Nanocomposite
      2. POSS History
      3. POSS Property Enhancement
      4. POSS Applications and Application Development
   5. Other Nanocomposite Additives
      1. Emerging Inorganic Nanotubes
      2. New Barium Sulfate Plastic Resin Nanofiller
      3. Nano-Silica Nucleating Agent
   6. Nanotechnology in Engineered Plastics
      1. POSS Hybrid Inorganic-Organic Masterbatch
      2. New Possibilities with Nano-Enhanced CBT Resin
   7. Nanotechnology in Conductive Plastics
      1. Nanotechnology Tailored Conductive Plastics
      2. Conductive Nanocomposite Polymers
      3. Carbon Nanotube--Thermoplastic Predispersions
      4. Aurum CNT Polyimide/Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposite
   8. Self-Assembled Nanocomposite Conductive polymers
      1. Stretchable Conductive Metal Rubber
      2. Self-Assembled Regioregular Conductive Polymers
   9. Nanotech Coatings
      1. Abrasion-Resistant Nanocomposite Coatings
      2. Antifogging Nanolayer Coating
      3. Nanotech Plastic to Aluminum Bonding
   10. Biomimetric Nanocomposite Developments
      1. The Application of Biomimetics
      2. Nacre Nanocomposite
      3. Nanotube-PMMA Dry Super Adhesive
   11. Nanomaterial Development Tools
      1. Nanotool Overview
      2. World’s Highest Resolution Commercial S/TEM Microscope
      3. Building from the Bottom Up
      4. Atomistix’s Virtual NanoLab

5. Nanocomposites Technology and Market Assessment (North America; Europe; Asia)
   1. Advances in Nanocomposites Plastics
      1. Academic Research Advances
      2. Advanced Nanocomposites Business Dynamics
   2. Innovative Industry and Academic Nanomaterial Research Collaborations
      1. Boeing Ford Northwestern Research Alliance
      2. Dupont-MIT Alliance
      3. Key Plastic Nanocomposite Players
   3. Specialty Nanomaterial Strategies
      1. Zyvex Corporation; Visionary Nanoleader
      2. Hyperion Catalysis International Inc.; Carbon Nanotube Pioneer
      3. Carbon Nanotechnologies Inc.; Intellectual Property Leader
   4. High Tech Applications Technology Strategies
      1. Donaldson Company Inc.; High-Tech Filtration Systems Developer
      2. Triton Systems; Nanocomposites Technology Incubator
      3. Hydration Technologies Inc.; Water Purification Product Developer

6. Frost & Sullivan 2005 Science and Technology Awards
   1. Technology Innovation Award (North America)
      1. Award Description
      2. Award Recipient
   2. Technology Leadership Award (North America)
      1. Award Description
      2. Award Recipient
   3. Excellence in Technology Award (Asia; North America)
      1. Award Description
      2. Award Recipient

7. Plastics Company Sourceguide; Plastics Resources; Glossary; and Environmental Review
   1. Nanocomposites Glossary
      1. Nanocomposites Glossary-I
      2. Nanocomposites Glossary-II
      3. Nanocomposites Webwatch Directory
   2. Nanotech Environmental Review
      1. Health and Safety Issues with Nanocomposites
      2. Government Support of Research into Nanomaterial Health; Safety/Environmental Issues
      3.  World’s First Online Database Related to Risks Benefits of Nanotechnology
   3. Plastics Company Sourceguide (North America; Europe; Asia)
      1. Plastics Company Sourceguide (North America; Europe; Asia)
      2. Additional Plastics Resources

8. Critical Reference Tables
   1. Decision Support Database
      1. Car Production
      2. Bus Production
      3. Heavy Truck Production

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