Frost & Sullivan Research Service   Published: 30 May 2007
U.S. Coronary Stents Markets
   Research Overview

This Frost & Sullivan research service titled U.S. Coronary Stent Market provides an overview of the trends and technologies that have shaped market revenues, market share, and implantation rates in the individual segments of the market. In this research, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine the drug eluting and bare metal stents markets along with coronary care trends in the U.S.

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   Market Sectors

Expert Frost & Sullivan analysts thoroughly examine the following market sectors in this research:

  • Drug eluting stents
  • Bioadsorbable stents
   Market Overview

Rising Obesity Rates Drive the U.S. Coronary Stent Market

Sky rocketing obesity rates in certain segments of the population is heightening the demand for efficient percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). High patient volumes are increasing the clinical preference for simple outpatient PCI procedures over more complicated open heart procedures. Specifically, the two segments of the population that are of most interest are children, and families whose annual earnings would classify them at or bellow the lower middle class. "There is an increasing concentration of obese individuals in poorer areas," states the analyst of the study. "Economists point to the relatively cheap price of high calorie high fat foods, and the high cost of diets composed of whole grains, fish, fresh vegetables, and fruit."

Results from a national survey on childhood obesity show that over 17 percent of adolescent aged from 2 to 19 years are overweight. Obesity at such a young age accelerates the onset of type II diabetes due to which the risks of a major cardiovascular event are amplified. The majority of healthcare facilities in these areas are already overburdened. With the surge in patient demand, it is important to perform procedures that require shorter times, are cost effective, and require the least hospital stay. PCI procedures are routine, involve minimal scarring, have quick recovery times, and therefore will be the predominant therapy of choice in revascularization in the near and long term market future.

Drug Eluting Stents Drive Technological Advances in this Market

Due to the high level of technological sophistication, the barriers to entry in the cardiac rhythm management (CRM) industry are highly restrictive. While stent technologies involve an infinite level of complexities, the market is easier for companies seeking market entry. Although only introduced in 2003, drug eluting stents reshaped the entire cardiovascular industry within a few years. It made bypass procedures and their technologies nearly outmoded. By 2005, nearly 90 percent of all stents being implanted were drug eluting devices over bare metal stents. Within a short period of time a company like Boston Scientific transformed from a maverick mid-sized device firm to a head lining industry player.

It is only fitting that drug eluting stents be one of the first blockbuster medical devices technologies to approach the massive revenues generated by big pharmaceuticals’ flagship products. With their hybrid pharamacologic coatings and intricate wire mesh design, they are an elaborate fusion of high-level polymer technologies and specialized device design. "The launch of any novel therapy undergoes a hype cycle where there is a great deal of interest from market innovators, then a rise of backlash from specialists who prefer the more common methods, and ultimately reconciliation of the two viewpoints," says the analyst. "Given its unrivaled growth in the medical device industry, the market has taken a step back to reevaluate their initial unbridled enthusiasm for the technologies."

  Table Of Contents

1. Executive Summary
        1. Executive Summary
                  1. Executive Summary
2. Total U.S. Coronary Stent Market
        1. Market Overview
                  1. Overview
                  2. Scope and Segmentation
        2. Challenges and Strategies
                  1. Industry Challenges
                  2. Strategies
        3. Market Forecasts and Analysis
                  1. Market Engineering Measurements
                  2. Market Drivers
                  a. Accelerated Obesity Rates in Certain Population Segments Heightens Demand for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI)
                  b. Improved Clinical Efficiency Shifts Market Demand for Minimally Invasive Catheter-based Surgery
                  c. Imaging Developments Improve Accuracy of Implantation and Surgical Procedure, Boosting Confidence in Approval of Therapy
                  d. The Next Generation of Hybrid Devices could Expand Device Applicability and Treatment
                  3. Market Restraints
                  a. Market Saturation Combined with New Market entrants leads to Price Erosion
                  b. Negative Press on the Stent Market Have Tempered Usage of Drug Eluting Stents
                  c. High Cost of Treating Cardiovascular Disease leads to more Economics Based Decision Making on the Part of Providers
                  4. Total Revenue Forecasts
                  5. Implant Forecasts
                  6. Procedure Forecasts
        4. Competitive Analysis
                  1. Competitive Structure
                  2. Competitive Factors
                  3. Distribution Structure
                  4. Key End-user Group
                  5. Market Share Analysis
                  6. Competitive Strength
        5. Technology and Market Trends
                  1. Emerging Technologies
                  2. Mergers and Acquisitions
                  3. Timeline for Expected Product Launches
                  4. Historical Timeline for Coronary Treatment
3. Drug Eluting Stent Market
        1. Market Forecasts and Analysis
                  1. Market Engineering Measurements
                  2. Revenue Forecasts
                  3. Procedure Forecasts
                  4. Pricing Trend
                  5. Market Share
                  6. Product Profiles
4. Bare Metal Stent Market
        1. Market Forecast and Analysis
                  1. Market Engineering Measurements
                  2. Revenue Forecasts
                  3. Procedure Forecasts
                  4. Market Share
5. Coronary Care in United States
        1. Updated Coronary Treatment Information for 2007
                  1. National Cardiovascular Disease Estimates
                  2. Risk Factors for Coronary Disease
                  3. Xience Spirit Trial Results
                  4. CoStar Stent Not to be Launched in U.S.
                  5. Impact of COURAGE Trial on Industry
                  6. Mayo Clinic Study on DES versus BMS selection
                  7. FDA Panel Recommendations on Stenting
                  8. Hospitals Continue Trend to Out-patient Care
                  9. Hospital Discharge Information

   List of Figures

Chapter 2

  • Coronary Stent Market: Major Challenge and Corresponding Strategic Recommendations (U.S.), 2007-2013
  • Coronary Stent Market: Market Drivers Ranked in Order of Impact (U.S.), 2007-2013
  • Coronary Stent Market: Market Restraints Ranked in Order of Impact (U.S.), 2007-2013
  • Coronary Stent Market: Revenue Forecasts (U.S.), 2003-2013
  • Coronary Stent Market: Implant Forecasts (U.S.), 2003-2013
  • Coronary Stent Market: Stenting Procedure Forecasts (U.S.), 2003-2013
  • Coronary Stent Market: Competitive Structure (U.S.), 2006
  • Coronary Stent Market: Market Share Trends of Major Market Participants (U.S.), 2006

Chapter 3

  • Drug Eluting Stent Market: Revenue Forecasts (U.S.), 2003-2013
  • Drug Eluting Stent Market: Implant Forecasts (U.S.), 2003-2013
  • Drug Eluting Stent Market: Market Share Trends of Major Market Participants (U.S.), 2006
  • Drug Eluting Stent Market: Device Profile (U.S.), 2006

Chapter 4

  • Bare Metal Stent Market: Revenue Forecasts (U.S.), 2003-2013
  • Bare Metal Stent Market: Implant Forecasts (U.S.), 2003-2013
  • Bare Metal Stent Market: Market Share Trends of Major Market Participants (U.S.), 2006
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