Frost & Sullivan Research Service   Published: 5 Nov 2008
U.S. PET and PET-CT Imaging Equipment Markets
   Research Overview

This Frost & Sullivan research service titled U.S. PET and PET-CT Imaging Equipment Markets provides an overview of the competitive structure, market share analysis, and revenues in the stand-alone positron emission tomography (PET) and PET-computed tomography (CT) scanner markets along with a complete analysis of key market drivers, restraints, and trends that are impacting the molecular medicine industry.

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Market Overview

U.S. PET and PET-CT Imaging Equipment Markets Rebound with Introduction of Novel Radiopharmaceutical Agents and Expanded FDG Coverage

The PET and PET-CT markets witnessed a significant drop in revenues and unit shipment during 2006-2007, recoiling from the impact of the Deficit Reduction Act (DRA). However, the markets recovered in 2008, stabilizing and registering a modest single digit growth rate. The market is technology-driven with add-on concepts continuing to determine the success quotient. Time-of-flight imaging has emerged ahead of the pack as the future of next generation imaging. Add-on technologies will drive increased uptake and procedure volume of PET-CT. The expansion of PET-CT into radiation treatment planning and therapeutic validation will trigger the sales of new equipment. "Technology is ready for futuristic healthcare; radiopharmaceuticals, however, continues to mature with little innovation seen in the industry," notes the analyst of this research service. "Significant growth is expected, nonetheless, with investments flooding into this area as radiotherapeutics and neurological diagnostic agents generate more buzz."

PET-CT has gained traction in the radiotherapy planning market and played a significant role in validating the effectiveness of radiotherapy treatment. It has proven immensely useful in a variety of channels encompassing breast cancer staging/management, and myocardial viability tests. Novel radiopharmaceutical agents developed for these emerging segments will drive PET-CT penetration in non-oncolologic applications and pave the way for additional revenue channels for both imaging providers and manufacturers. Apart from these factors, the expected expansion of Fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) coverage into all oncologic indications will help the PET-CT market grow at a higher-than-expected growth. In spite of the launch of innovative technologies, regulatory hurdles and an inefficient approval process have remained major roadblocks for the implementation of new radiopharmaceuticals.

Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness Enable Deeper Penetration of PET and PET-CT

PET-CT can address growing public concern over the rising costs of healthcare. "Novel solid-state materials and other enabling technologies will act as springboards for delivering superior oncology imaging techniques," says the analyst. "Rapid innovation in two key market segments, radiotherapy planning and PET-magnetic resonance (MR) will enable physicians to deliver personalized medicine with greater efficiency and effectiveness than previously possible, leading to significant improvements in patient management and overall patient outcomes." Further, PET-CT continues to augment radiotherapy planning, particularly in validating therapy effectiveness in both existing and novel radiotherapy methods. As a result, physicians are now able to demonstrate and/or improve the cost-effectiveness of radiotherapy, ultimately resulting in a more efficient healthcare system.

As the technology gains widespread acceptance, PET-CT manufacturers must undertake total cost of ownership studies with early adopters, demonstrating the utility and cost-effectiveness of the technology. Manufacturers can utilize this data to proactively market productivity gains and cost savings to ensure that upgrade rates from stand-alone PET to PET-CT multiply. By 2010, positron emission mammography (PEM) and cardiac PET will entirely replace general-purpose stand-alone systems, ensuring positive growth in 2011.

Market Sectors

Expert Frost & Sullivan analysts thoroughly examine the following market sectors in this research:

  • PET and PET-CT
  • FDG
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals


The following technologies are covered in this research:

  • Stand-alone PET scanner
  • Fixed PET-CT scanner
  • Mobile PET-CT scanner
  • FDG
  • Diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals (cardiology, neurology, oncology)
  • Radiotherapeutics
  • Alphaimmunotherapy

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  Table Of Contents
   Executive Summary
      1. Executive Summary

   Market Overview
      1. Introduction
      2. Scope and Segmentation
      3. Research Methodology
      4. Base Market Assumptions
      5. Forecast Methodology
      6. Restraints in Forecast

  Market Dynamics
      1. Measurements
      2. Industry Challenges
      3. Strategic Recommendations
      4. Market Drivers
      5. Market Restraints
      6. Revenue Forecasts

  Demand Analysis and Procedure Forecasts
      1. Unit Shipment Forecasts
      2. Installed Base Forecasts
      3. Procedure Volume Forecasts

   Stand-alone PET Forecasts
      1. Overview
      2. Revenue Forecasts
      3. Unit Shipment Forecasts
      4. Pricing Trends
      5. Installed Base Forecasts

   PET-CT Forecasts
      1. Market Overview
      2. Revenue Forecasts
      3. Unit Shipment Forecasts
      4. Pricing Trends
      5. Installed Base Forecasts

  PET-CT Competitive Analysis
      1. Competitive Structure
      2. Market Share Analysis
      3. Product Analysis

   Decision Support Database
      1. Number of Hospitals
      2. Total Healthcare Expenditure
      3. Breast Cancer Incidence
      4. Lung Cancer Incidence
      5. Global Incidence Rate of Myocardial Infarction

   List of Figures

Chapter 2

  • Total PET and PET-CT Markets: Impact of Top Three Industry Challenges (U.S.), 2008-2014
  • Total PET and PET-CT Markets: Strategic Recommendations (U.S.), 2008-2014
  • Total PET and PET-CT Markets: Market Drivers Ranked in Order of Impact (U.S.), 2008-2014
  • Total PET and PET-CT Markets: Market Restraints Ranked in Order of Impact (U.S.), 2008-2014
  • Total PET and PET-CT Markets: Revenue Forecasts (U.S.), 2004-2014
  • Total PET and PET-CT Markets: Revenues by Product Segment (U.S.), 2004-2014
  • Total PET and PET-CT Markets: Percent of Revenues by Product Segment (U.S.), 2004-2014
  • Total PET and PET-CT Markets: Revenues by Camera Mobility (U.S.), 2004-2014
  • Total PET and PET-CT Markets: Percent of Revenues by Camera Mobility (U.S.), 2004-2014
  • Total PET and PET-CT Markets: Unit Shipment Forecasts (U.S.), 2004-2014
  • Total PET and PET-CT Markets: Unit Shipment by Purchase Type (U.S.), 2004-2014
  • Total PET and PET-CT Markets: Installed Base Forecasts (U.S.), 2004-2014
  • Total PET and PET-CT Markets: Installed Base by Product Segment (U.S.), 2004-2014
  • Total PET and PET-CT Markets: Percentage of Installed Base by Product Segment (U.S.), 2004-2014
  • Total PET and PET-CT Markets: Procedure Volume Forecasts (U.S.), 2004-2014
  • Total FDG Market: Reimbursement Approvals Related to PET (U.S.), 2007

Chapter 3

  • Stand-alone PET Market: Revenue Forecasts (U.S.), 2004-2014
  • Stand-alone PET Market: Unit Shipment Forecasts (U.S.), 2004-2014
  • Stand-alone PET Market: Pricing Trend Forecasts (U.S.), 2004-2014
  • Stand-alone PET Market: Installed Base Forecasts (U.S.), 2004-2014

Chapter 4

  • PET-CT Market: Revenue Forecasts (U.S.), 2004-2014
  • PET-CT Market: Unit Shipment Forecasts (U.S.), 2004-2014
  • PET-CT Market: Pricing Trend Forecasts (U.S.), 2004-2014
  • PET-CT Market: Installed Base Forecasts (U.S.), 2004-2014
  • PET-CT Market: Competitive Structure (U.S.), 2007
  • Total Nuclear Medicine Equipment Market: Market Share Trends of Major Market Participants (North America), 2003-2007
  • PET-CT Market: Product Analysis – Existing Products (U.S.), 2007
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