Frost & Sullivan Research Service   Published: 14 Jun 2010
World Lecture Capture Solutions Markets
   Research Overview

This Frost & Sullivan research service titled World Lecture Capture Solutions Markets provides key market drivers, restraints, challenges, strategic recommendations, as well as market and technology trends. Pricing trends, competitive structure and product analysis are also evaluated. The lecture capture solutions market is divided into two categories based on the elected deployment model, namely on-premise and software as service (SaaS). In this research, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine the following: desktop or cloud-based tools, classroom-based software, and appliance-based solutions.

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Market Overview

Expanding Lecture Capture Solutions Market Advances Next Generation Education

Lecture capture solutions have taken the educational experience to the next level by incorporating rich media into the learning environment more effectively than ever before. The rapidly growing market has witnessed solid growth across all global markets, widening existing footprints and gaining new institutional clients. Highly accessible lecture capture solutions provide institutions the ability to extend existing audience reach as lecture capture can enhance learning environments, as well as boost distance learning initiatives. Educators have realized the benefits of lecture capture, noting higher overall scores. "The ability to review, pause, and refresh themselves on course work boosted overall sentiment towards courses utilizing lecture capture," notes the analyst of this research service. "Students’ response indicates that they not only prefer courses backed by captured content, but also felt more engaged and noted higher retention of content."

Student questionnaires, polls, and exit surveys also reveal that students prefer courses that utilize lecture capture solutions. When offered a course that provides captured content and a blended learning environment to one that offers a traditional classroom with only lectures, students select courses classes that provide lecture capture. Institutions realize that providing on-demand viewable lectures boosts the likelihood for a student to select a particular course.

Although the benefits of lecture capture solutions can be witnessed by both faculty as well as students, the obstacle of proving tangible ROI prolongs institutional buying decisions. Though substantial, the value proposition remains ambiguous to many institutions. Justification for technology can be achieved through small school or departmental buy-ins, backed by benchmarking initiatives. Recent economic circumstances have curtailed the growth of lecture capture solutions during 2008 and 2009; however, the market is anticipated to gain steam after constrained educational IT budgets are re-evaluated. Though higher educational budgets have experienced setbacks, they have been to a lesser extent than their enterprise counterparts. Recognizing economic challenges, vendors are adapting current pricing models, offering flexible contract options, and providing hosted or cloud-based deployment options. In the coming months, economic stability will boost revenues for the lecture capture solutions market. Growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 20.0 percent, the market will demonstrate healthy gains in worldwide sales as well as stable growth in North America and Latin America (NALA).

To push business prospects forward, vendors must seriously consider introducing service-oriented architecture (SOA). SOA enables the integration of various technology components through the integration of functions required for a particular workflow process. This flexible service model allows greater flexibility in deployments, providing next generation lecture capture solutions, which will more easily integrate with technology including learning management solutions (LMS) and collaborative tools and applications. Furthermore, it will allow vendors to shift existing on-premise clients to hosted models, offering flexible month to month pricing. Benchmarking and institutional feedback surrounding the deployment of lecture capture solutions must be made available to potential customers. Supporting institution side research as well as private research initiatives will boost the credibility to the lecture capture solutions market. "Presenting solid analysis to key decision makers allows prospective institutions to make informed decisions," suggests the analyst. "As a result, a successful deployment can be realized, whether a departmental or campus-wide initiative."

Market Sectors

Expert Frost & Sullivan analysts thoroughly examine the following market sectors in this research:

  • Desktop or cloud-based tools
  • Classroom-based software
  • Appliance-based solutions

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  Table Of Contents
   Market Overview
      1. Introduction
      2. Competitive Landscape

  Research Findings
      1. Opportunities and Forecasts
      2. Conclusions

   Overview and Definitions
      1. An Introduction to the World Lecture Capture Solutions Market
      2. Market Evolution
      3. Measurement Analysis

  Analysis of Market Drivers and Restraints
      1. Factors Driving Market Growth
      2. Restraints to Market Growth

  Market Forecasts and Trend Analysis
      1. Revenue Forecasts for the World Lecture Capture Solutions Market
      2. Global Demand Analysis
      3. Market and Technology Trends
      4. Pricing Trends

  Competitive Analysis and Growth Strategies
      1. Competitive Structure Analysis
      2. Market Share Analysis
      3. Frost & Sullivan Hot Company Watchlist
      4. Product Analysis
      5. A Final Note

   List of Figures

Chapter 2

  • Lecture Capture Solutions Market: Market Drivers Ranked in Order of Impact (World), 2010-2016
  • Lecture Capture Solutions Market: Market Restraints Ranked in Order of Impact (World), 2010-2016
  • Lecture Capture Solutions Market: Revenue Forecasts (World), 2008-2016
  • Lecture Capture Solutions Market: SaaS Deployment Forecasts (World), 2009-2016
  • Lecture Capture Solutions Market: Revenue Forecasts by Geographic Region (World), 2009-2016
  • Lecture Capture Solutions Market: Competitive Structure (World), 2010
  • Lecture Capture Solutions Market: Market Share Trends of Major Market Participants (World), 2009
  • Lecture Capture Solutions Market: Product Analysis (World), 2010
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