World Hand Geometry Biometrics Markets
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Date Published: 5 Mar 2004
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Research Overview

Large Size of Hand Geometry Readers Limits Application Expansion

The large size of hand geometry readers restricts their use in certain applications and poses challenges in implementing the technology in applications that require small user interfaces. For instance, the PC/network security market that presents significant growth opportunities for biometric technologies might be difficult to penetrate for hand geometry solutions. This market is expected to be dominated by the relatively smaller and inexpensive finger-scan technology devices. In fact, finger-scan biometrics is a major competitor to the use of hand geometry technology in physical access and time and attendance applications, two of its key markets. Despite such obstacles, participants are expected to achieve strong growth by showcasing the efficiency of hand geometry technology in reducing ‘time fraud’. Heightened security concerns after 9/11 and the nonintrusive nature of hand geometry readers are also likely to assist them in their quest for higher market share.

This Frost & Sullivan research examines the world hand geometry market by geographic regions {North America; Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA); Asia Pacific; and Latin America} and application segments (physical access control; time and attendance; and others). The study provides rigorous analysis of each geographic region and application segment, seven-year revenue forecasts, and an overview of emerging market trends that will enable participants to assess the current and future growth prospects.

High Durability and Throughput – Strong Points of Hand Geometry Devices

"Hand geometry solutions are exceptionally robust, handle a large volume of transactions, and function accurately in harsh environments where other biometric technologies may not work," says the Program Manager of this research service. These devices have the ability to work under extreme temperatures ranging from negative 30 to 150 degree Fahrenheit and still provide reliable results for long periods. "This is exactly why hand geometry readers are installed outside physical premises and are extensively used for physical access control and time and attendance applications across the world despite their relatively higher implementation costs," explains the Program Manager.

Physical Access Control and Time and Attendance to Continue as Dominant Applications

Hand geometry solutions enable significant cost savings for customers by reducing ‘time fraud’ and ‘buddy punching’ while keeping track of employees’ work hours and maintenance of payroll systems. Such ways of reducing costs have assumed greater importance with government and corporate enterprises battling the ongoing economic downturn to remain competitive.

The distinct advantage of hand geometry technology is that its performance remains unaffected by soiled or dirty hands. This attribute is especially useful in foundries and construction sites where workers perform a fair degree of manual labor. These wide-ranging benefits are likely to encourage several verticals such as travel and transport, healthcare, financial services, universities, and utilities to step up the installation and upgradation of hand geometry identification solutions in the coming years.

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