Frost & Sullivan Research Service   Published: 27 Jun 2017
Indian Video Surveillance & VSaaS Market, 2017
  Table Of Contents
   Scope & Limitations
      1. Scope & Limitations

  India Economic Overview: Rising Need for Security & Monitoring
      1. Surge in economic activities could result in India overtaking major world economies; create urban infrastructure complexities and demand for facilities
      2. Video Surveillance (VS): Urgent need for monitoring and security due to surging economic activities, urbanization and recent modernization of residential and commercial infrastructure
      3. Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS): Bundled offering of surveillance and cloud management software, analytics, storage and related services offered on cloud at a monthly fee
      4. VS and VSaaS are at growth and development stages, respectively, offering tremendous opportunity for enterprises looking to enter the domain

  Market Brief: VS, VSaaS, and Storage Market
      1. VS: Currently, the market is dominated by analog solutions but trend is shifting toward IP technology
      2. Digital Solutions dominate: partnerships with vendors and system integrators essential for suppliers / system-providers to penetrate market
      3. Complex urban infrastructure mandates monitoring and surveillance especially in government, airports, industrial and commercial spaces
      4. VSaaS: Enterprises are outsourcing cloud solutions to contain costs and focus on core competencies, leaving technology components to service providers
      5. VSaaS: Adopted by Commercial realty, SMBs and residential; Surveillance of dispersed nodes, installation, managed services like storage and maintenance drives uptake
      6. Storage Trends: Retention period and storage are the dilemma
      7. VS Storage: Mandated retention of footage for a fixed timeframe to positively impact storage market growth. Rising data volumes will continue to drive market
      8. VS Storage: Benefits of using cloud based storage expected to be attractive for customers, resulting in increasing adoption of cloud solutions

  Market Brief: Competition Analysis
      1. The industry offers plenty of head room for all players
      2. Major players are increasing presence in IP camera market

  Mega Trends & their Impact
      1. Rising income levels, urbanization, infrastructure growth and need for security will continue to drive video surveillance demand
      2. Ensuring efficient monitoring and well-being of citizens will create huge demand for surveillance equipment, storage devices and analytical platforms
      3. Smart is closely linked to safety and hence every component of smart city shall require security management thus creating new opportunities for enterprises

  The Industry going Forward
      1. Products that address functionalities un-addressed today, advanced algorithms and automated surveillance to give an extra dimension to security surveillance
      2. Standardization, higher level of video analytics and wireless technology to dominate the industry
      3. Shift from analog to IP technologies, cloud solutions for storage and rise of VSaaS present new un-tapped opportunities for security solution providers
      4. Recommended business structure: Going ahead, VSaaS providers need to provide flexibility in deployment models
      5. Positioning strategy for Video Surveillance as Service providers

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