Frost & Sullivan Research Service   Published: 19 Sep 2017
Global Healthcare Service as Product Solutions, 2016
  Table Of Contents
   Executive Summary
      1. Executive Summary
      2. Product Solutions—Overview
      3. Shifting Care Delivery Focus from Treatment to Prevention
      4. The Current Scenario of Healthcare Spending
      5. Factors Shaping the Focus of Hospitals
      6. Evolution of New Models of Care Delivery
      7. Emergence of OEMs becoming Service Providers
      8. Service as a Product Solution—Segmentation
      9. B2B Clinical Care Service Examples—Selected Companies

  Patient Management Solutions
      1. The Need for Patient Management
      2. Segmentation of Patient Management Solutions
      3. Patient Management Solutions by Application
      4. Patient Management Solutions Mapping
      5. Patient Management Solutions Mapping—Examples
      6. The Future of Patient Management
      7. mHealth/Apps—Current Scenario
      8. Patient Engagement through Mobile Applications—Realities and Roadblock
      9. Insights from Frost & Sullivan’s Telehealth Services Survey
      10. Patient Management Solutions—Market Adoption Attractiveness
      11. Analysis of Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring Services
      12. Analysis of Long-term Follow Up Solutions
      13. Patient Management Solutions—Key Takeaways

  Patient Management Solutions—Key Company Profiles
      1. Medtronic—Patient Management Solutions
      2. Medtronic—Patient Management Solutions (continued)
      3. Medtronic—Patient Management Solutions (continued)
      4. Boston Scientific—Patient Management Solutions
      5. Abbott Laboratories—Patient Management Solutions
      6. LivaNova—SmartView Remote Monitoring System
      7. Philips Healthcare—Telehealth
      8. Philips Lumify—App-based Handheld Ultrasound Solution
      9. Stryker Performance Solutions—JointCOACH

  Patient Management Solutions—Other Company Profiles
      1. NeuroPace—Responsive Neurostimulation System (RNS)
      2. Masimo Corporation—Telehealth (Masimo Patient SafetyNet)
      3. Proteus Health—Proteus Discover
      4. Neurometrix—Quell
      5. Elekta—MOSAIQ Survivorship
      6. eviCore—Benefit Management Solutions
      7. MedSentry—Medication Adherence Monitoring System
      8. Laerdal—SimCenter (Training)
      9. NuVasive—Surgeon Education Program
      10. Syncera—Platform-based OR Efficiency
      11. Simulab—TraumaMan System
      12. OR Efficiencies—Sterile Processing Training and Education Assistance

  Performance Management Solutions
      1. Performance Management—A Trend that is to Stay and Redefine Healthcare
      2. Traditional vs. Performance Management-enabled Care Delivery—Comparative Ecosystem
      3. The Need for Performance Management Solutions—Changing Payment Models
      4. Market Attractiveness and Analyst Opinion—Performance Solutions

  Performance Management Solutions—Company Profiles
      1. Comparison of Efficiency Management Solution by Key OEMs
      2. Stryker Performance Solution—Episode Performance Manager
      3. Zimmer-Biomet—Signature Solutions
      4. Drager—Innovian Anesthesia
      5. STERIS Corporation—STERIS Professional Services

  Finance Management Solutions
      1. Reimbursement Redefined—Shift in Payment Models Driven by Payers and Government
      2. Emerging Business Model in Healthcare Space—Heat Map
      3. Key Trends Driving Medical Device Industry Business Model Shift
      4. Emerging Healthcare Business Models
      5. Role of ACOs
      6. Bundled Payments Example—Orthopedics Sector
      7. Examples of Select Companies and their New Business Models
      8. Examples of Select Companies and their New Business Models (continued)
      9. Examples of Select Companies and their New Business Models (continued)
      10. Public Private Partnership Models for Chronic Disease Management Initiative—Case Study

  Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
      1. Growth Opportunity 1—Bringing Solutions to the Market that Enhance the Value Proposition for Payers, Providers, and Patients
      2. Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth—Key Factors to Consider
      3. Key Takeaway
      4. Legal Disclaimer

      1. Legal Disclaimer

  The Frost & Sullivan Story
      1. The Frost & Sullivan Story
      2. Value Proposition—Future of Your Company & Career
      3. Global Perspective
      4. Industry Convergence
      5. 360º Research Perspective
      6. Implementation Excellence
      7. Our Blue Ocean Strategy