Frost & Sullivan Research Service   Published: 23 Feb 2018
APAC Mobile Biometric Identification and Authentication Market, Forecast to 2021
  Table Of Contents
   Executive Summary
      1. Key Findings

  Market Overview—Mobile Biometrics Market
      1. Mobile Biometrics—Market Definitions
      2. Mobile Biometrics—Why is it Important?
      3. Mobile Biometrics—Use in Asia-Pacific
      4. Mobile Biometrics—Development Stages
      5. Mobile Biometrics—Use Cases
      6. Key Questions this Study will Answer
      7. Mobile Biometrics—Market Trends
      8. Mobile Biometrics—Market Trends (continued)

  Enablers, Drivers, and Restraints—Mobile Biometrics Market
      1. Market Enablers
      2. Market Drivers
      3. Drivers Explained
      4. Drivers Explained (continued)
      5. Market Restraints
      6. Restraints Explained

  Key Market Participants and Service Offerings—Mobile Biometrics Market
      1. Mobile Biometrics—Competitive Landscape
      2. Mobile Biometrics—Service Offerings
      3. Mobile Biometrics—Key Vendors for Identification
      4. Mobile Biometrics—HID Global Corporation
      5. Mobile Biometrics—HID Global Corporation (continued)
      6. Mobile Biometrics—Iris Corporation Berhad
      7. Mobile Biometrics—Iris Corporation Berhad (continued)
      8. Mobile Biometrics—Tascent Inc.
      9. Mobile Biometrics—Tascent Inc. (continued)
      10. Mobile Biometrics—NEC Corporation
      11. Mobile Biometrics—NEC Corporation (continued)
      12. Mobile Biometrics—Idemia
      13. Mobile Biometrics—Idemia (continued)
      14. Mobile Biometrics—Key Vendors for Authentication
      15. Mobile Biometrics—Key Vendors for Authentication (continued)
      16. Mobile Biometrics—Fingerprints Card AB
      17. Mobile Biometrics—Fingerprints Card AB (continued)
      18. Mobile Biometrics—Nuance Communications Inc.
      19. Mobile Biometrics—Nuance Communications Inc. (continued)
      20. Mobile Biometrics—Synaptics Inc.
      21. Mobile Biometrics—Synaptics Inc. (continued)
      22. Mobile Biometrics—Samsung SDS
      23. Mobile Biometrics—Samsung SDS (continued)
      24. Mobile Biometrics—Egis Technology Inc.
      25. Mobile Biometrics—Egis Technology Inc. (continued)
      26. Mobile Biometrics—Suprema Inc.
      27. Mobile Biometrics—Suprema Inc. (continued)
      28. Mobile Biometrics—Fujitsu Ltd.
      29. Mobile Biometrics—Fujitsu Ltd. (continued)
      30. Mobile Biometrics—Cognitec Systems
      31. Mobile Biometrics—Cognitec Systems (continued)
      32. Mobile Biometrics—Precise Biometrics
      33. Mobile Biometrics—Precise Biometrics (continued)
      34. Mobile Biometrics—Gemalto N.V.
      35. Mobile Biometrics—Gemalto N.V. (continued)
      36. Mobile Biometrics—Business Models
      37. Mobile Biometrics—Case Studies of Disruptive Business Models
      38. Mobile Biometrics—Top 3 Mobile Biometrics Identification Participants
      39. Mobile Biometrics—Top 3 Mobile Biometrics Authentication Participants

  Practical Implementation Considerations—Mobile Biometrics Market
      1. Mobile Biometrics—Regulatory and Standards Updates
      2. Mobile Biometrics—Regulatory and Standards Updates (continued)
      3. Mobile Biometrics—Business Operational Implications
      4. Mobile Biometrics—Key Risks versus Opportunity Costs
      5. Mobile Biometrics—Future Trends and Sustainability
      6. Mobile Biometrics—Investment and Partnerships Considerations
      7. Mobile Biometrics—Changes in Industry Dynamics

  Upcoming Mobile Biometric Trends
      1. Mobile Biometrics—Workforce Management
      2. Mobile Biometrics—Mobile Passports

  Telco—Biometrics Adoption
      1. Biometric Solution Providers for Telcos
      2. Telcos—Adoption of Biometric Solutions
      3. Benefits and Impact—Telco Providers

  ID Fraud Risk to Biometric Identification
      1. Identity Fraud—An Overview
      2. Gaps with Mobile Identity Solutions and Associated Identity Fraud Risks
      3. Identity Fraud Prevention

  Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
      1. Multimodal Biometrics
      2. Digital Customer Onboarding
      3. Digital Identification
      4. 5 Major Growth Opportunities
      5. Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth

  The Last Word
      1. Conclusion
      2. Recommendations
      3. The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
      4. Legal Disclaimer

      1. List of Exhibits
      2. List of Exhibits (continued)
      3. Acronyms

  The Mobile Digital Services Program
      1. Mobile Digital Services Program—Overview and Deliverables
      2. Mobile Digital Services Program—2018 Research

  The Frost & Sullivan Story
      1. The Frost & Sullivan Story
      2. Value Proposition—Future of Your Company & Career
      3. Global Perspective
      4. Industry Convergence
      5. 360º Research Perspective
      6. Implementation Excellence
      7. Our Blue Ocean Strategy