Frost & Sullivan Research Service   Published: 6 Dec 2017
South African BPO Market, 2017
  Table Of Contents
   Executive Summary
      1. Key Findings
      2. Key Findings (continued)
      3. Key Findings (continued)

  Market Overview
      1. Research Scope
      2. Ecosystem
      3. Definitions
      4. Definitions (continued)

  Digital Transformation and Customer Care—A Global Perspective
      1. Key Trends Shaping Customer Experience Management
      2. Digital Transformation and Customer Care
      3. Digital Transformation and Customer Care (continued)
      4. Digital Transformation and Customer Care (continued)
      5. The Digital Connection
      6. Transformation of the Customer Experience at the Top
      7. New Business Models
      8. Innovations
      9. Top Predictions for the Contact Centre Systems Market

  Overview of the South African BPO Market
      1. South African Market Overview
      2. Digital Intelligence Landscape in South Africa
      3. Overview of the Offshore Services Value Chain
      4. BPO Market Overview
      5. BPO Market Overview (continued)
      6. Domestic Market Growth Rate
      7. Growth in the BPO Market
      8. BPO Market Overview
      9. South African Services Strengths Relative to Competitor Markets
      10. South Africa’s Attractiveness for BPO
      11. South Africa the ‘Go-to’ Destination for Offshore BPO
      12. Technology Used in South Africa
      13. New Business Model—From Omni-channel to Automation

  Change in the BPO Ecosystem
      1. Value to Consumers
      2. The Client—A New Era of BPO Value Creation
      3. The Digitally Armed Consumer
      4. Millennials—Consumers of the Future
      5. Consumer Behaviour—Voice of Customer Feedback
      6. Role of Outsourcers—Creating Value Beyond Contact Centre Seats

  Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
      1. Growth Opportunity 1: Omni-channel Customer Experience
      2. Growth Opportunity 2: Customer Experience Analytics
      3. Growth Opportunity 3: Big Data and Analytics/Machine Learning
      4. Growth Opportunity 4: Social Media Monitoring
      5. Growth Opportunity 5: Social Customer Engagement
      6. Growth Opportunity 6: Agent Desktop/Agent Empowerment
      7. Growth Opportunity 7: Catering to the New Workforce
      8. Growth Opportunity 8: Automation via Artificial Intelligence (AI)
      9. Growth Opportunity 9: Virtual Agent/Advisor
      10. Growth Opportunity 10: Live Chat
      11. Growth Opportunity 11: IoT—Supporting Immersive Experiences
      12. Strategic Imperatives for BPO Service Providers

  The Last Word
      1. The Last Word
      2. Legal Disclaimer

      1. Tshwane BPO Park
      2. Coega BPO Park in Eastern Cape
      3. Dube TradeZone in KwaZulu-Natal

  The Frost & Sullivan Story
      1. The Frost & Sullivan Story
      2. Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career
      3. Global Perspective
      4. Industry Convergence
      5. 360º Research Perspective
      6. Implementation Excellence
      7. Our Blue Ocean Strategy