Subscription Overview

Program Manager & Lead Analyst: Michael Suby
Contributing Analyst: Michael Ladam

Secure Networking Module Mission:

Stratecast Partners’ (Stratecast) Secure Networking Module core objective is to provide objective, conclusive and actionable strategic insight on the company-specific strategies of vendors and service providers in the volatile realm of LAN and WAN security.

Within this context, the Secure Networking Module analyzes:

  • Business Strategy – executive vision; business model; sales/marketing strategy; competitive positioning; channel strategy.
  • Product/Technology Strategy – architecture; portfolio/feature strategies; solution partnerships; product positioning.
  • Comparative Analysis – sector assessments of competing companies comparatively assessing their business and product/technology strategies.

The Secure Networking Module is designed to complement the comprehensive market-focused World Network Security Technology subscription of Frost & Sullivan’s Information & Communications Technologies practice (ICT). The aggregate of the Stratecast and Frost ICT offers is an incomparable and affordable market and strategic intelligence solution on the security realm for those that buy both programs.















Stratecast derives the Secure Networking Module from sustaining research and analysis found primarily in the following Stratecast programs – Communications Service Strategies & Opportunities (CSSO), Tier 1 Service Provider Business Strategies (T1SP), and Stratecast Partners Insight for Executives (SPIE).

Expertise Areas/Report Coverage – Representative List:

Insights are generally delivered in sector assessments and via client-direct access. Expertise and analysis focus is on specific product/technology/service domains including but not limited to:

  • VPNs – SSL; IPSec; wide array of business deployments (remote access, site-to-site, and extranets); platform alternatives (premise-based and network-based).
  • Mobile VPNs
  • Security Services – authentication, firewall, intrusion detection, URL filtering, anti-virus.
  • Endpoint security
  • Evolution of and emerging network security technologies – technology assessment, application assessment and case study perspective.

Deliverable Volume:

Stratecast commits to the delivery of at least ten-to-12 reports per year in the Secure Networking Module. Following, as a tangible frame of reference, is a partial list of reports delivered in the Secure Networking Module in 2004:

  1. SSL VPN – What To Expect Next (January 2004)
  2. New and Innovative Authentication Solutions (February 2004)
  3. Mobile VPNs: What Are They And Where Do They Fit Into The VPN Landscape? (March 2004)
  4. Survey of Enterprise Networking and IT Practices and Plans: Results and Analysis (April 2004)
  5. MCI’s Future is Secure…-ity (April 2004)
  6. Check Point’s Connectra Alters the SSL VPN Market and Comprehensive SSL VPN Pricing Study (May 2004)
  7. Packet Processing: A Confusion of Terms (June 2004)
  8. Gateway-Free VPNs (June 2004)
  9. Microsoft Windows Service Pack 2 and Network Security (August 2004)
  10. Endpoint Security Policy Enforcement Sector Assessment (September 2004)
  11. SSL VPNs Stepping Up Application Security (October 2004)
  12. SME Remote Access Solutions Sector Assessment (November 2004)

The following titles from 2003 will be delivered to new subscribers upon agreement:

  1. The Case for NSP-Delivered Managed Security Services (November 2003)
  2. Spam (October 2003)
  3. Does IT Matter? (August 2003)
  4. Strategic Elements of Data and IP Services in the Business Segment (July 2003)
  5. Application-Layer Security – Vendor Approaches and Network Service Provider Opportunity (June 2003)
  6. Assessment of Roaming Internet Connectivity VNOs: GRIC Communications and iPass (April 2003)
  7. Analysis of Recent SSL VPN Product Development and Market Positioning Initiatives: Array Networks, AT&T/Aventail, Neoteris, and Nortel Networks (March 2003)
  8. SSL VPN Sector Assessment (January 2003)

Inquiry Access:

Secure Networking Module customers receive eight hours of inquiry access to the Stratecast analyst team as included in their purchase of module. Inquiry time can be used by customers to obtain insight and opinions, verbally or in writing, on questions and issues of critical importance to them. Inquiry time provides a high-value means for each client to interact directly with Stratecast Partners analysts as a means of obtaining additional actionable strategic insight for decision making and planning purposes.



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