Subscription Overview

Network security threats in the present day come from various directions. Today's network security challenges have ushered in new types of technologies, as well as novel ways of implementing older ones. In 2000, Frost & Sullivan accurately predicted a continued strengthening of the managed security services providers market (MSSP) even through its consolidation. With the MSSP market's success, telecom carriers are repositioning themselves as security monitoring and management partners for their clients, thus changing the competitive landscape and dynamics of the market. As security threats continue to evolve, MSSPs are expanding their portfolios to offer services based on multiple technologies. Whereas early market entrants focused on offering only firewall, VPN, IDS, and assessment services, today's most potent competitors have expanded into application security, authentication, as well as content and spam filtering services.

A host of security technology companies are re-engineering themselves in new and existing security solutions to provide deeper levels of protection. Because so many attacks can be launched through port 80, customers are increasingly turning to application layer security through deep packet inspection, host-based security platforms, and anomaly detection.

The World Network Security Technology Subscription enables companies to make informed decisions in order to capitalize on existing opportunities in the market. Frost & Sullivan information is kept current through revisions and constant contact with industry participants, providing clients with up-to-date trends, insights, and measurements of the world security technology markets. This subscription is delivered electronically via a user-controlled web interface. The various deliverables for this subscription will be distributed each quarter throughout the year.

What We Offer in this Subscription

The World Network Security Technology subscription provides installment deliverables covering select world security markets. The deliverables cover qualitative and quantitative information about the market, including detailed discussion on the following pertinent topics:

  • Market size and forecast growth
  • Market share of major participants
  • Drivers and restraints of the market
  • Market trends by technology, end user, distribution channel, and vertical markets
  • Pricing strategy and analysis
  • Analysis of legislation and certifications impacting the industry

Markets Covered in this Subscription

Frost & Sullivan's examination of the world network security technology industry has been segmented in various methods based on the structure of each market. Examples of market segmentation of this subscription include:

  • Segmentation by equipment list price
  • Segmentation by customer group
  • Segmentation by vertical markets
  • Segmentation by technology functionality
  • Segmentation by geographic region

Global Coverage

This subscription is focused on world security markets. All the deliverables will include an analysis of the U.S., European, and Asia/Pacific regions. Additional analysis of Latin American regions is supplied where appropriate.



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