Subscription Overview

World over, the digital media market is driven by the rapid transition to digital, HD, multimedia workflows and Web experiences. Media companies are increasingly adopting digital solutions for content acquisition, ingest, production, management, storage, collaboration, transformation, re-rendering and delivery. The value proposition of such digital workflows is no longer a "leap of faith" but a "must-have" for a company in the media and entertainment industry to stay competitive. On the other hand, enterprises are using digital content as well as technolgies to forge information channels with customers, investors, press, employees and other stakeholders.

These trends create a compelling need for many technological solutions such as digital asset management, digital rights management, web content management, and video servers and scores of others. The market has proven its viability despite the business environment being affected by economic slowdown and tight capital markets. Successful companies in this market will be the ones that can leverage their technological expertise by establishing strategic partnerships with allied industries. In addition, consolidation of core competencies and aligning them with existing business processes using open- or standards-based architectures, that will facilitate easy integration will play a critical role in market success.

The Digital Media subscription enables companies to make informed decisions and capitalize on existing market opportunities. Frost & Sullivan's information is kept current through constant revisions and regular contact with industry participants, providing clients with up-to-date trends, insights, and measurements/forecasts of the global markets. This subscription is delivered electronically via a user-controlled web interface. The various deliverables for this subscription will be distributed each quarter. For delivery dates and titles please click here.

What We Offer in this Subscription

The Digital Media subscription provides regular research deliverables covering various technologies and products. Deliverables cover qualitative and quantitative information about the market, including detailed discussion of the following:

  • Market size and growth forecasts
  • Market share of major participants
  • Drivers and restraints of the market
  • Market trends by technology, end user, distribution channel, and vertical markets
  • Pricing strategy and analysis
  • Challenges faced in the market and strategic recommendations for growth

In addition to the deliverables, periodic articles covering relevant events in the digital media industry will be provided. Furthermore, clients are encouraged to give feedback regarding additional topics that they would like to see covered. Subscribers also will have access to Frost & Sullivan's legacy content that is awaiting update.

Markets Covered in this Subscription

The Digital Media group covers over 20 different industry areas including:

  • Asset Management and Content Management
  • Rights Management and Content Protection
  • Web Analytics
  • Video Servers
  • Video Encoders and Transcoders
  • Nonlinear Editing
  • Content Delivery Networks and Technologies
  • Online Video Platforms and Advertising
  • Animation and CAD Software
  • Marketing Automation and Process Optimization
  • Professional Video Cameras
  • Media & Entertainment Disk Storage
  • Video Capture and Webcasting

This subscription is based on global research and includes insights into trends in different regions.



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