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Medical imaging continues to evolve rapidly in the face of burgeoning patient volumes, fast-paced technological change, and uncertainty surrounding reimbursement levels.

Clinicians have at their disposable a formidable array of technologies for visualizing disease, including magnetic resonance, ultrasound, X-ray, gamma cameras, and computed as well as positron emission tomography. Although modern medicine relies fundamentally on these advanced technologies, end-users are becoming increasingly concerned about the economics of acquiring and operating state-of-the-art equipment. Additionally, the medical imaging market is faced with a set of key challenges, including flat or declining reimbursement rates for a wide range of procedures, primary market saturation for many imaging modalities, and competing capital budgeting priorities among end users. After experiencing several decades of spectacular growth, the industry is facing serious limitations affecting its potential for expansion. As a consequence, the medical imaging industry has become exceptionally competitive, with market participants contending tenaciously for each and every client contract.

Frost & Sullivan's Medical Imaging Growth Partnership Service is designed to provide highly competitive companies with the strategic insight and key tactical content required in order to maintain their competitive edge. Frost & Sullivan stands first and foremost among growth consulting firms when it comes working closely with industry participants in order to understand their key challenges to continued growth. Our research staff is in constant contact with the industry and can provide invaluable input into the strategic planning process.

Access to Frost & Sullivan's Medical Imaging analysis is available through our innovative Growth Partnership Services platform.  With this service clients receive a continuous flow of actionable market, technical, and econometric intelligence, and effective strategies for growth. Designed as an executive level decision-making guide, Growth Partnership Services offers clients access to a strategic mix of our industry-leading features and customized elements.

What we Offer in this Subscription

The Diagnostic Imaging Subscription will provide installment deliverables covering selected U.S. and Global imaging markets. Deliverables cover qualitative and quantitative information about the market, including detailed discussion of the following pertinent topics:

  • Market size and forecasted growth
  • Market share of major participants
  • Competitive overview
  • Drivers and restraints of the market
  • Market trends by technology and end user
  • Market challenges and strategic recommendations
  • Installed base and/or procedure volume analysis


In addition to the deliverables, periodic articles covering relevant events in the medical imaging industry will be provided. Topics for such articles might include mergers of significant industry players, ground breaking technology rollouts, and new entries in the market to name a few. These articles will be presented as significant events arise in the industry. Furthermore, clients are encouraged to give feedback regarding additional topics that they would like to see covered in order to actively shape the production plan. Subscribers also will have access to Frost & Sullivan's legacy content that is awaiting update.

Markets Covered in this Subscription

Frost & Sullivan's examination of the U.S. medical imaging industry has divided the market into three segments based upon the target market of the medical imaging manufacturers. The segmentation of this subscription includes an examination of:

  • Imaging modalities
  • Imaging related IT products
  • Emerging imaging technologies

Regional Coverage

This subscription is primarily focused on the U.S. diagnostic imaging markets. However in many of the deliverables our interviews offer insights into world markets and in these instances, the deliverable may be expanded to include global markets. Additionally, our subscription may include European deliverables on an occasional basis.



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