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The residential consumer communication services market is evolving at a remarkable rate.  Rather than being characterized by a number of discrete services offered by largely non-competitive service providers, the new consumer market is being driven by increasing competition between operators and carriers who offer similar service packages.  At the same time, consumers are becoming more demanding in terms of the services they want and the levels of service they expect.

Network operators are finding that consumers are more focused on services than they are on the technology used to deliver those services. They are becoming very sophisticated in evaluating those service offerings; for example, service bundles are no longer sufficient to satisfy many residential consumers. They are beginning to expect that services will work together in an integrated way.  As a result, network operators are being forced to become service centric and are beginning to have to think in terms of how to package and deliver services in a way that consumers want them.  What these market players need is timely telemetry on the consumer communication services space: telemetry that allows them to make informed decisions on what to offer and, just as important, how to offer it.

Additionally, vendors of infrastructure solutions need to understand the consumer market as well, so that the technology they provide the operators is appropriate and focused on the kinds of capabilities needed to deliver the services that consumers want.

The North American Consumer Communication Services (CCS) subscription enables companies to make informed decisions and capitalize on the existing opportunities in the market. Frost & Sullivan information is kept current through constant revisions and regular contact with industry participants, providing clients with up-to-date industry trends, market measurements, insights, and forecasts of the North American markets. This subscription is delivered electronically via a user-controlled web interface. The various deliverables for this subscription will be distributed throughout 2010.

What We Offer in this Subscription

The North American Consumer Communication Services (CCS) subscription provides regular deliverables covering North American residential services markets. Deliverables include qualitative and quantitative information about the market, including detailed discussion on the following pertinent topics:

  • Wireline voice telemetry, including subscription rates and revenue figures for the various carriers
  • Wireline substitution by wireless and online communications
  • Broadband subscription and revenue telemetry
  • Video subscription and revenue telemetry
  • Wireless (prepaid and post paid) telemetry
  • Impact of regulation, including such topics as net neutrality and broadband stimulus
  • Consumer preference telemetry collected through interviews and surveys
  • Residential broadband access: cost and pricing structures
  • Direct broadcast satellite subscriber forecasts
  • Trends in residential services in rural versus urban markets

In addition to the deliverables, Frost & Sullivan will publish analysis of key market events in the form of research notes, articles, and perspectives.

Markets Covered in this Subscription

Frost & Sullivan's examination of the North American Consumer Communication Services industry has divided the market into three distinct segments:

  • Services, including voice, video, and broadband services as well as integrated and bundled service offerings
  • Delivery, including wireless, wire line and broadband
  • Consumer, including consumer communication preferences, demographics and decision models.

In addition to the above, Frost & Sullivan will also analyze alternative communications technologies such as cable telephony and voice over broadband. Moreover, the consumer services subscription will monitor and evaluate service providers' marketing strategies including bundling, customer acquisition, and distribution channel activities.

Regional Coverage

This subscription is focused on the United States and Canadian residential markets. However, in many of the deliverables our interviews offer insights into world markets and these insights are reflected in the figures and charts within the deliverables.



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