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The economic recovery is well in sight now. Improving IT budgets are triggering new hopes for the industry. Today’s lingering economic resistance is expected to give way to bold new technology investments. Heightened awareness of the benefits of conferencing and collaboration is resulting in significant growth opportunities for these markets. The growing use of audio, web and video conferencing is driving efficiency in the most routine business applications and providing a competitive edge to customers. As such, conferencing and collaboration is no longer seen as simply an alternative to travel.  Frost & Sullivan has stayed abreast of these changing industry dynamics, using over a decade of experience in analyzing these markets to continue to chart and forecast industry trends. Frost & Sullivan provides insightful input on the overall impact of business and technology factors on the conferencing and collaboration industry in the short and long term.  As the landscape becomes increasingly competitive, Frost & Sullivan expects that our industry analyses will provide vendors with valuable insight to increase their footprint and penetration opportunities within the emerging “collaborative solutions” marketplace. 

Revolutionary advancements in technology, in conjunction with declining prices, are propelling conferencing technologies to a significant position in the world of enterprise collaboration. The following trends are all opening up tremendous avenues for future growth:

  • Migration to IP networks
  • An Increased use of on-demand/reservationless conferencing 
  • Arrival of mobile conferencingn Integration with collaborative elements such as presence detection and IM
  • Availability of browser-based solutions and broad spectrum network management tool

A major paradigm shift is taking place in the conferencing industry that isbringing integration with complementary technologies as the industry moves from conferencing to “collaborative solutions.” The fundamental shift from conferencing to collaboration is already underway. Several product developments have now facilitated the offering of end-to-end comprehensive solutions that ease issues related to compatibility and interoperability between discrete product platforms and vendor solutions. The convergence of voice, data and video conferencing in a common platform is unifying different conferencing elements to enable customers to quickly, cost-effectively, and dynamically scale bandwidth as well as move from application to application as their demands change. The ability to have a single interface to access any conferencing application will enable users to seamlessly move from audio to web to video conferencing, reducing network complexity and creating a new environment for integrated collaboration.

The Conferencing and Collaboration Subscription enables companies to make informed decisions in order to capitalize on existing opportunities in the market.  Frost & Sullivan information is kept current through revisions and constant contact with industry participants, in order to afford clients with up-to-date trends, insights, and market measurements of the market for Conferencing and Collaboration.

There are several compelling benefits of Frost & Sullivan’s Conferencing and Collaboration Market Service:

  • This Market Service is unmatched as it offers the most comprehensive coverage.
  • With over a decade of experience regularly monitoring the conferencing market, Frost & Sullivan is widely recognized as a key resource for market analysis and consulting. We customize our analyst insights based on client needs, which are developed by maintaining close relationships with our subscribers.
  • We provide our clients with the market drivers, restraints, and assumptions so they can better understand our analysis and industry forecasts. This enables clients to make more informed decisions when pursuing different market segments.
  • We offer in-depth coverage of vertical markets and end user analysis to enable our customers to develop more defined market penetration strategies.
  • Our access to experts in Europe, Asia Pac and Latin America enables us to leverage their cultural and technological skills and provide our customers with global information on conferencing issues.
  • We integrate IP issues and strategies in every major deliverable as migration will have a great impact on demand, pricing and end-user adoption.
  • We speak to end-users to better understand their challenges and enhance ourforecast with an objective perspective.
  • Finally, the Market Service not only offers up-to-the-minute data to clients, but it also adds valuable expert and cutting-edge advice to support competitive decision-making.

Service Overview

Convenient Electronic Delivery

This subscription is delivered electronically via a user-controlled web interface. The various deliverables for this subscription will be distributed each quarter throughout 2004. We will post two of these deliverables each quarter.  For titles please click here. 

What we Offer in this Subscription

The Conferencing and Collaboration Subscription will provide installment deliverables covering selected U.S. and World markets. Deliverables cover qualitative and quantitative information about the market, including detailed discussion of the following pertinent topics:

  • Market size and forecasted growth
  • Competitive benchmarking of major participants
  • Drivers and restraints of the market
  • Market trends by technology, end user, distribution channel, and vertical markets
  • Pricing strategy and analysis
  • Distribution strategy and analysis
  • Vertical market strategy and analysis
  • Critical success factors

In addition to the deliverables, periodic insights covering relevant events in the conferencing and collaboration industry will be provided. Topics for such insights may include: The Impact of Convergence, Conferencing Network Management Systems, Streaming, Conferencing Security, Wireless Conferencing, The Adoption of Conferencing by Government, Coverage of Asia Pacfic markets, to name a few. These insights will be presented as significant events arise in the industry. Furthermore, clients are encouraged to give feedback regarding additional topics that they would like to see covered.

Markets Covered in this Subscription

Frost & Sullivan's examination of the Conferencing and Collaboration Industry has divided the market into the following distinct segments based upon the target market of the conferencing and collaboration companies. The segmentation of this subscription includes an examination of:

  • Audio conferencing Bridges
  • Audio conferencing Services
  • Web Conferencing
  • Videoconferencing Services
  • Videoconferencing Client Systems
  • Videoconferencing Bridges and other Infrastructure products
  • Vertical Applications for Videoconferencing – Telemedicine, Distance Learning And Corporate

Global coverage

This subscription is focused on the US as well as Worldwide markets.



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