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A multi-layered, complex network of market participants characterizes the fiercely competitive automotive aftermarket.  The internet has added another competitive dimension with regard to price, product information, and parts availability that challenges participants' operational models and strategic advantages. Vehicle manufacturers' initiatives to increase fuel efficiency and overall vehicle durability, as well as optimize underhood space utilization, further test aftermarket manufacturers' ability to differentiate their products on design and functionality.

Organizations with diverse aftermarket business operations and interests can gain access to a variety of Frost & Sullivan's product-specific market analyses, forecasts, and strategic evaluations. Comprehensive research studies discuss both challenges and opportunities facing market participants in the short, medium, and long term. Each research study complements the other through discussions on market drivers and restraints, extensive industry challenges, role of offshore manufacturers in the North American aftermarket, price pressures, and the changing competitive landscape among others.

Access to North American aftermarket research content is available through Frost & Sullivan's Growth Partnership Services Programs that offers clients a complete picture of their global market through technical, econometric, applications, and market research, our (T.E.A.M) approach. In addition,  this subscription program helps drive growth by providing clients a continuous flow of market information and ideas covering diverse aftermarket segments. It enables companies to make informed decisions in order to capitalize on existing opportunities in the automotive aftermarket. Frost & Sullivan's market engineering research is kept current through revisions and constant contact with industry participants. Our constant monitoring offers clients with up-to-date trends, insights, and market measurements of the North American automotive aftermarket. Research on various aftermarket studies is conducted throughout the year. A wide range of aftermarket topics are covered, depending on the client needs and demands of the aftermarket.

To learn more about the unique GPS subscription, please contact us at +1.877.GO.FROST (463.7678), or email us at  For delivery dates and titles please click here.

What We Offer in this Subscription

The North American Automotive Aftermarket subscription program provides deliverables covering a wide range of aftermarket segments. Deliverables cover qualitative and quantitative information about these segments, including detailed discussion on the following pertinent topics:

  •  Market overview and definitions 
  • Market engineering analysis
  • Industry challenges 
  • Market drives (unit shipment and price)
  • Market restraints (unit shipment and price)
  • Demand analysis 
  • Unit shipment and revenue forecast
  • Revenues by geographic region and forecast
  • Product analysis 
  • Price analysis and forecast
  • Competitive analysis 
  • Distribution channel analysis 
  • Revenues by product type 
  • Market and technology trends 
  • End-user trends
  • Market share analysis

In addition to the Frost & Sullivan's legacy content, as GPS partners, clients receive relevant applications to grow their business, including best practices information, analyst inquiry time, passes to our executive summits, corporate training, business and financial services, and more.

Markets Covered in this Subscription

Frost & Sullivan classifies the North American automotive aftermarket based on the following aftermarket components:

  • Engine Parts
  • Electrical Parts
  • Chemicals
  • Accessories
  • Collision Parts
  • Body Components
  • Diagnostics & Tools
  • Repair & Maintenance 
  • Performance/ Specialty
  • Heavy-Duty Truck Components
  • Remanufactured and Rebuilt Parts
  • Mechanical & Electronic Components
  • Exterior and interior body trim parts
  • Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning parts

This subscription covers many other segments of the automotive aftermarket.

Regional Coverage

The scope of this subscription is focused on the North American automotive aftermarket. We define North America as the United States and Canada. In some cases, we incorporate insights pertaining to the world automotive aftermarket.




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