Big Data and Analytics Research Overview

The promise of Big Data and analytics is that these emerging technologies will power a new era of growth and change that will rival the impact of the PC in the 1980s, the Internet in the 1990s, and mobile social networking in the 2000s. Those who succeed in harnessing Big Data's power will no longer drown in data, or suffer from analysis paralysis; they will have the information they need, when they need it, to make better business decisions. That said, Big Data suffers from the same problems that have characterized other innovative IT technologies: a lack of clarity in the value proposition and an ultra-competitive, fragmented market with a multitude of providers spinning various (and conflicting) messages about what constitutes a "Big Data" solution. Stratecast has identified more than 300 active providers of Big Data and analytics solutions. As 2014 unfolds, these vendors will introduce new and enhanced offerings, and will be joined by additional competitors. This will challenge potential customers, not only to choose an optimal path forward but also to select the best vendor partners with whom to travel.

To date, relatively few organizations have implemented full-scale Big Data and analytics solutions, although most are beginning to consider one or more of the areas that Stratecast has defined, as shown in Figure 1. Initiatives in this area are as likely to spring from the desire to overhaul existing business intelligence (BI), customer relationship management (CRM), or other applications as from the pressure to incorporate social media, or the need to extend data center capacities and capabilities. General interest in Big Data also spans the organization: C-suite executives, line-of-business owners, IT managers, and others are stimulated by the visible success of early adopters, and they are beginning to look for products and services that can be applied in their own environments.

The purpose of Stratecast's Big Data & Analytics practice (BDA) is to make sense of this market on both sides of the buy and sell equation. A BDA subscription brings actionable insight and useful commentary to buyers and sellers, assisting them in making informed decisions and capitalizing on market opportunities. Stratecast performs ongoing research and maintains contact with industry participants in order to provide clients with up-to-date perspectives on industry trends, market measurements, strategic movements, and market forecasts. Published research is delivered electronically through a customized online portal and analyst team members are available to provide additional insight and support.

Figure 1: Big Data and Analytics Market Landscape

Source: Stratecast/Frost & Sullivan

Big Data & Analytics (BDA) Planned Research:

In 2014, Stratecast will expand its coverage of the Big Data and analytics market by researching issues, trends, and technologies that are likely to impact the development and deployment of solutions. These topics are expected to include:

  • Privacy and Security Concerns in Big Data deployments -Personal privacy and data security issues will be front and center in 2014. Stratecast will investigate the technical and policy challenges that arise as companies wrestle with the desire to target customers more directly while also protecting personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Making the Most of Customer Experience Analytics (CEA) -Stratecast will continue its coverage of online analytics, social networking analysis, mobile commerce and retail/WiFi opportunities to help vendors position their products and to help businesses sort through the options for adopting these important new technologies.
  • Risk, Reward and ROI - The Business Case for Enterprise Big Data -Not every organization has the skills and budget to emulate Amazon, Google and the other very early adopters. Stratecast will be looking closely at practical use cases and surveying enterprises in detail to discover their attitudes and approaches to real-world BDA.
  • Exploring Big Data Platforms, Software, and Services -Established vendors will be filling out their solution suites and new entrants will continue to join this already crowded market.  Stratecast will be monitoring their announcements to assess the value and importance of their latest developments.
  • Sizing up the Market -Stratecast will continue to monitor and report the Big Data big picture by tracking and reporting on market opportunity, segmentation, and share.
  • Integration and Migration - Lifting the Legacy Load - Even if a solution passes muster in the C-suite in terms of ROI, it cannot simply be bolted on to the organization's existing systems. As part of its enterprise Big Data survey, Stratecast will discover how much of a burden legacy systems are expected to be as organizations prepare to implement solutions.

Remember that Stratecast subscription clients are invited and encouraged to participate in the development and definition of these and other topics. Contact your Stratecast Account Executive.


For more information on subscribing to Big Data & Analytics or any Stratecast or Frost & Sullivan growth partnership program, please email or contact your Account Executive.



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