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"Need to Know" Information Distilled into a Biweekly Newsletter
As a professional in the plastics industry, you know how difficult it is to keep up with just the bare essentials needed to stay knowledgeable about your industry and ahead of your competition. While the information age has created enormous resources of plastics information--journals, reference works, books, databases, and websites--no one can find it all, much less read it all. That is why Technical Insights is launching the Plastics Advisor. Each 6-page biweekly alert provides you with a concise presentation of "need to know" information.

Edited by Dr. Donald V. Rosato, internationally acclaimed for his knowledge and expertise in the plastics field, and backed by a team of expert researchers, Technical Insights' Plastics Advisor will monitor hundreds of primary and secondary information sources. Each biweekly alert will cull the most important "need to know" news and synthesize it to just a few paragraphs--just the right amount to let you know what's going on without bogging you down with unneeded details. Articles will include references for additional information.

Covers Plastics and Competitive Materials
Technical Insights' Plastics Advisor's broad focus ensures that you know about key developments in the competitive materials that may impact the sales and usage of plastics. Among competitive materials that will be monitored and covered on a regular basis
* Paper and wood
* Rubber
* Metals
* Glass and ceramics

Covers the Best from all Major Plastics End-Use Markets
Technical Insights' Plastic Advisor provides coverage across the full range of plastics applications and markets enabling you to broaden your knowledge and benefit from developments in segments other than your own. Among the end-use markets that will be regularly monitored are:

* Packaging Building and Construction * Automotive * Electrical and Electronic Devices * Appliances * Medical Products * Furniture * Toys * Consumer Products * Industrial Products * Recreation and Leisure * Lawn and Garden * Marine and Boat * Office Products * Agriculture * Aerospace * Waste Management * Government * Export * Other and Emerging Applications

Quarterly Sourceguides-Included with All Subscriptions
Included as part of your subscription, you receive the quarterly Plastics Advisor Sourceguide. Each quarterly issue, consisting of about 100 pages, is devoted to a specific category or categories:

* Trade journals
* Trade associations, shows, exhibits, and conferences
* Databases, reference works, and studies
* Endusers, fabricators, and suppliers

In addition to full contact information, the Plastic Advisor Sourceguide will provide summary information for each listing to help you evaluate and choose appropriate resources for your needs.

At the end of a one-year subscription period, you will have a complete Plastics Advisor Sourceguide covering the entire plastics industry. Thereafter, each quarterly section will be updated annually to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date information.

Discover New Business Opportunities
Technical Insights' Plastics Advisor monitors all the journals and databases and observes hundreds of companies involved in every aspect of plastics technology. As developments break, they are reported in the Plastics Advisor. With high-level contacts and expert tracking abilities, you can depend on the Technical Insights' Plastics Advisor to be the first to cover new technology and market developments. This can translate into ground-floor or first-strike opportunities for subscribers.

Print or Electronic Delivery
Technical Insights' Plastics Advisor is deliverable in both print and electronic formats. Print subscribers receive biweekly issues consisting of about 6 pages mailed first class. Electronic subscribers may select e-mail delivery in ASCII, or HTML formats. Individual, multi-user, site and corporate licensing options are all available.

Regardless of which delivery option you choose, all subscribers receive the quarterly Plastics Advisor Sourceguide. Customers with multi-user, site or corporate licenses receive additional copies of the Sourceguide based on the size of their license.



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