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The Gamification of Social Media
- By Scott Monty, Head of Social Media, Ford Motor Company

Empire Avenue is the new game in town. It sits squarely in the social networking space, but it has a different twist—one from which I think businesses may be able to gain valuable insights, all while allowing people to enjoy themselves.

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Brands as Content Curators 
- By Jake Wengroff, Global Director, Social Media Strategy & Research, Frost & Sullivan

We don’t have an information shortage, we have an attention shortage. There’s always someone who’s going to supply you with information that you’re going to curate. The Guggenheim doesn’t have a shortage of art.

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Demand Gen and The Whale: 5 Takeaways From MARKETING WORLD, 2011 
- By Jennifer Horton, Best Practice Consultant, Eloqua

I recently, presented at a wonderful event in New Orleans – Frost & Sullivan’s MARKETING WOLRD, 2011. It was a well-attended session and the group shared several ideas, providing a great opportunity to learn from my peers.

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Allison Cerra to Keynote MARKETING WORLD 2010 – San Francisco: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange 

Frost & Sullivan is pleased to announce Allison Cerra, Chief Marketing Officer, Americas Region, Alcatel-Lucent as a keynote speaker

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Consultaglobal Marketing World 2009. Chicago, Nov 2 

"An arsenal of fresh ideas and best practices to uncover new customer and market opportunities to drive future growth (…) a one-day in-depth immersion into the critical marketing challenges you face day-to-day.”

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Frost & Sullivan Launches Marketing World 2008: A Marketers Event Focused on Building a Tight and Tactical Marketing Strategy
By Palo Alto, Calif.

Marketing leaders today face the prospect of revised budgets and accelerated implementation schedules as a result of turbulent economic conditions and mounting pressures of globalization...

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Managing Service Provider Ties
By Connie Hill, Founder & CEO, TFC Inc

In this new era of marketing, emerging channels and performance measurement pressures,multiple vendormanagement can be challenging..

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Reaching Customers More Effectively
By Connie Hill, Founder & CEO, TFC Inc

Business are finding it more diffcult than ever to effectively market and sell to customers. The global availability of products has inundated customers with marketing messages that don't relateto them...

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Blog Panel: Negative is the New Positive
Jeremiah Owyang, Web Strategist

Awareness of blogs growing, Adoption still slow in Corporate Sales and Marketing...

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Session Notes: Measuring the Unmeasurable with Matt Toll of Factiva
Jeremiah Owyang, Web Strategist

I’m live blogging today from Phoenix Arizona at Frost and Sullivan’s Sales and Marketing conference. Caryn, one of the event directors said that some guests asked for bloggers to attend all the tracks so all the content is captured. Apparently, I’m one...

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Take Another Look at SEO
Buzz Marketing for Technology

It is estimated that 70% of Google’s searches result in click-throughs to search listings provided by “natural” search results. And Yahoo’s and MSN’s natural search results are thought to be responsible for 60% of their search click-throughs...

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Architecting Every Customer Experience for Optimal Relevance, Timeliness and
by Ronald S. Swift, Teradata, a division of NCR

Focused marketing strategies and processes ensure world-class, enterprise-wide, customer-driven dialogues – and meaningful results...

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CRM’s Changing Face Comes From Proven Actions
by Ronald S. Swift, Teradata, a division of NCR

To achieve success you must create integration, fascination and personalization—and execution. The new face and opportunity for customer relationship management (CRM) is about Information, integration and...

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Mastering Analytical Marketing Initiatives
by Sam Gragg and Ronald Swift, Teradata, a division of NCR

Mature companies that have achieved a significant return on analytics-driven CRM programs are those who start by looking for empirical links between marketing excellence, business processes, communications, technology, and bottom line financial performance. Many firms still struggle with...

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The ABCs of “Click to Call”
by John Federman, Chief Executive Officer, eStara, Inc.

Recently e-commerce media buzz has focused around click-to-call technology, with Internet search giants Google and Yahoo! testing ways to enable immediate Web-to-phone connections between buyers and sellers through...

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Raising the Bar of Customer Loyalty Programs
by Carlos Dunlap, Vice President, Strategic Services, Maritz Loyalty Marketing

A recent Maritz Poll of consumers found that 80 percent of Americans participating in a loyalty program said their membership in the program impacts their purchasing decisions. Seventy-four percent of Americans said that without the loyalty...

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PPC Keyword Evaluation: Why Below Average Doesn’t Have to be Bad
by iProspect

So, you’re doing your best to keep the New Year’s resolutions you’ve made – going to the gym, organizing your closet, spending less money, and so forth. But perhaps the New Year also offers the opportunity to make some resolutions...

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Optimizing for Google Local: Sometimes the Answer is Right Next Door
by iProspect

As the Internet grows larger and larger, so too does the number of alternatives a potential customer of yours has when looking for a product, service, or solution online. With so many companies engaging in search engine...

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First Comes Content, Then Come Links
by iProspect

When young children pick up a baseball bat for the first time, it’s instinctual to grip it as hard as they can and as deep in their palms as possible. That’s why it was such a surprise to me when my first little league coach advised me to...

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Frost and Sullivan Executive MindXchange: Worth Your Time
Medgadget.com Exclusive

As a major consulting firm, they specialize in actually understanding what's useful in industry today. As such, they recognized that the major component lacking from most conferences or trade shows is the peer-level interactivity. They create events like...

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Quota Setting: The Missing Link to Effective Rewards
by Pete Masloski,Principal, ZS Associates

Sales quotas are among the most important tools available for motivating and directing the sales force. Sales quotas communicate a firm’s goals and set the bar in terms of performance expectations for salespeople...

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Six Keys to Recognizing an ROI with Predictive Analysis
by Christopher Checco, Vice President of Modeling and Analytics, DHSoft, Inc.
by Bill Kastner, Statistician, DHSoft, Inc.

According to a recent IDC study1, the use of Predictive Analysis yields a median ROI (Return on Investment) of 145%, which almost equates to double the ROI when non-predictive analysis is used...

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How Executives are Closing the Gaps Between Value Creation and Value Delivery
by Jeff Thull, CEO and President, Prime Resource Group

Frustration and animosity are stifling the business-to-business sector. Executives are frustrated because they can't translate the differentiated products and services, which they work so hard to create, into bottom line profitability...

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The End of Solution-Based Selling
by Jeff Thull, CEO and President, Prime Resource Group

Does this presentation sound familiar?We have the solution to meet your needs. We will tailor our products and services so that they fit your reality precisely. Our price is reasonable and we'll provide excellent customer service.It's the move from selling products to selling solutions and it's what the vast majority of all companies say to their prospects. Perhaps you've said it to yours. If you're still selling that way, you're missing the boat the one that recently crossed over the horizon leading to the 21st century...

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Diagnostic Benchmarking:
The Vital Step in Addressing Sales Challenges
By Lisa Hicks, Vice President, SalesIQ

It is interesting to think about the complexities of the sales process in terms of the complexities of an automobile. On one hand, when your car is working properly, it gets you where you need to go, but when it isn't, it may not be able to get you there at all. If the cause of the problem involves a complex component of the automobile, for example, the computer system, the greater the need for diagnostic tools to determine the cause of the problem and to identify the right repair solution...

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