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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

BRINGING MEANING INTO MONDAY™:  A Customer-Centric Approach to Succeeding
                                                             in a Flat World

12:00pm  Registration and Networking Luncheon

1:00pm Workshop Begins

Workshop Leader:
Mark D. Sauter, Principal, GTP Associates, Inc.

1:15pm The Case for Change

2.45pm Refreshment Break

3:15pm Focusing on the Customer

5:00pm Workshop Concludes

hold the key to sustainable success - profit and people. Yet, unfortunately, many organizations continue to struggle with serving them … effectively.

require productivity and creativity, while people require motivation and energy. Customers provide focus and sense-of-purpose to an organization, which improves the quality of the social atmosphere, and, as a result, increases financial performance, productivity, creativity, teamwork, morale, and responsiveness to change. As the world flattens and becomes more interconnected, successful organizations must be skilled at managing increasingly complex interdependencies. Customers provide the north star.

Increased meaning develops from a shared purpose that aligns individual agendas with organizational priorities; organizational priorities that are focused on delivering value to customers.

This inspiring, interactive, and pragmatic workshop is directed toward individuals and organizations seeking answers in today's turbulent times. The workshop focuses on:

  • Business implications of a flatter world
  • Strengthening the business case and/or sense-of-urgency for customer-centricity
  • Improving organizational alignment, collaboration, and purpose

  • Organizational characteristics that either enable or derail customer-centricity


Thursday, January 26, 2006 -
Keynotes, Case Histories, Workshops and Main Exhibition

  Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Exhibition

9:00am  Ice Breaker, Welcome, and Introduction

Patrick Nugent, Master of CeremoniesFrost & Sullivan

Executive Insights
9:30am  Lions and Tigers and...Podcasts?  Oh My!

Ross Ozer, Vice President - Marketing, Fidelity Investments

For information delivery, organizations often see rich media as a successful approach for breaking through the clutter to create a compelling experience beyond the traditional static content of email and websites.  Presently, many users on-the-go want their content to 'go portable' with them.  Enter podcasting.  Come hear a discussion on how audio content via podcasts is creating an opportunity to reach audiences beyond the comfort of their workstations--to travel with them wherever they go and be accessible whenever they want.

• Explore the array of rich media solutions and how best they can be applied to support
   information delivery objectives 
• Understand the new frontier behind podcasting and how corporate goals can be achieved
  through this new delivery approach  
• Discover various approaches to building an audio library and various distribution options

Case History

10:00am  Extracting Greater ROI for Online Efforts: Strategies & Lessons from Measuring End-to-End Customer Interactions

Avinash Kaushik, Senior Manager, Web Research & Analytics, Intuit Inc.

The past few years have seen massive increase in opportunity to target, segment, source, spend and attract customers.  This has been coupled by a corresponding difficulty in actually measuring the impact for online efforts, a job not made any easier by complexity of systems, data & tools.  Intuit's "Trinity" Strategy & Platform allows for a significantly enhanced understanding of customer interactions on its websites by combining qualitative and quantative data to make optimal decisions.

• Current challenges with Analytics tools and metrics
• Learn about a different way of looking at data and measuring end-to-end interactions
• How to optimize your websites so that you understand Customer Experience on the sites to 
  influence right Customer Behavior

10:45am  Networking, Refreshments and Exhibition

11:15am Concurrent Peer Councils

Tackle new concepts and challenges with like-minded peers in these practitioner-led discussions.

Choose one of the following:
1. Audience Segmentation through Design and Analytics

Stephen Henson, Executive Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Products, Kelley Blue Book
Stephen Henson will walk the participants briefly through the changes made to Kelley Blue Book’s over the last year in design, segmentation and analytics.  Additional time will be spent discussing best practices for analytics, why marketers may be using the wrong metrics to determine next steps online.  
• How small changes in Web design can significantly affect ROI
• Why segmentation is important, knowing your demographic
• The metrics that matter most to your bottom line

2. Marketing’s Balancing Act:  Personalization vs. Privacy

Brian P. Price, Executive Director Online Marketing, Verizon

Visitors to your website are telling you something about themselves and their interests by their behavior on your website.  Combined with other technology that identifies parameters such as geography, connection speed, ISP, and demographics, you can personalize your marketing message and product offerings in real-time to visitors on your website and in your online advertising.  

In this interactive session, you will learn to reach your potential and current customers more effectively online - all while respecting the user's right to privacy.  

• Increase acquisition conversion rates by delivering targeted, personalized messaging and
  offers to prospects on your website 
• Increase cross-sell and up-sell capabilities by delivering relevant offers to current customers
• Increase response rates and decrease online advertising costs by optimizing the delivery of
  online ads

12:15pm  Solutions Wheel
Play the "wheel" and join a series of rapid-fire one-on-one meetings with leading solution providers.

12:45pm  The Power Lunch: Networking Roundtables Hosted by Industry Leaders
Practitioners and solution providers host a menu of luncheon roundtable discussions on pertinent industry issues. Dine and dish with industry experts.  The list of roundtable discussion topics will be available on-site. 

1:45pm Concurrent ThinkTanks: Work with your peers in structured interactive sessions on  
              approaches to solving common challenges and pain points.

Choose one of the following:

1. CAN-SPAM Compliance

Joshua Baer, Founder and CEO, SKYLIST and UnsubCentral

This interactive session will begin with a high-level overview of CAN-SPAM as it generally applies to brand marketers.  Participants will then be asked to break into groups and be assigned a CAN-SPAM case study to "solve".  Upon conclusion, the group "leader" will present the "solution".  The facilitator will then advise the participants on how their "solutions" might truly fare in today's regulatory and deliverability environments.

2. Leveraging the Explosive New Blogging Trend in Your Integrated Marketing Mix

Gene Wright, Vice President, Marketing, Netconcepts, LLC

Blogging is one of the hottest tools for new prospect acquisition, client retention, and brand building in the world of marketing. It provides Search Engine Friendly content that works to bring new prospects to your web presence and allows you to tell “your story” in a voice that gets your message across to your target market.

• Learn from actual branded Ecommerce blog case studies
• Collect tips on creating brand building content
• Discover methods for including blog content in the marketing mix
• Discover who, what, and why your company should blog
• Learn how-to get started blogging for profit

3:15pm Networking, Refreshments and Exhibition

Executive Insights
3:45pm Advertising on the "Next Generation" Internet...A Marketer's Perspective

David J. Dowling, Senior Vice President, Media Services Group, United Online, Inc.

Trying to reach the right customers, at the time that they are ready to act, with the right message -- all within budget.  These are the exhilarating, yet sometimes stomach churning, issues that Marketers face every day.  The Internet has changed the way consumers communicate, act and purchase. Consumers now receive messaging with effectiveness marketers previously couldn't have dreamed of.  Now the Next Generation Internet is emerging and to be successful, marketers need to not only understand what's changed, but they need know how to be out ahead of what's still to come.

4:30pm Ask the Experts!  Panel, Questions, and Answers

Online Promotion and PR Strategies

Jim Waltz, CEO, Conducive Corporation

Panelists Include:
Jeremiah Owyang, Manager, Global Web Marketing, Hitachi Data Systems
Robert Reneau, Senior Manager of Web Business Marketing, National Semiconductor Corp.
Rick Sparks, Director, e-Sales, Kraft Foods, Inc.
Katherine Craig, Director, Online Marketing & Distribution, Starwood Hotels and
Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

Networking Reception

Friday, January 27, 2006 - Keynotes, Case Histories, Workshops
                                            and Main Exhibition

8:30am  Continental Breakfast and Exhibition


9:00am  Ice Breaker and Overview

Patrick Nugent, Executive MindXchange Chairman, Frost & Sullivan


9:15am Vendor/Audience Crossfire: Organic & Paid Search Strategies:
Which to Use and When 

David Berkowitz, Columnist, The Search Insider, MediaPost

Panelist Include:
Aaron Shear, Chief Technology Officer, SEO Inc.
Jeff Hollowell, Chief Information Officer, iCrossing, inc.
Andy Beal, President & CEO, Fortune Interactive 
Katherine Craig, Director, Online Marketing & Distribution, Starwood Hotels and Resorts
Worldwide, Inc.

Your most pressing questions and controversial issues are addressed in this lively debate between solution providers and end-users.

  • How Internet users behave when using search engines
  • When to use natural (or "organic") search marketing techniques

  • When to use paid (or pay per click) search marketing techniques

  • If there are times when you should use BOTH

10:15am  Networking, Refreshments and Exhibition

 Concurrent Mindshares
Benefit from the combined expertise of a Thought Leader panel as they address real-world issues and your related questions.

Choose one of the following:
1. Practical Strategies for Boosting Email Response Rates

Ted Murphy, President/CEO, MindComet Corporation

Thought Leader Panelist Include:
Susan Foley, E-Commerce Manager, Dow Corning
Rick Sparks, Director, e-Sales, Kraft Foods, Inc.
Linda Villwock, National Director of Internet Marketing, LIVE NATION
Mark Mendelson, Global e-Business Coordinator, Basell North America

Understanding the variables that contribute to e-mail responses is the first step to revealing effective strategies for boosting your campaign results. Learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign through strategy, tools and evaluation of historical performance. 

• Learn about the steps you should take and might be currently overlooking before pressing
• Enter into a discussion on A/B testing versus multi-variable and the most commonly missed
  variables when putting together a campaign
• Understand how frequency and relevancy really contribute to the bottom line and return on
• Delve deeper into e-mail marketing and how doing so can increase your messaging
   effectiveness and longevity
• Discover how to incorporate viral and loyalty programs that contribute to the growth of your
  database and customer relationships

2. Web Analytics

Brett Crosby, Google, Product Marketing Manager, Google Analytics

Thought Leader Panelists Include:
Edward Weisberg, Vice President, e-Commerce, iBasis
Katherine Craig, Director, Online Marketing & Distribution, Starwood Hotels and Resorts
Worldwide, Inc.

It's simple. Spend on what works, cut what doesn't.  That's the premise behind Web Analytics.  More businesses are finding they can optimize their spend and receive a higher return for the effort.  It doesn't mean don't try new, unknown things.  In fact, the opposite is true.  It has never been easier to test to find new ways of reaching audiences. Participants will learn:

• The benefits of Web Analytics
• Which service is right for your business
• Tips from people who have helped make it work for them
• Why testing and optimizing can be so profitable


11:45am Concurrent Roundtable Discussions
Participant-driven discussions focusing on your key issues and concerns.

Choose one of the following:

1. Conversion Strategies: Turning Traffic into Leads

Michel G. Thouati, Ph.D., CEO, Lithium Technologies, Inc.

2. Optimizing for Best ROI

Garry Grant, President & CEO, SEO Inc.

1:00pm Luncheon

2:00pm  Networking, Refreshments and Exhibition

2:30pm  Symposium Concludes































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