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Sales & Marketing Executive MindXchange East, 2007
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8th Annual Sales and Marketing 2007, East:  A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange

Sunday, July 22, 2007 - NETWORKING DAY


Taste and Tour of DC


Networking Cocktail Reception


Networking Dinner

Monday, July 23, 2007 - GENERAL SESSION & EXHIBITION


Registration, Continental Breakfast and Exhibition


Ice Breaker, Welcome and Introduction

Patrick Nugent, Executive MindXchange Chaiperson, Frost & Sullivan


Executive Bulletin

Create a Consistent Customer Experience and Drive Customer-Centric Thinking Throughout the Organization

Pamela T. Miller, Esq., Vice President - Market Strategy & Development, Medco Health Solutions, Inc.

Customers demand predictable and consistent excellence in interacting with your company. Regardless of the transaction, customers expect familiarity of experience when they do business with you. Failure to provide consistently and predictably superior service, results in additional cost, customer defection, margin compression, loss of market share and employee dissatisfaction and disruption. The infrastructure, processes and culture required to deliver excellence every time will be the subject of this session. Creating a customer -centric thinking organization that positively differentiates itself against the competition will be explored.

Participants will:

  • Understand the attributes of customer thinking organizations and how to build those attributes in their own organizations and use them as differentiators in the market
  • Understand how to evaluate, measure and improve the customer experience through structure, process and cultural transformation
  • Learn how to leverage the organization's inherent strengths to support the delivery of customer experience consistency



Voice of the Client

"The last three feet"

Joseph (Joe) Batista, Director & Chief Creatologist, Hewlett-Packard Company

In this presentation, Joe Batista, Chief Creatologist for Hewlett-Packard, will share the challenges experienced at HP when faced with creating value for its clients, and how a rich dialogue results in measurable business performance.

What happens during the last three feet of a sales engagement --- the conversation between the sales professional and the client? Collaboration between sales and marketing can help transform that conversation into action. Through a series of case studies Joe will explore customer insights, the application of innovation and the business conversations for creating net new value. Value which in the client’s eyes has major balance sheet impact!

Key Take-Aways:

  • Creating business conversations for results
  • Aligning talent & company franchises with client business objectives
  • Synchronizing assets
  • Leveraging a firm's portfolio of assets 
  • What does marketing air cover look like


Networking, Refreshment and Exhibition Break


This is your opportunity to design a program structure to meet your unique needs. You can build a program that suits you and your requirements best by choosing from the multi-streamed sessions. The concurrent sessions offer the flexibility to switch from one track to another and pick and choose which sessions suit your individual needs best.

     1: Driving Strategy via Customer Insights
     2: Profit-Driven Sales Strategies
     3: Next Practices in Internet Marketing
     4: Optimizing Marketing Resources and Investments


INTERACTIVE Breakout Sessions: Create, Communicate & Connect

Participant-driven discussions focusing on your key challenges and concerns.
Choose one of the following:

PC1. Optimize the Customer-Channel Mix


Robert Drew, Director, Channel Strategy, Coca-Cola North America

Companies can maximize revenue and profitability of products & services with the right customer-channel mix.  We will discuss the importance of a clear channel strategy (role of channel, sales & service model, pricing plan, et al) for creating and capturing value.  Key topics of discussion for this interactive session include:

  • Case Study
  • Various techniques including Channel Segmentation, Customer 
        Clustering, Prescriptive Bundles

    PC2. Capitalize on Cross- and Upsell Opportunities


    Daniel Obodovski, Director, Business Development, QUALCOMM Inc.

    There has been much discussion among sales professionals about increasing our share of customer's wallet.  How to outsmart your competition in getting more of your customer's spending?  Or perhaps even create a new source of customer's spending?


    This discussion will focus on ways to up-sell and cross-sell customers in strategic and non-traditional ways.  We will talk about real world examples, share stories, identify pitfalls and ways to solve them.  Some of the topics include:

  • Leveraging customer knowledge
  • Utilizing strategic sales as change-agents
  • Customer's perspective on up-selling
  • How to reward sales innovation

    PC3. Metrics Framework for the Web and Interactive Marketing:  How to Successfully Build/Deploy/Execute



     Kristine Kelley, Director, Site Management Global Interactive
     Marketing, Motorola Inc.

     In this interactive session, we will discuss how to define a metrics  
     framework that enables the measurement and analysis of your 
     interactive marketing activities and business health of your web channel.

    Key discussion points include:

  • How to build a framework: Process & Methodology.
  • Key Considerations when identifying your framework.
  • Definitions and taxonomy - Speaking the same language.
  • Governance - How to make it live and thrive

     PC4. Customer Segmentation: Identifying and Serving Your Most
            Promising Prospects and Customers for Greater ROI


     Patricia Hewitt, Vice President, Business Development, Fiserv Credit 
     Processing Services

    In this interactive session, the art and science of zeroing in on your very best prospects and highest value clients without leaving the rest of your customers in the dust will be discussed.

    Key discussion points include:

    • Pinpointing the key indicators of "high value" relationships.
    • Using trigger events to identify changes in client needs.
    • Effective prospect qualification methods.
    • Tracking the end result - how do you know you got it 
  • 11:45am


    Play the “wheel” and join a series of rapid-fire one-on-one meetings with leading solution providers.


    The Power Lunch - Networking Discussions Hosted by Industry Leaders

    Practitioners and solution providers host a menu of luncheon roundtable discussions on pertinent industry issues. Dine and dish with industry experts. The list of roundtable discussion topics will be available on-site.


    INTERACTIVE Breakout Sessions: Create, Communicate & Connect

    Participant-driven discussions focusing on your key challenges and concerns.

    Choose one of the following:

    TT1. Balancing Data and Dialog: Cultivating Insights that Matter


    Barb Murphy, President, Weyforth-Haas Marketing

    Data often surfaces the issues or challenges your organization may face as it relates to customer acquisition or retention, but it takes a dialog with the customer to really understand the reasons behind issues. Most organizations fail to leverage the combined power of transactional data and customer voice to glean relevant and actionable insights that truly shape and drive successful marketing strategy. From product development to brand positioning, this session is designed to get you thinking outside of the "data" box.

    This interactive ThinkTank will focus on identifying:

    • Barriers to accessing relevant customer Data
    • The most effective methodologies to facilitate worthwhile Dialog
    • A process for bringing the data and dialog together to develop 
      actionable insights.
    • Potential cost drivers and ways to overcome them.

    TT2. Building an All-Star Sales Force: Talent Management Strategies
            that Drive Sales Execution


    Jeff Del Rossa, General Manager, Sales Talent Optimization
    Practice, Development Dimensions International, Inc. (DDI)

    Bradford Thomas, Marketing Manager, Selection Solutions, Development Dimensions International, Inc. (DDI)

    Participants will discover how to transform good sales performers into sales stars during this interactive session where they’ll learn how to successfully navigate through common issues faced when implementing a sales talent strategy.

    Participants will learn how to:

    • Identify the best sales professionals by using success profiles to match what you need in a sales person to your sales strategy
    • Make more informed hiring decisions to find the sales stars who not only fit your strategy, but will deliver results
    • Identify and develop the sales people with the ability and desire to become the next generation of leaders

    TT3. Balancing Web 2.0 & User Generated Initiatives with Traditional   


    Tara Lamberson, Vice President of Marketing, MindComet

    Online communities, blogs and Web 2.0 developments spawn by the thousands, covering the Web with consumer produced advertisements and marketing messages. The seamless integration of this user generated content (UGC) with traditional marketing is essential to maintaining a balanced engagement cycle with your target audience.

    This interactive session will:

    • Discuss where user generated & Web 2.0 initiatives compliment traditional marketing
    • Determine how to bring your internal team on board with a social media model
    • Question the relevance of UGC within online marketing strategies and weigh with the associated risks

    TT4. Justify the Value of Your Marketing Efforts to Internal Stakeholders


    Ian Wolfman, Senior Vice President, imc²

    Often we’ve heard the old adage from John Wanamaker that “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”  It used to be that finding the proverbial half of your marketing spend was the key to justifying a campaign’s value, but today the stakes are much higher as media and marketing channels concurrently fragment and blur.  In this rapidly evolving marketing landscape, garnering support for your marketing initiatives becomes more crucial to achieving success than ever.

    What are today’s best practices for justifying the value of your marketing efforts to stakeholders, and dare I say maximizing praise and additional budgets in the process?  In this interactive session, you’ll walk away with practical methods for garnering stakeholder support from a variety of perspectives including an understanding of:

  • How different mindsets can contribute to achieving stakeholder support
  • What personal actions you can take to enhance support for your 
        marketing initiatives
  • How your company’s corporate culture might impact your ability to
        achieve stakeholder endorsement
  • How to influence corporate systems and operate within them to
        substantiate your marketing results
  • 3:15pm

    Networking, Refreshment and Exhibition Break


    Concurrent Case History Sessions
    Choose one of the following:

    1. Building, Managing and Measuring Strategic Partnerships

    Mike Brown, Vice President of Strategic Market Planning and Market Research, YRC Worldwide Inc.

    In dynamic situations, it’s imperative for marketing & sales professionals to be able to develop & sustain strategic partnerships with multiple audiences – customers, suppliers, employees, and other parties critical to a company’s performance. The common element among all these potential partnerships is being smart and flexible about the relationships that you choose to cultivate.

    This session will highlight key partnership lessons learned at YRC Worldwide, a Fortune 500 transportation & logistics services company that successfully completed a major turnaround and then tripled in size during a thirty month period through several major acquisitions. Among the lessons covered in this session will be:

    •  Comprehensively establishing the criteria to select the best
       strategic partners
    • Finding shared wins to align your partnership
    • Using planning approaches to build sustainable successes

    2. Engaging Customers Through Serious Gaming

     Stephanie Bittner, Director of Brand Advertising and Communications 

      Key Take-Aways:

    • Using serious gaming to address key business concerns
    • Leveraging new media to enhance interactivity with the brand
    • Using new media to engage customers in innovative ways
    • How to promote and capitalize on the viral nature of an online game
    • Balancing brand messaging with issue oriented messaging in a serious game


    Concurrent Case History Sessions
    Choose one of the following:

    Enhancing the Customers Experience by Making The Most of Multi-
        Channel Strategies During a Major Life Stage Event

     Veronica Smith Katz, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, David's 
     Bridal, Inc.

    Within the first five years of marriage, apart from the purchase of a   
    house, the average American couple will never again spend (nor 
    influence) so much and so fast. In this session you will learn how 
    David’s Bridal, the largest bridal retailer in the U.S. developed an 
    effective sales and marketing strategy that enhanced the customers 
    experience by partnering with best in brand companies to deliver 
    multichannel sales and marketing strategies during the wedding event 
    and beyond.

    • The essence of David’s Bridal - Enhancing the customer’s experience
    • Who is the bride, where is she looking and why is she so important to you?
    • Marrying off line and on line multichannel marketing strategies
    • Word of mouth marketing – Brides are future brand ambassadors

    2. Look at What Matters Most: Measurement Beyond the Click

     Mark Ebel, Director, Online Marketing, Toys R Us/Babies R Us

     Many organizations today face the same issues – their stores drive most
     of the sales for their firm, but the online sites have all the growth. 

     Web sites can measure traffic and sales, but can they also measure
     issues relating to brand, customer purchase intent and customer
     feelings on the stores that they shop at - by means outside of a usual
     online survey?  

     We would suggest that this is happening – and the winners in online
     commerce will know how to read the changing online feedback that
     customers are giving about the issues that they care about – and make
     changes before customers decide to move away to a competitor. 

     Participants will see examples that comment on :

  • Why do some companies have a market dominant position in a
        product line in their stores, but not online 
  • How can a company understand the impact of free shipping on
        incremental sales – or is this a cost of business 
  • When can online marketing significantly impact store sales

    Key Discussion Points:
  • Paying attention to the online consumer actions that influence
        online and store sales 
  • Learning how to find the top three online metrics that influence your
        business sales
  • 5:15pm

    Interactive Panel Discussions
    Choose one of the following:

    1. Vital Viewpoints and Buckets of Beer: The perfect mix of
        content and refreshments

    "Sales and Marketing Collaboration"


    Paul LeBlanc, Senior Vice President Global Transaction Banking, Scotiabank 

    Solution Provider Panelists Include:

    Robert Dolan, Senior Director of Marketing, Business Objects
    Lewis Miller, President, The Sant Corporation
    Robert Lesser, President, Direct Impact Marketing Inc.

    Thought Leader Panelists Include:

    Jim Braselton, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Lafarge N.A. 
    Nancy Lonsinger, Vice President, Diabetes Care Marketing, Roche Diagnostics Corporation

     A panel of solution providers identify specific emerging trends, 
     challenges and pain points they are observing in the market. The  
     solution provider panel is then cross-examined by a panel of Thought 
     Leaders on the implications and impact of these trends on strategy and 
     tactical implementation.

     To quench your thirst, we will be supplying a bucket of beer and wine 
     coolers for you to enjoy during this late afternoon session

    2. Vital Viewpoints and Buckets of Beer: The perfect mix of content and

       Advanced Search Tactics – Playing the Right Card at the Right Time


     Mila D'Antonio, Managing Editor, 1to1 Magazine, Peppers & Rogers
     Group, a division of Carlson Marketing Worldwide

     Solution Provider Panelists Include:

     Stephen Turcotte, Chief Executive Officer, Backbone Media
     Duncan White, Director of Client Services, Oneupweb
     Kristine Segrist, Director, East Coast Strategy, Outrider
     North America

     Thought Leader Panelists Include:

     Carrie Bolton, Director, Interactive Marketing, GMAC Residential 

     Carole Cross, GM, eMarketing, Armstrong World Industries

     A panel of solution providers identify specific emerging trends, 
     challenges and pain points they are observing in the market. The 
     solution provider panel is then cross-examined by a panel of Thought
     Leaders on the implications and impact of these trends on strategy and
     tactical implementation.

     To quench your thirst, we will be supplying a bucket of beer and wine  
     coolers for you to enjoy during this late afternoon session.


    Networking Reception


    Wine and Dine

    Tuesday, July 24, 2007 - GENERAL SESSION


    Continental Breakfast and Exhibition



    Ice Breaker and Overview

    Patrick Nugent, Executive MindXchange Chaiperson, Frost & Sullivan



    Measure, Manage and Maximize Your Return on Customer Investment

    James Mendelsohn, Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Capital One

    Doug Kershner, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer,
    SHC Direct


    Executive Insight


    Profitable Growth in Emerging Markets


    R. Siisi Adu-Gyamfi, Senior Vice President International and Marketing
    Textron Inc.

     Growth comes in all forms -- increase share of existing products in 
     current markets, move up and down the value chain, introduce new
     products, expand into new businesses and expand into international
     markets etc. This session will explore expansion into emerging markets.
     The stages of entering emerging markets, key investment
     considerations, pitfalls and risk/reward will be discussed.

     A case study of a US company that took the leap in 1993 to China
     and its successes in 2003 and beyond will also be discussed.


    Networking, Refreshment and Exhibition Break


    INTERACTIVE Breakout Sessions: Create, Communicate & Connect

    Participant-driven discussions focusing on your key challenges and concerns.
    Choose one of the following:

    MS1. Transforming Your Organization to be More Customer-Centric

     David Resnick, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, TFC Inc.

     Thought Leader Panelists Include:

     Velma Knowles, Managing Director, Marketing, AAA Auto Club South

     Patricia Hewitt, Vice President, Business Development, Fiserv Credit 
     Processing Services

     Robert Jones, Vice President Sales Support Operations, Qwest

     Ted Jansen, Vice President, Online Retail, Expedia, Inc.

     David Smith, Director, Marketing Operations, Schneider Electric

     In today’s hyper competitive markets, customer retention and growth
     has become vastly more difficult and complex.  Executives realize that
     transforming and aligning their marketing, sales and technology teams
     round the customers’ needs is required to maximize revenue and 
     profits; however many enterprises struggle with adoption internally and
     traction externally.  Executives need to build a strong business case
     along with matching metrics to garner the required resources for this
     challenging transition.

     Key questions that this interaction session will address include:

  • What is the business case for transitioning your traditional marketing
        model to a customer centric enterprise?
  • How have organizations overcome critical obstacles in the transition?
  • What technology tools have been employed to facilitate the transition?
  • How do you know if your tactics are delivering increased customer
        retention and profits?
  • What customer centric metrics have you used?  Which ones worked?

     MS2. Stop Commoditization: Get Paid for Your High Value Solutions


     Don Gray, President, Sales Engineering Group

     Thought Leader Panelists Include:

     Jim Braselton, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Lafarge N.A. 

     The frustration facing many executives is the inability to differentiate
     their products and services in the eyes of their customer. When there is 
     a gap between the value that products and services are designed to
     deliver to customers and the value that customers are able to
     understand and actually achieve, the result is loss of bottom-line

     Key challenges this interactive session will cover include:

    • The primary causes of commoditization of complex solutions
    •  How to transition from a product to a solution sale
    • How to move beyond the "value added" to "value assurance" and create an unwavering confidence to invest within your customer
    •  How price negotiations and profitability are impacted by value  dilution

     MS3. Brand Building: Engaging Your Target Audience with Rich Media
             and Video


     Christopher B. Young, Executive Vice President, Rich Media, 
     DoubleClick Inc.

     Thought Leader Panelist Include:

     Bladimiar Norman, Director of Interactive Marketing, Paramount 

     Craig Oldham, Director, Internet Marketing, Allstate Insurance    

     Kyoo "Q" Kim, Vice President of Sales, 

     Barbara Cerf, Corporate Vice President, Women’s Market,
     New York Life 

     Research has shown that rich media and video generate higher brand
     awareness and positively affects purchase intent more than any other
     online ad format. Used effectively, it can offer marketers the chance to
     extend brand reach and provide customers with a more immersive and
     engaging advertising experience. But it's easy to fall into some of the
     obvious traps and miss the chance to really connect with your
     customers. Come hear this panel of distinguished rich media experts
     talk about how to use rich media to your advantage in crafting your
     overall marketing strategy.

     Key opportunities and challenges this interactive discussion will cover

    •  Effective use of rich media and video to stand out in a cluttered
       online environment
    •  Best practices for increasing brand awareness and interaction --
       i.e., Giving your customer a worthwhile thing to do, avoiding
       overcomplicated ads, steering clear of the annoyance factor and 
       maximizing logo presence
    •  Seeing beyond the click-through and understanding the robust
       array of rich media metrics available. E.g., view through,
       interaction rates and times, conversion, midpoint, average view
       times and completes for video
    • How to determine true ROI on rich media and video metrics

     MS4. The Secret to Effective B-to-B Lead Management


     Rich Rocco, Fogelman College of Business and Economics, University
     of Memphis

     Thought Leader Panelists Include:

     Dyann Calder, Director, Market Development, Cartus
     Brian Waldman, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy,
     Merchant Warehouse 
     David Tjaden, Vice President, Business Marketing, UnitedHealthcare

     If ineffective lead management practices continue to foster a gap 
     between your sales and marketing organizations, you are not alone.
     What should B2B marketers do to improve their lead management
     process in order to start closing this gap? Participate in this hands-on
     session and you’ll get the opportunity to interact directly with your peers
     at other companies, learning (or sharing) some of the secrets to be
     more successful in developing high quality B2B leads and improving
     sales-marketing alignment.

     Here’s a sampling of the questions that will be addressed:

    • Which lead management strategies and tactics are working best for finding prospective customers and capturing their contact information and moving them from awareness to inquiry to consideration to purchase?
    • Which lead management strategies and tactics are working best for finding additional sales and revenue opportunities from your existing customers?
    • How can B2B marketers most effectively engage sales on lead generation issues in order to improve sales-marketing alignment?

    • Which aspects of your lead management process should be handled in-house and which are better outsourced?
    • What is the best way to close the loop on results and determine your ROI from lead management programs?


  • 11:30am


    Play the "wheel" and join a series of rapid-fire, one-on-one meetings with leading solution providers.


    Food for Thought:  Networking Luncheon Featuring Thought Leader Hosted Roundtables

    Thought Leaders host a menu of luncheon discussions on pertinent industry issues. Dine and dish with industry experts. The list of discussion topics will be available on-site.


    INTERACTIVE Breakout Sessions: Create, Communicate & Connect

    Participant-driven discussions focusing on your key challenges and concerns.
    Choose one of the following:

    RT1. Customer Data Integration

    Creating a Single View of Your Customer


     Bernard Gracy, Vice President Global Strategy, Product Management, 
     and Marketing, Pitney Bowes Group 1 Software

     The data you need to run applications, understand customers and make 
     critical business decisions is likely already in our possession. But for
     most companies, this information is stored in disparate systems using
     inconsistent formats making it unwieldy if not impossible to get the
     answers you need. Data Integration deals with these real-world
     obstacles by combining two or more data sets in ways that support your
     specific information management needs.

     The idea of pulling together data to get a more accurate view of 
     customers is not a new concept. Businesses have been creating data
     warehouses and data marts for years. And while issues around data
     quality and accuracy still exist, users are often faced with a greater
     challenge-how to analyze files and create usable output.

     This interactive session will discuss the obstacles and challenges that 
     you face today, and the benefits of reaching that single view of your

     Key Take-Aways:

    • Transform disparate data into actionable information
    • Bring data together for customer analytics, billing consolidation, address quality, business to business communication, and much more
    • Use effective data integration to drive up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

     RT2. Sales Resource Optimization


     Scott Sims, Principal, ZS Associates

    • Achieving market coverage that maximizes profitable organic growth is a complex challenge for most B2B organizations
    • Sustaining growth in increasingly competitive markets is moving market coverage optimization (MCO) to the forefront of marketing and sales leader agendas
    • Balancing sales force and channel territories contributes to optimum sales effort
    • The sales force should be selling, not....
    • Join in on the discussion regarding emerging methodologies, tools and business processes

    RT3. Balancing Paid and Organic Search


     Patricia Hursh, President and Founder, SmartSearch Marketing

     This interactive session will focus on the two main aspects of search 
     engine marketing: pay-per-click search advertising (PPC) and search
     engine optimization (SEO). The session will focus on how searchers
     respond to various types of listings, the pros and cons of each method,
     how to decide which to use and when, best ways to integrate, and how
     to measure/compare results.

     Key Take-Aways:

    • SEO vs PPC decision criteria
    • Compelling reasons to integrate both methods
    • How to isolate and measure results
    • Tips on maximizing your ROI

    RT4. Establish a Sustainable Competitive Advantage through Effective
            Marketing Intelligence
     Don Neal, Chief Executive Officer, Private Equity Marketing Inc. 

     The data made me do it!  Marketing intelligence is not market research -
     this is not about cookie lined focus group rooms or cameras in your
     shower - it is however about understanding real life, in market response
     at the campaign level and using it to drive success metrics. In this
     interactive session we will focus on how to acquire and interpret in-
     market data from multiple channels and across various consumer
     constituencies (prospects, customers and influencers) in a closed-loop
     feedback system in order to optimize the consumer experience and
     generate the maximum customer value.

     Key Take-Aways include:

  • Cohort level segmentation - Framing the opportunity and creating a
        targeting hierarchy
  • Evolving data into insights - developing personas, mapping a user
        experience, creating dynamic communications and co-owning the
        moments of truth with your consumer
  • Analytics best practices: Using reporting to optimize consumer
        experiences across the key touch points...often in real time
  • 3:00pm

    Networking, Refreshment and Exhibition Break



    Ask the Experts! Panel Discussions
    Choose one of the following:

    1. Linking Branding with Corporate Strategy


    Brian Chapman, Director of Marketing Communications, Honeywell, Inc.


    Panelists Include:

     Velma Knowles, Managing Director, Marketing, AAA Auto Club South

     Randall Rozin, Global Director, Branding & Marketing 
     Communications,  Dow Corning Corporation

     David Smith, Director, Marketing Operations, Schneider Electric

    C-level executives know the brand is an extremely important corporate asset, critical to the success of their organizations.  But do they understand the nuances required to keep the brand "king" and hold marketers, communicators and sales executeves accountable for both upholding brand values and protecting brand reputation.  This reality provides both a challenge and an opportunity for senior marketing executives to, among others:

  • Validate and direct corporate strategy
  • Navigate the nuances of keeping the brand "king"
  • Ensuring the brand accurately represents the business


    2. Harnessing the Power of Blogs



     Grier Graham, Vice President Sales & Marketing, TechDirt, Inc.

     Panelists Include:

     Peter S. Mahoney, Vice President, Worldwide Marketing & Operations
     Speech Division, Nuance Communications, Inc.

     David Doucette, Director Internet Strategy, Fairmont Hotels &

     Rick Short, Marcom Director, Indium Corporation

     Lee Aase, Manager - Media Relations, Research Communications and
     New Media, Mayo Clinic

     Jeremiah Owyang, Director of Corporate Media Strategy,

     Many companies now routinely monitor the web to track what bloggers
     are saying about their services and products. Some intrepid companies
     go a step further setting up their own blogs or allow their employees to
     blog and comment on other blogs in order to have a voice in the free-
     ranging un-moderated discussion that’s taking place every hour of
     every day on the internet in real-time. But companies on the cutting
     edge are harnessing the power of blogs in exciting new ways and taking
     their marketing efforts to a whole new level.

     Share the knowledge and gain insight from our expert panel with
     experience from the bleeding edge of the blogosphere. Learn the new
     strategies they’ve developed and are implementing to gain even more
     value from blogs and blogging.

     The panel will offer tips and ideas for monitoring blogs, discuss the right 
     ways and the wrong was to take part in a blog "discussion," how to
     interact with bloggers and the dos and don’t ever dos of corporate
     blogging. They’ll also discuss new ways to tap into independent bloggers
     as a reservoir of ideas and a source of insightful commentary and
     analysis for your corporate blog.

  • 4:30pm


    Lifetime Achievement Awards 2007: Honoring Pioneers of Sales and Marketing


    Mila D'Antonio, Managing Editor, 1to1 Magazine, Peppers & Rogers
    Group, a division of Carlson Marketing Worldwide

    Award Recipients Include:

     Fredrik Winterlind, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Management  
     Solutions, CH2M HILL
     Donald R. Friedman, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
     CA, Inc.
     Artie Bulgrin, Senior Vice President, Research & Sales Development
     ESPN, Inc. 
     Jeff Hazylett, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President, Graphic
     Communications Group, Kodak





    Crab and Clambake Festival

    Wednesday, July 25, 2007 - MORNING WORKSHOPS


    Continental Breakfast and Exhibition
    Choose one of the following:

    WS1. Transform Value Based Solutions into Profitable Sales Developing a Sales 2.0 Organization


     Workshop Leaders:

     Bob Schmonsees, Founder, Value Mapping Consortium, Author,
     Escaping the Black Hole

     John Holland, Best Selling Author, Customer Centric Selling,
     Cofounder, CustomerCentric Systems, LLC

     Abhijit Shome, Vice President Product Strategy and KPI Expert,
     Landslide Technologies Inc.

     Razi Imam, Chief Executive Officer, Landslide Technologies Inc.

     The world of sales has changed. Salespeople are now working from
     remote offices or their homes. They are largely selling using techniques
     of “Distance Selling” and do not have the luxury of face-to-face
     meetings, they have to be supremely process oriented and need to
     adopt more effective ways of selling, having meaningful conversations,
     quantifying value, creating urgency, and establishing competitive

     This new environment of selling depends heavily on remote web based
     collaboration, high level of interaction with the buyer, instant access to
     sales information, ability to share documents with the team, and most
     importantly getting guidance to follow the best process for closing the

    This is a hands-on workshop that focuses on developing the tenants of a Sales 2.0 organization.

    • How to develop a comprehensive selling process that can be followed by a sales force that is working out of remote offices or homes
    • How to develop sales messaging that allows sales people to have meaningful conversation with the C-Level suite
    • How to map buyer’s buying process to the organization’s selling process
    • How to run your sales organization using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • How to hire the right sales team to build your Sales 2.0 organization

    WS2. Search and Cross-Channel Integration: How Search Marketing and Other Media Together Drive Results

     Workshop Leaders:
     Patrick Garrett, Managing Director-St. Louis, Outrider

     Kristine Segrist, Director, East Coast Strategy, Outrider

     comScore Networks

     What does Search Marketing have to do with TV buys, print ads, display
     advertising, YouTube, MySpace, radio, direct mail and other cross-
     channel media?  Results.

     An integrated strategy does not only make your search marketing more
     relevant to your overall marketing program, but also more relevant to
     your consumers.  Join us as we discuss the impact integrating search
     with your cross-channel planning can have on your business.  As the
     dedicated search center of excellence for four of the world’s largest
     media buying companies, we will share with you insights on strategies
     for integration and dissect how advertisers are successfully executing
     integrated search strategies today.

     The true value of your integrated strategy cannot be discovered without
     examining search-driven behavior and how your cross-channel media
     and search results are connected.  We will take an in-depth look at
     cross-channel analytics and how these results are shaping the media
     planning process for leading global brands.


    What is Integration?
    Quantifying your results through Cross-Channel Analytics


    Refreshment Break


     Strategies for Integration – How advertisers are integrating search
     Search Engine Innovations
     How to integrate your media agencies


    Workshop Concludes






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