TEAM Methodology

Frost & Sullivan's Growth Partnership Services program is built on our TEAM methodology. We apply this approach to ensure that our clients achieve a balanced view of the global marketplace and make informed strategic decisions to reach their businesses' growth objectives.

Technical: real-time market intelligence that includes emerging technologies, new R&D breakthroughs, technology forecasting, and technology impact analysis.


Technical Insights Research: primary research on emerging technology developments by companies, universities, and government labs from across the globe; in-depth research, insight, intelligence, and analysis of applications and technologies, including time frames for technology commercialization and opportunities for licensing and collaboration, including full contact details for the developers.

Technical Insights Alerts: relevant research articles discussing emerging and disruptive technologies in the industry, delivered to the client’s e-mail inbox on a weekly basis.

Econometric: in-depth research focused on timely and critical global, regional, and country-specific trends, including the political, demographic, and socioeconomic landscapes.


Country Industry Forecasts: socio-metric, econometric, demographic, political, and regulatory market information by country to keep clients current on factors affecting the countries in which they currently operate; helps clients identify geographic expansion opportunities and support market growth.

Decision Support Databases: quantitative data tables in spreadsheet format, including demand, supply, select customer demographics, and pertinent economic measurements by market sector; allows clients to quickly identify and analyze valuable information with access to comprehensive global coverage of 48 leading countries, over a nine-year span.

Economic Impact Articles: condensed research articles that discuss timely, relevant, and critical economic trends within and related to the client’s industry.

Application: insightful strategies and best practices that can be applied for enhanced market growth; interactions between the client and Frost & Sullivan representatives to provide added value and usability.


Award Banquets: annual award banquets to recognize outstanding industry achievements by top companies in regional and global markets; cover areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development.

Best Practices Research: research that highlights best practices in the industry and that can be used to benchmark success in the market; developed through in-depth interviews, market analysis, performance measurements, and comparisons of market participants; research is delivered throughout the year, and awards are presented at Frost & Sullivan’s Annual Awards Banquets.

Financial Benchmarking & Analysis: comprehensive financial analysis of various industries, highlighting major market and financial trends in key growth segments. The Business & Financial Services group serves global clients in all aspects of financial analysis, market research, consulting, idea generation, opportunity analysis, investment valuation, and other proprietary and custom research. We meet the needs of our global clients in all aspects of due diligence (business plan validation, technological feasibility, market growth assumptions, pricing assumptions, competitive response, risk-analysis, etc.), investment idea generation, opportunity analysis, market monitoring, growth consulting, proprietary deal flow, outsourcing, as well as financial market research and custom consulting.

Movers & Shakers Interviews: in-depth research interviews and case studies with the industries' most admired market leaders.

Executive Summits: events which are 80% interactive programs that address challenges senior-level management face and encourage strategy development; allows participants to network, benchmark, and forge new business relationships with their peers in the industry.

Executive Briefings: collection of powerful executive presentations, best practices research, market leader commentaries, case studies, business challenges, and opportunities.

GIL Community Newsletter: monthly newsletters for each of the industries Frost & Sullivan covers; each edition offers market research snapshots, technology insights, forecasting tools, and discussion of hot topics and opportunities for growth in your industry, all from the global expert analyst and market consulting teams.

Analyst Briefings: 30-to-45 minute interactive Web conference covering industry-related hot topics, including opportunities for growth, presented by a Frost & Sullivan analyst; followed by live Q&A session, allowing participants to address specific issues with the presenting analyst.

Analyst Inquiry Hours: opportunities to speak one-on-one with our industry analysts to address specific questions on the client’s market sector, analyze individual research deliverables, obtain more in-depth information, and identify opportunities and develop winning strategies.

Strategic Forecasting: strategic analysis of service providers and solution integrators, with emphasis on analyzing sales and distribution channel strategies, partnerships, and managed solution offerings.

Market: market segment analysis that provides drivers and restraints, market trends, regulatory changes, competitive insights, growth forecasts, industry challenges, end-user perceptions, and strategic recommendations.


Customer Research: end-user research gathered through face-to-face sessions, telephone interviews, and Internet surveys; state-of-the-art qualitative and quantitative analysis to help clients derive deep insights into customer behavior and attitudes.

Market Engineering Research: measurement-based market research and strategies developed through our exclusive market engineering methodology; presents an accurate picture of the current and future global marketplace to help clients uncover risks and market drivers, overcome challenges, and take advantage of opportunities for growth.

Market Insights: highly relevant, condensed research articles that cover key market trends, as well as industry specific opportunities and challenges.

We also offer Customized Research and Consulting Services to help our clients grow.


Corporate Training & Development: customized in-company training solutions that help clients achieve their strategic objectives through their people; clients can develop skills, behaviors, and knowledge in sales, marketing, management, and technology with curriculum tailored to the specific needs of the firm.

Growth Workshops: custom workshops held at the client’s business site to deeply explore the state of the market and identify and prioritize a narrow portfolio of key market opportunities from a larger pool of options; attendees gain extensive knowledge of the current market and are trained on evaluation tools and techniques to translate market, technical, and economic implications into specific growth opportunities.

Growth Consulting: customized research, business strategy, and organizational development initiatives that provide uniquely powerful, innovative, and practical solutions to help companies successfully address their growth challenges; custom consulting projects are tailor-made on a case-by-case basis and leverage our unique combination of market expertise, global presence, and relationships with key industry players.

White Papers: thorough research articles and/or reports written by our market research analysts and/or industry experts that cover new technologies and products; compiled and developed in partnership with the client.

Client Portals: customized delivery platform on for access to owned services; integrates the client’s needs with Frost & Sullivan resources and is the starting point to accessing critical data for decision-making support.

Industry Tracker: automatic notification service that alerts clients to new, relevant content, research, market information, and news as it becomes available on; sends an alert regarding new content directly to the client’s e-mail inbox; based on each user’s specific market needs.

Client Councils: client discussions with our global team of industry experts and market analysts to guarantee satisfaction, identify the best growth opportunities, and provide input on upcoming research.



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