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A leading global communications company was looking to build ultra-high speed, ultra-high volume photonic networks. The client was interested in discovering the potential for all applications for these laser diodes with a view to possibly expanding into areas that were not traditional for the company. They decided to engage Frost & Sullivan to research and analyze the progress of these networks and provide insightful analysis and recommendations that would guide them in their decision-making.

The Process:

Frost & Sullivan’s team of emerging technology analysts identified and evaluated the potential applications for diode lasers of the required wavelength utilizing our extensive knowledge base in the subject and first-person interviews with technology developers in academic institutions, national labs, and leading companies.

With the views of scientists, engineers, strategic planners, and marketing experts in the marketplace for diode lasers, they identified the leading applications and ranked them based on the likelihood of an industry adoption. Next, analysts with expertise in electronics and laser applications interviewed end-user market participants in different industries globally to identify and evaluate operating technologies in this technical market space to give the client a complete view of the technology and its potential impact on the market.

Research Measurements:

Frost & Sullivan delivered a detailed report that identified different types of laser diode technologies in this market space, and identified the suitable applications for each type. The team projected the level of penetration of laser diodes in various applications. Additionally, major technology developers and end-users were identified and profiled for each industry, and the applications where the greatest growth was likely to occur were identified.


As a result of the efforts of Frost & Sullivan's global analyst team, the client was armed with the information it needed to make informed decisions on where to invest its time and money.


Client Testimonials

Technical Insights Research Services

"We consider Frost & Sullivan's TECHNICAL INSIGHTS reports a key strategic resource in our New Product Development (NPD) process. Their detailed industry information and technology tracking helped us develop over 10 new products in 2003."

Zyvex Corporation

"I find Technical Insights particularly helpful in helping me maintain a current overview of a range of technology areas and market opportunities I have under review. The alerts service brings the knowledge to you and makes keeping up to speed much more efficient than previously."

Vice President
Rolls-Royce Corporation

"I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciated our collaboration. You did a great job and I count on you to congratulate your team for that very comprehensive piece of work."

Science and Technology Strategic Planner

"I find your service very valuable in my function. The information is well presented with the right level of detail. Your e-mail notification process is also quite useful in alerting me on relevant topics."

Director Corporate Technology
Siemens Corporation

"Frost & Sullivan is a strong addition to our technical and industry information resources. Their reports, Market Insight information, and product/industry Alerts provide a perspective not received from other sources."

Vice President
Mitsubishi Corporation

"Frost & Sullivan's TECHNICAL INSIGHTS reports have been instrumental in keeping me in line with the newest technologies. It will allow me to help develop our products in a way to best serve our future clients."

Vice President & General Manager
Tadiran Batteries, Inc.

"I find the Science & Government alert a timely summary of key S&T activities involving our federal government leadership, key agencies and industry."

Vice President
GE Global R&D

"Frost & Sullivan's Technical Insights deliver the ability to form a rapid and informed opinion on market and technologic-specific potential and dynamics. They proved to be a valuable source of information and to underpin the early stages of a diverse number of opportunity appraisals."

Vice President Corporate Venturing

"Technical Insights provides a convenient Web-based service for tracking nanotechnology trends. The technical alerts and publications are timely and relevant. The fact that the information is readily accessible by anyone in our company makes it an even more powerful tool."

Manager, Nanotechnology Ventures
Engelhard Corporation

"I think your reports are among the best available that I've come across."

Assistant Managing Editor
Genetic Engineering News
Technical Insights Consulting

This is an excellent consulting project from Technical Insights. We are looking forward to the next one.

Director of Corporate Research
Procter & Gamble

The Technical Insights research team has given us a great consulting project under tight pressure and in a short space of time.

Managing Director
Boeing, Phantom Works

Aventis Pasteur is very satisfied with the result of this Technical Insights consulting research.

Director of Corporate Research
Aventis Pasteur

Your work is always top-notch, and I would not hesitate to call on you in the future.

Director of Information Research
General Motors

"You are a life saver! Thank you for the quick response."
"Thanks so much! This is perfect. We appreciate your quick turn around on this."

Zyvex Corporation

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