Civil and Commercial Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) - Benefits to European Society

Royal Aeronautical Society, London, October 21st 2005


Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen

On behalf of UAVNET, BAE Systems and Frost & Sullivan, I would like to welcome you all to this Civil & Commercial UAV workshop.

It is a privilege for me to be here with you on behalf of UAVENT – a forum co-funded by the European Commission to examine the impact and benefits of UAVs in European society.

Over the last 3 years, its partners have come together to address issues of fundamental importance to policy makers, to the private sector, and more broadly to the people of Europe. Covering applications from homeland security to future communications services. And research and development from hybrid power systems to autonomous reasoning and judgement.

The CAPECON and USICO initiatives are a good example of this effort – as we will see in Mr. Charlie Hewitt’s presentation.

Now, this takes me to the objectives of our workshop today.

These are:

  • To present the findings of UAVNET’s European Civil & Commercial UAV Roadmap - "25 Nations for a European Breakthrough"
  • Discussion on the technical aspects and the benefits of this Roadmap
  • Assessment of the civil UAV market and its key enablers
  • and finally, a discussion on the UK’s role in strengthening the European civil and commercial market for UAVs

At this point, I would like to take the opportunity to thank our speakers and contributors today – for their time, insight and dedication to the future of UAVs. And I am confident that our discussions here today will help us fulfil the objectives mentioned.

Today I know that we – as UAV players - have made tremendous progress. For today we have broad consensus in Europe that a UAV roadmap is necessary and urgent.

The future of this market is not just about technology innovation – it’s also about the innovation of spirit and mindsets.

And, as I keep telling myself every single day:

Building for the future is always "work in progress".


Thank you

Manuel Magalhães
Aerospace & Defence Practice


Nick Miller - Thales Group

CAA Spectrum
John Mettrop - UK Civil Aviation Authority

F & S Civil Commercial Markets
Chris Cradock - Frost & Sullivan

F & S Potential Benefits of Roadmap
Shai Shammai - Frost & Sullivan

Intro to Technical Aspects of Roadmap
Charlie Hewitt - BAE SYSTEMS

Key Enablers of New Markets
Sara Waddington - Merlin Integrated Solutions Ltd.

Outcome of EU Projects
Charlie Hewitt - BAE SYSTEMS

The Need for UAV Financing in Europe
Laurent Bouchilloux - Royal Bank of Scotland

UK Roadmap
Mike Lake - Merlin Integrated Solutions Ltd.





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