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Look at IM to Forecast UC Adoption?

26 Jan 2010 | by Melanie Turek
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Yesterday I had a call with reps from one of the leading UC vendors, and one point stands out in my mind: In the context of another discussion, one of the speakers noted that the majority of the vendor's customers have yet to standardize on an enterprise IM platform, and that most of those that haven't are struggling to get multiple services to federate as needed.

Let's take a moment to consider that. Instant messaging has been around for more than a decade; it was initially delivered as a service to consumers, who jumped on it in lareg numbers very quickly; it saves people money (on phone calls) and time (to get information), and can clearly boost productivity; it is relatively inexpensive; and it would supposedly be "required" by twenty-somethings as they entered the workforce.

And here we are in 2010, with fewer than half of all companies having deployed an enterprise-grade (i.e. revenue-producing) IM platform.

Now, you can't have a unified communications suite without presence and chat capabilities. Throw in integrated voice and conferencing, and things get complicated, quickly. If more than 50% of companies have yet to deploy IM... just how long will it take them to deploy UC? A very long time, if you ask me.