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SIO: Enabling Support Agents to Cost-Effectively Provide Excellent “Level 1-Plus” Support

25 Feb 2015 | by Brendan Read
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Frost & Sullivan Principal Analyst Nancy Jamison made a powerful case for Support Interaction Optimization (SIO) in her recent blog, which references a white paper published on this topic. The blog and white paper discuss how SIO allows companies to resolve complex issues in less time and at less cost by providing agents with step-by-step guidance. An important additional benefit is that analytical tools built into SIO applications provide timely insights into agent performance, support processes and product behavior.

What SIO essentially does is create a new and a more effective support level, “Level 1-Plus," that allows Level 1 agents to provide faster and more complete resolution of problems by following SIO guided resolution paths. As a result, Level 1-Plus leads to higher first contact resolution rates, with fewer contacts being escalated to Level 2. That outcome leads to lower staffing costs by equipping Level 1 agents to fix most of the problems that normally would be handled by more expensive Level 2 agents.

Customers will spend less time (and aggravation) getting their problems resolved while experiencing lower downtime with their products and services and thereby obtain greater value from them. This can translate into greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as increased business as a result of customer raves on social media.

There is much new information about SIO that is becoming available. Frost & Sullivan had a very informative webinar Feb.17 with, a leading SIO supplier. It featured Shiva Ramani, founder and CEO of iOPEX, a San Jose, California based business services provider who revealed that SIO improved agent productivity and shrank costs both by double digits. The webinar can be accessed by clicking here. Frost & Sullivan and is also having a second SIO webinar, on March 24 with Steve Zimba, president of Mural, a Portland, Oregon-headquartered firm which supplies cloud IT solutions for service providers. Click here for free registration.