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Earlier this month I had the pleasure of meeting over 100 customer experience executives at our 9th Annual Customer Contact Executive MindXchange in Copenhagen. On my way to the event I saw the following tweet by my favourite tweeter @MooseAllain, which made me chuckle: “People who wear those Bluetooth headsets should get a clip round the ear” B...
30 Jun 2015 Blog post
Rumours about the next big thing fly in the air with the frequency of the falling leaves in London at this time of year. After a particularly windy weekend, whilst walking to work on Monday morning, I had to kick my way through a ton of chlorophyll deprived biomass. As I did this I started thinking about Spring and the hot topics that might blossom...
17 Dec 2013 Blog post
This coming summer will play witness to my 5th wedding anniversary. In that time my wife and I have honeymooned, bought a family home and filled it up with two (sometimes) lovely children. In short, in the last half decade, we’ve had more Kodak moments than there have been EU regulations defining the shape that a banana needs to be in order to be a...
23 Jan 2012 Blog post
  Earlier in the week I was returning home from Zurich when I realised that I had lost my passport. Up until that point, my journey home from the mountains had been perfect and I thought to myself “typical, Murphy’s Law!”  But what is Murphy’s Law? On St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it fitting to debunk a British fallacy linked to this theory, whils...
17 Mar 2011 Blog post

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